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If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for an alternative way to get around, the first thing that comes to mind is an electric scooter. One of the most impressive models for commuters is Swagtron Swagger 5. So, does it give the best bang for your buck? Here is a detailed and unbiased review of the Swagger 5 scooter.

Quick Specs

Top Speed18 mph
Battery36v 6Ah (216Wh) Integrated
Range8-10 miles
BrakesMechanical Rear Disc, Regenerative Front Brake
Tires8″ Pneumatic in the Front and Solid Rear Tire
DisplayLED Speedometer
LightsHeadlight and Taillight

Motor, Speed, and Acceleration

This Swagtron scooter is powered by a 250W electric hub motor that allows the rider to reach speeds of up to 11 mph (17 km/h). Also, the scooter can handle inclines of 20 degrees. Keep in mind that the actual speed will depend on the weight of the rider and terrain.

Battery and Range

Under the hood, you’ll find a 37V lithium-ion battery that powers the scooter for 3.5 hours. Of course, the fast charging system will ensure that you spend more time enjoying the ride and less time tethered to the power outlet.

To ensure the safety of the battery, it comes with features that prevent undercharge, over-heating, automatic shutoff, and under-voltage. What’s more, the batteries can hold a charge for 1000 cycles, more than what you get in other comparable models. If you’re a casual rider, you can recharge the scooter 1-2 times a day.

loading swagtron swagger 5

How long does the battery hold the charge? This will depend on your habits and travel needs. The only small flaw with the battery is the charging port. It’s not covered, so dirt and water can get in.

Looking at the range, you should expect the scooter to cover 8-10 miles before running out of juice. At modest speed, it will do better – it will give a range of 12 miles.

Breaking and Tires

The brakes deliver reliable stopping every time and can easily be accessed on the handlebar. You’ll love the rear disc brakes as they make the scooter come to a complete stop within seconds. On a dry service, the stopping distance is rated at 15 feet (4.5 meters).

swagtron swagger disc breaks

Since Swagger 5 doesn’t have a suspension. Tires are only cushioning you get.

For this model, the front tire is air-filled. It makes cruising on the streets quite smooth. Plus, the tires absorb bumps on rough pavements. The only downside with the tires is that they don’t respond well to wet services. But it’s all a tradeoff, you won’t notice any problems on smooth surfaces. Another great feature is the outer layer of the tires – the treads give good traction that you can’t find in other scooters.

Because the rear tire is not pneumatic, it reduces the risk of going flat, which translates to reduced maintenance concerns. And no matter where you ride the scooter, the rear tire never loses traction.

man manually inflates a tire of electric scooter
You can easily inflate tires with an air pump.

Main Features


The best part is that you can see the screen in bright daylight. You’ll find information like speed and Bluetooth pairing information. The Swagger App connects with Bluetooth, so you can view your phone when cruising around.

This app brings convenience as it allows you to change the gear, lock the scooter, and control the lights. The only challenge with this addition is that the configuration is quite tricky for beginners. You have to keep practicing until you get used to it.

At the center of the handlebars, the LEDs will help you to estimate the battery life of your scooter.


The lights work pretty well at night and are easily noticeable by oncoming motorists. And once you apply the rear brakes, the taillights flash. Just like other high-end models, Swagger 5 has the rear light mounted in a low position so you can see far from a distance. Unlike the outgoing model, the lights in this unit give better visibility in all weather conditions. There’s a small button for powering the lights on.

front light of swagger 5 electric scooter

Max weight

The scooter can support riders of up to 320 pounds (145 kg). This is more than what you get in other comparable models. So if you have some extra pounds after the big Christmas dinner, it is no issue with the Swagger scooter.


Swagtron 5 scooter collapses for easy storage. You can store it in your car trunk and any other compact place. To fold the unit, you press the mainframe latch, and you’re good to go. Then, you should press the handlebars by rotating the safety plastic collar and secure the stem for carrying. When folded, the scooter is 45x17x19 inches (114x43x48 cm). This is a great size to carry in a crowded commuter train. It’s worth mentioning that the folding mechanics can be likened to those found in Xiaomi M 365.

swagtron swagger collapsible electric scooter
Swagtron Swagger collapsible electric scooter

At just 26 pounds (11.7 kg), this unit fits the class of lightweight electric scooters. An average person can carry it with ease without additional help.

Build Quality

Swagger 5 is built with a rugged aluminum frame that can support up to 320 pounds (145 kg). It’s strong enough to handle rough rides.

The scooter stands solidly on the ground and feels comfortable when you step on it. Compared to the outgoing model, Swagger 5 feels comfortable on the hands’ thanks to the rubberized handles.

In terms of looks, this model will catch the eye of every rider. You’ll love the black color with small details of red color.

Another concern for riders is whether you can ride the scooter in the rain. Well, this model comes with an IPX 4 rating, enough to tolerate splashes of rain. Being an electric scooter, it won’t work when submerged in water.

Finally, the simple controls make this the perfect unit for people who are non-tech savvy. You just push the power button, press the acceleration, and you’re good to go.

Step-by-step instructions on what to first do when you have just got your Swagtron electric scooter.


Swagtron Swagger 5 compares well with Xiaomi M365. It features a sturdy construction and has a longer tested range. However, it lags when it comes to the top speed.

Another comparable model is TurboAnt X7. It offers a similar range to Swagger 5 but has a higher top speed and comes with a removable battery pack.

Another worthy competitor is Gotrax GXL Commuter V2. It gives a slightly higher range but has a lower speed.

What Can be better?

There are some concerns about acceleration. It’s gradual and a bit harder when climbing hills. Also, the battery juice drains faster when climbing steep hills. Another component that needs adjustment is the brake lever. There’re some concerns that the brakes are a bit noisy and the cable routing isn’t the best design.

Final thoughts

The Swagtron Swagger 5 is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who need a powerful scooter without spending a fortune. It’s durable, easy to use, and has everything for an entry-level rider.

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