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In this Hiboy NEX5 review we are taking a closer look at this fairly unique electric scooter.

It has many features you don’t often see in other e-scooters. The design of this scooter is much different than we are used to.

Is it better different or worse different? Let’s find out!

Black and yellow NEX5 electric scooters.

MSRP: $750 $610

Hiboy NEX5 Overview

Who’s it for?

A smiling woman riding with yellow Hiboy NEX5 electric scooter.
Photo Credit: Hiboy.com

Hiboy NEX5 is for people who are looking for an affordable electric scooter with a better range than most other scooters in this price range.

If your everyday commutes are long and flat and you are on a budget, then Hiboy NEX5 might be a good option.

It is not a good scooter for a hilly area with lots of steep inclines. Also, it’s not meant for people who like adrenaline-rich acceleration.

Hiboy NEX5 Specs

Battery2 x 36V 7.5Ah (540 Wh total)
Recharge Time8-10 hours
Max Speed19 mph
Max Range34 miles
BrakesRear disc brake + E-braking
SuspensionDual rear suspension
Weight41 lbs
Weight Capacity260 lbs
Tires8.5″ solid tires
LightsLED headlight + rear brake light
Hill Grade15°
Dimensions45.3″ x 19.1″ x 44.3″
Folded Dimension45.3″ x 19.1″ x 17.3″
IP RatingIPX4

Hiboy NEX5 Pros

  • Extended range thanks to the dual battery
  • Removable battery
  • Unique design

Hiboy NEX5 Cons

  • Slow acceleration
  • Grips are a bit loose
  • Difficult to reach kickstand with foot

Where to Buy Hiboy NEX5 Electric Scooter?

Hiboy NEX5 Perormance

Speed and Acceleration

hiboy nex5

Hiboy NEX5 is a single motor e-scooter. The 350-watt motor is located in the hub of the front wheel. This motor allows the scooter to reach the top speed of 19 mph.

The top speed of nearly 20 mph is quite nice for a scooter of this price range. However, the acceleration is not so good.

It’s because Hiboy NEX5 is relatively heavy due to the second battery. So basically you are giving away some acceleration to get much better mileage.

There are 4 riding modes:

  • Manual kick mode
  • 1 – Limited speed mode
  • 2 – Limited speed mode
  • 3 – Top speed mode

Since the top speed is not that high, you will most probably use only the riding mode 3. But if there is a need to cap the speed, you can easily do that.

Hill Climbing

On the Hiboy homepage, it says that NEX5 is capable to climb hills up to 15°.

When trying to ride hills steeper than 15°, NEX5 will struggle a lot. The speed will decrease significantly. If the hill is really steep, NEX5 can’t handle it.

If you live in a hilly area with lots of climbing, I would suggest a dual-motor electric scooter.

Batteries and Range

Batteries are definitely a strong part of this scooter. Yes, you read it right. It’s plural. Hiboy NEX5 has 2 batteries.

Both batteries have 270Wh of energy capacity (36V 7.5Ah). One is located in the stem and another in the deck.

You can remove the stem battery and recharge it wherever you want. Also, you can use the charging port on the stem, if you don’t want to remove the battery.

You don’t see very often that an electric scooter in this price range has double batteries.

The spec sheet of NEX5 says the maximum range is 34 miles. But usually, these numbers tend to be a bit off. The maximum range depends a lot on rider weight and the type of terrain.


Rear tire and braking disc of NEX5

The NEX5 scooter has 2 types of brakes – rear disc brake and regenerative brake. Most scooters have two brake levers to activate different brakes. But NEX5 has just a single brake lever, which activates both brakes simultaneously.

Breaks are good but not amazing. It may also be caused by the extra weight it has.


2 NEX5 electric scooters standing next to each other.

Although it looks like the scooter has dual suspensions, it only has a rear suspension. The thing above the front wheel is not suspension, although it looks like one. Actually, it is just a dust cover for the stem and doesn’t provide any cushioning.

The rear suspension is pretty good. Don’t expect anything like some powerful off-road scooters has. It does soften some smaller bumps pretty well.

Hiboy NEX5 Design and Features

Build Quality

The yellow Hiboy NEX5 on the left and black colored NEX5 on the right.

The scooter comes in 2 different color options – black and yellow.

I think I am not the only one who sees some resemblance between Transformer and yellow NEX5.

The toy of yellow Transformer.

Overall build quality is pretty good. The frame seems strong and sturdy.

However, the grips on the handlebar are pretty bad. They tend to get loose and it’s very uncomfortable to ride when handgrips are moving.

The deck is decent-sized and the footrest helps to balance the scooter well. Also, it has a nice grippy tread, which adds some safety.

The deck of Hiboy NEX5

Is Hiboy NEX5 Waterproof?

Hiboy NEX5 has an IPX4 water-resistant rating, which means it is definitely NOT waterproof. However, IPX4 means that NEX5 can handle small splashes or very light rain.

If it starts raining, it doesn’t mean you are instantly screwed but it would be wise to get inside as quickly as possible.


The dimensions of Hiboy NEX5.

Hiboy NEX5 has a very good folding mechanism. At first, it was a bit difficult to understand how it works but it’s actually very easy. It takes just 3 seconds to fold or unfold. Also, the locking mechanism is very sturdy.

When folded, the scooter is quite compact with measures of 45.3″ x 19.1″ x 17.3″. However, it’s quite heavy due to the double battery and a strong frame. It weighs 41 pounds and you don’t want to carry it for a long time.

But since it’s quite compact and fits easily into the trunk of a car, I would rather classify NEX5 as a portable electric scooter.


The display is sitting exactly in the middle of the handlebars. You can read all the basic information from there.

There is one interesting feature on the display. If you hit the throttle or brakes, there are scaling bars on the display indicating how hard you press. I’m not sure how useful it is, but it’s something I have not seen before.

On the right side of the handlebar, there is a standard thumb throttle. Also, the power button is built into the throttle. It has many functions besides turning the scooter on and off like turning on the lights or switching between riding modes.

On the left side, you can find a brake lever, which activates the rear disc brake and regenerative brake.

Wheels and Tires

The scooter is equipped with 8.5-inch wheels and solid tires. So no need to worry about flats.

These tires are meant to ride on paved streets.

However, solid tires are not the best on a bumpy road. The rear suspension helps a little but not enough.


The screenshot from the Hiboy app

The NEX5 has Bluetooth connectivity with the Hiboy app.

I find it quite useful. You can use it to turn on lights or change the riding mode. Also, you can activate the cruise control via the app.

Ride Quality

The overall ride quality is similar to the rental scooters. It has a similar acceleration curve and speed.

The handlebars of NEX5 are wider than many similar scooters. So, they make the ride fairly comfortable. However, as mentioned above, the handgrips are getting loose. To increase the comfort, you should install some better handgrips.


Hiboy NEX5 vs Hiboy NEX for Teens

Hiboy NEX5 on the left and Hiboy NEX for Teens on the right
Hiboy NEX5 on the left and Hiboy NEX for Teens on the right.

To be honest, I don’t understand why these 2 electric scooters share the same name. They look totally different and they perform also differently.

Actually, there is not much to compare because for me they are completely different scooters. Basically, the only commonality is the brand name.

NEX5 is an adult scooter with reasonable top speed and mileage. NEX for Teens on the other hand is meant for kids (as the name suggests).

Read more about NEX for Teens scooter

NEX5NEX for Teens
540 WhBattery144 Wh
8-10 hoursRecharge Time4-5 hours
19 mphMax Speed9 mph
34 milesMax Range9-12 miles
Rear disc brake + E-brakingBrakesMechanical brake + E-braking
Dual rear suspensionSuspension
15°Hill Grade
41 lbsWeight25 lbs
8.5″ solid tiresTires6.5″ solid tires
45.3″ x 19.1″ x 44.3″Dimensions33.9″ x 17.7″ x 38.2″
45.3″ x 19.1″ x 17.3″Folded Dimension33.9″ x 17.7″ x 15.2″

Hiboy NEX5 vs Hiboy MAX

Hiboy NEX5 on the left and Hiboy MAX3 on the right.
Hiboy NEX5 on the left and Hiboy MAX3 on the right.

These electric scooters have a lot in common but also many huge differences.

For starters, both scooters have a hub motor of 350W. Since their weight is about the same (40 lbs), this motor can get them both to reach the same top speed of 19 mph. Also, both have the same braking system.

When talking about the advantages of NEX5, the battery and range are most significant. Thanks to the dual battery, you can travel a double distance with NEX5 compared to MAX3. Also, NEX5 has rear suspension, while MAX3 doesn’t have suspension at all.

However, despite not having the suspension, the MAX3 scooter has a better tire combination. It has bigger tires plus the front tire is pneumatic. The pneumatic tire provides some shock absorption, but it is more prone to flats.

Additionally, Hiboy MAX3 is significantly cheaper than NEX5.

Unless you definitely need an extra battery and double mileage, I would say that MAX3 would be a better choice.

540 WhBattery270 Wh
8-10 hoursRecharge Time4-6 hours
19 mphMax Speed18.6 mph
34 milesMax Range17 miles
Rear disc brake + E-brakingBrakesRear disc brake + E-braking
Dual rear suspensionSuspension
15°Hill Grade15°
41 lbsWeight40 lbs
8.5″ solid tiresTires10″ pneumatic (front) and solid (rear)
45.3″ x 19.1″ x 44.3″Dimensions45.1″ x 19.5″ x 43.5″
45.3″ x 19.1″ x 17.3″Folded Dimension45.1″ x 19.5″ x 18.3″

Hiboy NEX5 Review Conclusions

Hiboy NEX5 is a quality scooter that has many good features for its price. The ride quality is similar to the rental scooter.

If you are looking for an affordable commuter scooter with a removable battery then this is one of the few options in this price range.

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