The Complete List of 70+ Best Electric Scooter Brands for Adults

logos of different electric scooter brands

Electric scooters are extremely popular nowadays.

There are so many different brands available. However, so far there has not been a source where all electric scooter brands are listed.

We created a list of the best electric scooter brands.

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Since new manufacturers pop out every once in a while, we might have missed some. Please leave a comment down below if you see there is an important brand missing.

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70+ Best Electric Scooter Brands

To be totally unbiased, the list is in alphabetical order.


White Aer e-scooter with big wheels

An electric scooter that is designed by a UK-based company but engineered in Germany. In 2019, Aer won the Euro-Bike start-up award.


Black eScooter on the snow.

Äike scooters are made by a team based in Estonia, Europe. Äike means thunder in Estonian.


Anyhill UM-2 electric scooter

Anyhill electric scooter company was founded in 2017. They manufacture electric scooters for adults and kids.

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Apollo Scooters were founded in 2018 and are headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

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BirdFlex scooter

Bird micro-mobility company was founded in 2017 in Santa Monica, California. We mostly know them because they operate shared electric scooters in over 100 cities all over the world. But they also sell electric scooters themselves.


Boosted is based in San Rafael, California. They are solving people’s transportation problems via electric scooters and electric skateboards.


Carrera is the first electric scooter made by the UK’s cycling and motoring services provider Halfords.


Cycleboard 3-wheel electric scooter

CycleBoard is focused on building 3-wheel electric scooters. They were founded in 2015 and are based in Costa Mesa, California.


Dualtron X2 e-scooter

Dualtron is a sub-brand of the Minimotors. Dualtron is famous for high-performance dual-motor electric scooters.

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ducati scrambler electric scooter

Ducati is an Italian brand and is better known for manufacturing motorcycles. However, they have recently launched several e-scooters and e-bikes as well.


Ecoreco S5 foldable electric scooter

EcoReco scooter company was founded in 2013 and they are based in Cambell, California.


eleglide coozy electric scooter

Eleglide started out as an e-bike brand. But now they also have a wide variety of electric scooters in their selection.


Orange Emove Toring e-scooter

EMove is an electric scooter branded by Voro Motors, which was founded in 2015. It’s an American company that manufactures its own e-scooters but also distributes Dualtron and Kaabo scooters.


E-Twow is a micro-mobility company headquartered in China. They built their first electric scooter in 2013. E-TWOW means Electric Two Wheels.


Evercross electric scooter

Evercross is a European mobility brand. However, they mostly sell their products on Amazon. In addition to electric scooters, they also sell hoverboards.


Evolv Pro R off-road electric scooter

Evolv is a Canadian e-scooter brand that is headquartered in Vancouver. They sell their products in retail stores mostly in North America.


Red Fiido Q1 Electric Folding Scooter

Fiido was established in 2016. They have mostly focused on e-bikes but they also have one electric scooter model.

Fluid Freeride

Fluid Cityrider electric scooter

Fluid Freeride started as an e-scooter retailer in 2018. Now they have added several own branded scooters to their selection. The headquarters of Fluid Freeride is in Miami.


Minimotors Futecher Gun Pro

Futecher is a sub-brand of MiniMotors. The goal of this brand is to pack as good performance as possible at the lowest possible price.


G-Force is a US-based brand made by a team of bike lovers who want to do good for the environment.


Gotrax GXL v2
Gotrax’s best-selling scooter – GXL V2

In cooperation with Tao Motors, Gotrax started the production of e-scooters in 2017. They have sold more than one million electric vehicles.


Gpad F3 Max

Gpad is a nordic urban mobility brand. In addition to electric scooters, they sell e-bikes, e-boards, unicycles, and hoverboards.


gyroor h40 electric scooter for kids

Gyroor was founded in 2012 in Shenzhen and is mostly known for its hoverboards. Now they have also several electric scooter models for kids and adults.

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Hiboy S2

Hiboy is founded by Mark Liu in 2014. Hiboy manufactures all kinds of single-person electric vehicles like e-scooters, e-bikes, skateboards, and more.

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Hover-1 Alpha
Hover-1 Alpha is the most popular scooter of the brand.

The Hover-1 brand is owned by DGL Group, which was founded in 2001. Most of their scooters are sold on Amazon.


Inokim OxO

Inokim is a brand owned by the Chinese company MYWAY Intelligent Technology. The headquarters of the company is in Ningbo. They launched their first e-scooter in 2011.


iScooter 1S

iScooter is another Chinese brand headquartered in Shenzhen.


Jetson Globe folding electric scooter

Founded in 2012, Jetson produces several e-mobility products like electric scooters, e-bikes, and hoverboards.


Joyor A3

Joyor is a European e-mobility brand based in Barcelona, Spain.


Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Electric Scooter

Kaabo electric scooter brand was founded in 2013 in China. Kaabo scooters are exported to over 30 countries around the world.

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Kugoo G-Booster

Kugoo electric scooter brand was established in 2015. They mostly distribute their e-scooters in Europe.

Levy Electric

Levy Plus electric scooter

Levy Electric is based in New York. They sell their scooters directly to end-user on their website.

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Maxfind Glider electric scooter

Maxfind is better well known for manufacturing electric skateboards. In 2022, Maxfind also launched its first series of electric scooters.

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Mearth RS Pro electric scooter

Mearth Technology is founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Alexandria, New South Wales. Mearth is one of the most well-known e-scooter brands in Australia.

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megawheels s10bk

Megawheels was founded in 2017 and they are operating in more than 20 countries in Europe and North America. In addition to electric scooters, they also sell e-bikes and hoverboards.


Mercane Widewheel pro

Mercane is an R&D company that mostly focuses on e-mobility vehicles. Mercane WideWheel is their most well-known electric scooter.


Dualtron Thunder 2
Dualtron Thunder electric scooter

Minimotors is a South Korean company that was founded in 1999. We mostly know them through their popular e-scooter brands Dualtron and Speedway. They have several distributors around the world.

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Mongoose React E2 electric scooter

Mongoose is more known for non-electric bikes, mostly BMX bikes. They were already founded in 1974. However, they now have their own collection of electric scooters as well.


Mototec Knockout electric scooter

Mototec is a US-based company that is headquartered in Wisconsin. In addition to electric scooters, they also sell electric dirt bikes, go-karts, ATVs, and also gas-powered vehicles.


nami burn-e

Nami Electric is a French e-scooter brand that was founded in 2020. Their first electric scooter Nami Burn-e was originally called Viper.


Nanrobot D4+ 3.0
Nanrobot D4+ 3.0

Nanrobot is a Chinese brand headquartered in Gaishan Town, Fuzhou. They are famous for their affordable dual-motor electric scooters.

NIU Technology

Niu KQi3 electric scooter

NIU Technologies is founded in 2014. They provide several urban mobility solutions. They have electric mopeds, e-scooters, and e-bikes in their selection.

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OKAI Beetle e-scooter

Okai was founded in 2006. They have over 500 people in their multinational team. Okai takes the first and last mile problem seriously. In addition to e-scooters, they also have an e-bike in their selection.


Outstorm Z80 off-road electric scooter

Outstorm is a US-based company that was founded in 2015. Its mission is to provide scooters that are the fastest, with the longest range, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Phantomgogo R1 scooter

Phantomgogo is an American brand based in Irvine, California. They also sell several e-bikes.


Pure electric scooter

Pure Electric is founded by Adam Norris. It’s a British company that tries to reduce our reliance on cars and public transport.


Qiewa Q-Power 2

Qiewa electric scooter brand was founded in 2014. They mostly have big dual-motor e-scooters.


Razor made their first electric scooter already in the year 2000. They have one of the best-selling scooters on Amazon.


Reid E4 Plus escooter

Reid was founded in Australia by James Reid. Now the brand is expanded internationally and besides e-scooters, they also sell e-bikes, hoverboards, kayaks, and paddle boards.


Riley RS2 scooter

Riley Scooters is the UK’s electric scooter company. They make e-scooters with swappable battery packs.


Rion Thrust

Rion electric scooters are handcrafted in Los Angeles. They are focused on manufacturing the fastest electric scooters possible.

Segway Ninebot

Segway Ninebot E22

American company Segway was founded by Dean Kramer in 1999. Chinese company Ninebot was established by Gao Lufeng in 2013. In 2015, Ninebot acquired Segway, and the merged company Segway-Ninebot was born.

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SMOOSAT E9 Pro Kids Electric Scooter-Pink

SmooSat makes electric scooters mostly for kids. However, they have one model for adults as well.


Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooter

Speedway is a brand owned by MiniMotors. Speedway scooters are a bit cheaper than Dualtron scooters, which is also a brand of MiniMotors.


Stigo Folding electric scooter

Stigo founders are tech-oriented investors including Skype founder Jaan Tallinn and World Clean Up Day founder Rainer Nõlvak. Stigo electric scooter was launched in 2016.


Swagtron SG-5 Swagger

The headquarters of the Swagtron brand is in South Bend, Indiana. Basically, they have all kinds of electric vehicles in their selection including hoverboards, scooters, e-bikes, and skateboards.


techlife x9

Techlife is an electric scooter brand from Poland.


Topmate ES31 tricycle

Electric scooters are just a small fraction of Topmate’s company. They also sell computer accessories, power banks, and much more.


Toxozers fat tire scooter

Toxozers is known for its fat tire scooter. It has a seat for two people.


Turboant M10 commuting electric scooter

Turboant is a fast-growing micro-mobility company. They have e-scooters and e-bikes in their selection.


Turbowheel Lightning

Turbowheel offers electric scooters with extreme performance. For example, Turbowheel Lightning can go at a speed of up to 40 mph.

Uber Scoot

Uberscoot e-scooter

Uber Scoot already manufactured its first electric scooter in 1998. Now they have several models of e-scooters for adults and for kids.


Unagi electric scooter

Unagi is an electric scooter startup that was founded in 2018. The headquarters of Unagi is in California, United States.

Urban Drift

Urban Drift Gobi S electric scooter

The factory of Urban Drift is in China but they have warehouses in the USA and EU. They have several scooters in their selection, including seated scooters and scooters for kids.


Uscooters GT Sport

Uscooters have mostly focused to serve customers in the United States and Canada. Their main goal is to manufacture foldable electric scooters that weigh less than 30 lbs.


Varla Pegasus

Varla Scooters was founded in 2019. So far, they have launched 5 e-scooters – Varla Eagle One, Varla Pegasus, Eagle One Pro, Varla Falcon, and Varla Wasp.

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Vsett 11+ electric scooter

Vsett is a Chinese brand located in Ningbo. However, they have retailers in the US and EU.


Weped Fold electric scooter

Weped electric scooters originally come from South Korea. However, they now have many distributors around the world.


Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3
Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3

Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturer of all kinds of electronics related to household items, and software. Electric scooters are just a small fraction of their business.


Xprit electric kick scooter

Xprit is a Canadian company that sells all kinds of electric vehicles. You can find electric scooters, electric bikes, hoverboards, and even sea scooters in their selection.


yume d5 electric scooter
Yume D5 electric scooter

Yume developed its first electric scooter in 2018. The factory of Yume is located in Shenzhen, China. They are focused on building e-scooters with powerful motors and high-capacity batteries.


Zero 10x electric scooter

Zero Scooters was established in 2018. The goal of the Zero electric scooter brand is to provide the most affordable high-performance scooters.

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