DYU D3F Mini Electric Bike Review

me riding with mini ebike DYU D3F

Today, we embark on a detailed journey through the realm of compact e-bikes with our review of the DYU D3f Mini Electric Bike.

Join me as I put the DYU D3f through rigorous tests to uncover its true capabilities. Let’s explore its quirks, and determine whether it transcends its stature from a mere novelty to a viable option for budget-conscious commuters and urban adventurers.

Will this miniature marvel defy expectations, or is it better suited as a playful addition to your cycling repertoire?

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DYU D3F Overview

My in-depth video review of the DYU D3F mini electric bike

The DYU D3F Mini Electric Bike emerges as a unique contender in the foldable e-bike market, blending compactness with affordability.

Its defining feature is its size, boasting 14-inch tires and a frame that folds at the handlebars for a reduced profile, perfect for the urban commuter with limited storage space.

dyu d3f in front of my house
All photos by Jarmo Habakuk, Electric Wheelers

Weighing in at about 38 lbs (17 kg) and equipped with an integrated battery, the D3F promises a pedal-assist range of 30 to 37 miles.

Its design might initially evoke a mix of amusement and skepticism, as it challenges the conventional e-bike aesthetic with its miniature stature. Yet, this e-bike is designed to offer a unique blend of playful mobility and practicality, making it a curious addition to the e-bike market.

Despite its small size, the DYU D3F aims to stand tall on performance, navigating the fine line between being considered a novel toy and a serious commuter option.

To Whom?

  • Urban Commuters: Ideal for those navigating crowded city streets and looking for a bike that’s easy to fold and carry into offices or apartments.
  • Public Transportation Users: Perfect for commuters who use public transport as part of their journey and need an e-bike that can be easily folded and taken aboard buses and trains.
  • Short-Distance Riders: Suitable for individuals seeking a convenient option for quick errands or short commutes.
  • Youth and Teens: Given its size, it’s a fun option for younger riders looking for a motorized bike that’s not too overwhelming.
  • Space-Conscious Individuals: For those living in compact living spaces where storage space for a full-sized bike is not available.


  • Compact and Lightweight: Easy to fold and maneuver in tight urban spaces, enhancing its portability.
  • Impressive Range: Offers a surprisingly long pedal-assist range, making it suitable for longer commutes than expected from its size.
  • Nimble Maneuverability: Its small size and turning radius make it ideal for navigating through crowded areas.


  • Limited Climbing Ability: Struggles with hills beyond slight inclines, limiting its versatility.
  • Non-Removable Battery: Requires the whole bike to be moved for charging.
  • Twitchy Steering: The combination of a long stem and small wheels can make the steering feel overly sensitive at higher speeds.

Unboxing and Assembling

unboxing the bike

When I unboxed the bike, I was immediately taken aback by how it could come in such a compact box. The packaging was thorough, with every part securely protected by cardboard and foam, ensuring its safe arrival.

To my delight, the bike was almost fully assembled; only the pedals and mudguards needed my attention. This minimal setup highlighted the bike’s user-friendly design, aimed at getting riders on the road quickly and without fuss.

The inclusion of all necessary assembly tools was a thoughtful touch, making the initial setup a breeze.


15mph top speed

At the core of this mini electric bike is a 250W motor, small yet surprisingly effective at pushing the bike to its limits on flat terrains. With 10Nm of torque, it ensures a ride that’s both smooth and reliable, albeit more suited for level surfaces than challenging inclines.

mini electric bike

The motor allows for a top speed of around 15.5 mph, a safe and manageable pace for navigating through urban environments and crowded streets.

The throttle’s gentle response is a highlight, providing a seamless transition from a standstill to moving without the abruptness seen in higher-powered models. This feature, along with steady acceleration, contributes to a user-friendly experience, especially valuable in a bike designed for tight spaces and quick errands.

30-mile range in pedal assist mode

The integrated 10 amp-hour battery is a key feature, promising a pedal-assist range of up to 30 miles on a single charge.

battery is integrated
The battery is non-removable.

This range is quite impressive for a bike of the D3F’s stature, positioning it as a viable option for longer commutes or extended exploratory rides within the city.

The non-removable design of the battery means charging requires bringing the bike to a power source, a slight inconvenience balanced by the extended range it offers. Despite the compact motor, the battery’s capacity and efficiency ensure that riders can enjoy considerable distances without worry.

My testing confirms the bike’s capability to achieve, and sometimes exceed, this range under optimal conditions, showcasing the D3F’s utility beyond short trips, making it a surprisingly capable mini commuter in the pedal-assist mode.

Mechanical disc brakes

The mechanical disc brakes on the bike provided a reliable stopping power that instilled confidence during rides. Their responsiveness was immediate and consistent, allowing for smooth deceleration and safe stops, even in unexpected situations.

mechanical disc brakes on DYU mini ebike

Despite the bike’s compact size and the brakes not being the most advanced on the market, they performed admirably across various urban terrains.

The 160mm rotors ensured that the braking force was sufficient for the bike’s speed and weight, contributing to a controlled riding experience.

No gearing

The absence of gears on this bike simplifies its operation but also limits its versatility, particularly when navigating diverse terrains.

This single-speed design means riders rely solely on the pedal assist and throttle for adjustments in speed, making steep inclines a challenge. While this simplicity contributes to the bike’s sleek, minimalist appeal and reduces maintenance, it requires a bit more effort from the rider in scenarios where variable gears would offer a significant advantage.

This characteristic makes the bike most suitable for flat, urban environments where its ease of use and straightforward mechanics shine, aligning with its design as a compact urban commuter.

Surprisingly good ride quality

Riding the bike offered a unique blend of comfort and agility, albeit with some limitations due to its size. The ride quality on flat urban surfaces was surprisingly smooth, with the bike’s compact frame and responsive motor making short trips enjoyable.

even my dog wanted to try this mini electric bike
Even my dog wanted to try this mini electric bike 🙂

However, the lack of suspension and the bike’s small wheels meant that navigating over bumps and potholes required caution, as these imperfections in the road were more pronounced.

The overall ride experience was fun and efficient for navigating through city streets, although longer rides or uneven terrain highlighted the bike’s physical constraints, reminding me of its design focus on short, urban commutes.

Design and Features

Compact frame

The frame of this e-bike exemplifies clever design, merging portability with durability for the modern urban cyclist.

Notably compact, the bike features an innovative folding mechanism, distinguishing itself from traditional foldable models. Handlebars collapse and pedals fold in, drastically reducing its size, making it a breeze to store in cramped spaces or carry onto public transport.

small ebike in the trunk of the car
The trunk of my car isn’t the biggest but it fitted easily the DYU mini bike.

Despite its lightweight nature, tipping the scales at just around 38lbs, it boasts a surprisingly generous payload capacity of 265 lbs. This robust frame supports riders and additional cargo with ease, defying expectations based on its diminutive stature.

Crafted from materials that balance strength and lightness, the bike’s design is a nod to practicality and resilience, ensuring it can handle the daily commute and more.

The smallest wheels I’ve seen on an adult’s bike

The bike features 14-inch wheels, remarkably small for an adult-sized bicycle, contributing significantly to its unique profile and handling characteristics.

electric bike with 14 inch wheels

These diminutive wheels lend the bike an unparalleled level of maneuverability in tight urban spaces, allowing for swift navigation through congested areas.

However, their size also means that riders feel more road vibrations and bumps, making smooth surfaces the ideal terrain.

While these wheels enhance the bike’s compactness and ease of storage, they underscore the design’s optimization for short city commutes over varied or rough terrain. This choice in wheel size defines the bike’s niche, catering to the urban commuter looking for ultimate portability and convenience.

Comfortable saddle

The saddle on this bike is thoughtfully designed for comfort, even considering the bike’s compact nature. Its cushioning is ample, providing a supportive ride that mitigates some of the discomfort from the bike’s rigid frame and small wheels on uneven surfaces.

dyu d3f saddle

The ergonomics of the saddle contribute to a more enjoyable riding experience, allowing for longer rides without the need for frequent breaks due to discomfort.

This attention to seat design enhances the overall appeal of the bike, making it not just a practical choice for commuting but also a comfortable one for leisurely explorations.

Additional features

The bike comes equipped with a suite of additional features that elevate its functionality and safety for urban commuting.

Mudguards are fitted both at the front and rear, providing essential protection against splashes and debris from wet or dirty roads, keeping the rider clean and dry.

rear mudguard of D3f

For visibility during early mornings or late evenings, the inclusion of both front and rear lights is a significant safety measure, ensuring the rider is seen by others on the road.

A sturdy kickstand allows for easy parking anywhere, adding convenience for stops during commutes or errands.

Additionally, the bike features a bell, an indispensable tool for signaling presence to pedestrians and other cyclists, enhancing safety in crowded spaces.

These thoughtful additions underscore the bike’s design as a comprehensive urban commuting solution.

What Alternatives Are There?

When considering alternatives to the DYU D3F Mini Electric Bike, three models stand out for their similar target audience and features: the Engwe T14, Jetson Bolt, and Gotrax Nano. Each of these e-bikes offers its unique blend of design, performance, and price, catering to the urban commuter looking for compact and efficient transportation.

The Engwe T14 distinguishes itself with a slightly more powerful motor and a folding frame that rivals the compactness of the DYU D3F. It’s a strong contender for those who might need a bit more power for their city rides but still prioritize the convenience of a foldable design.

The Jetson Bolt, on the other hand, is known for its ultra-compact frame and lightweight design, making it an ideal choice for commuters with very limited storage space. Though it offers a simpler control system and lacks a pedal-assist feature, its portability is unmatched.

The Gotrax Nano emerges as a budget-friendly option, providing a balance between performance and cost. While it may not boast the range or speed of its counterparts, its affordability and essential features make it a viable option for first-time e-bike owners or those with shorter commutes.

Final Words

In reflecting on my experience with the bike, I’m left with a genuinely positive impression of its overall quality and the thoughtfulness behind its design.

It’s evident that, despite not featuring high-end components, the bike doesn’t cut corners when it comes to providing a complete package. The inclusion of fenders, both front and rear lights, and a sturdy kickstand, speaks volumes about the manufacturer’s commitment to delivering a product that’s ready for anything right out of the box.

The bike strikes an admirable balance between affordability and functionality, proving that you don’t need to invest in a high-end e-bike to enjoy the benefits of electric biking.

For those in search of an accessible, well-equipped urban e-bike, this model certainly deserves consideration.

DYU D3F Specs


Bike NameDYU D3F
E-Bike ClassClass 2
AvailabilityUnited States, UK, Europe
Warranty12 Months


Motor TypeRear-Hub Drive
Motor Power250W
Top Speed15.5 mph
Battery36V 10Ah (360Wh)
RangeUp to 37 miles
Charging Time5-6 hours
DisplayLED indicators for remaining battery

Bike Details

Dimensions1170*500*990 mm
Folded Dimensions1170*200*720 mm
Frame MaterialMetal
Frame SizeOne Size
Frame TypeFolding, Mini
Frame ColorsBlack
Rear Suspension
BrakesFront and Rear Mechanical Disc
Wheel Size14″
Weight38 lbs
Weight Capacity265 lbs

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