What are the Fastest Electric Scooters in the World?

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Ready to zoom past the world on an electric scooter?

I researched over 70 e-scooter brands and their multitude of models, I ranked them all by top speed. I wasn’t just satisfied with manufacturer claims; I scoured YouTube for real-world proof, watching these machines in action to verify their top speeds.

Now, I’m thrilled to share my findings with you.

In short, the electric scooter with the overall highest top speed is Slack Core 920R by Numo, which goes an insane 90 mph (146 km/h). The second fastest electric scooter is the EMOVE Roadster, which can speed up to an 80 mph top speed.

In this article, I will describe these scooters a little bit closer and include videos of speed tests.

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The Fastest Electric Scooters in 2024

I already told you what scooters were the fastest. But I have 9 more models on the list. Here is a quick look (videos below):

Scooter ModelMax Speed (mph)Max speed km/hPrice
Slack Core 920R91146$8,000
EMOVE Roadster80129$5,795
Rion RE9080129out of stock
Rion Apex70113out of stock
InMotion RS68109$3,999
Dualtron Thunder 368109$4,499
Dualtron X Limited62100$6,995
Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro62100$3,999
Nami Burn-e 2 Max6097$4,999
Dualtron Storm Limited5995$5,598
Segway Superscooter GT24471$3,999

Slack Core 920R

The Slack Core 920R is a marvel in the electric scooter world, standing out as potentially the fastest globally.

Manufactured by NUMO, the scooter’s design and performance are nothing short of revolutionary. It boasts an astonishing power output of 33,600 watts (yes, it’s not a typo), with a 72-volt system crafted for extreme speed.

The build quality is exceptional, featuring titanium in the handlebars, stem, and frame, alongside forged aluminum components. Unique to the 920R is its dual cooling fans and modified Kelly controllers, each capable of 200 amps with a peak of about 700 amps in total.

The scooter’s design prioritizes performance and speed, evident in its sleek aesthetic and advanced engineering.

It includes high-discharge, grade-A Samsung batteries, ensuring reliability and power. The 920R is not just about raw speed; it also offers impressively manageable throttle control, allowing riders to navigate at lower speeds with ease.

With a focus on high performance, this scooter is a dream machine for speed enthusiasts and tech-savvy riders.

Read more from the manufacturer’s page.

EMOVE Roadster

The EMOVE Roadster, ambitiously aiming to break the 80 mph barrier, unfortunately fell short of this manufacturer’s promise.

In a bold attempt to set a world record for the fastest production electric scooter, the Roadster underwent modifications, including a shortened frame for racing, PMT tires for less rolling resistance, and a lower steering pole height to reduce wind resistance.

Despite these enhancements, the scooter’s top recorded speed was 74 mph.

Its striking features include a full carbon fiber deck, a massive 84V 40A battery system, and wide handlebars. The planned upgrade to Mura brakes also indicates a focus on improving performance.

Though it didn’t reach its target speed, the Roadster still impressed with its stability and solid feel at high speeds.

The scooter is available at Voro Motors.

Rion RE90

The Rion RE90, once holding the unofficial speed record among electric scooters, currently faces uncertainty regarding its availability. Despite this, it remains a noteworthy mention in the history of electric scooters.

Despite its exceptional features, the Rion RE90’s high cost and current unavailability make it a less accessible option for many enthusiasts. However, its contributions to the evolution of electric scooters are undeniable.

Rion Apex

The Rion Apex, often referred to as the “Lamborghini of electric scooters,” stands out in the hyper-scooter category.

Priced at a steep $6,700, this high-performance e-scooter is crafted with exceptional quality in the United States. Its design is minimalistic, eschewing common features like flashy lights, a display, a horn, a kickstand, and a steering damper found in other high-performance scooters.

The Apex’s performance is underscored by its 72-volt system with dual high-powered motors, reaching speeds up to 75 mph.

Its custom 84-volt, 30 amp-hour lithium battery, equipped with Mali Cell P42A high-capacity cells, promises a range of 40 to 50 miles.

However, last time I checked, this scooter was also out of stock. But you can check it out from Alien Rides by yourself.

InMotion RS

The InMotion RS is a strikingly innovative and powerful electric scooter, setting itself apart as one of the most affordable options in the high-speed category, capable of nearing 70 mph.

However, as we saw from the video, the real top speed was 62 mph.

Priced at $3,999, it’s a leap for InMotion, known for its electric unicycles and commuting-focused scooters. The RS boasts dual 2000-watt motors, offering a peak power of 8400 watts with dual 50-amp controllers.

It features a modern cockpit with a large, colorful display, a full control set, turn signals, cruise control, and a loud horn. The twist throttle, combined with sine wave controllers, ensures smooth yet powerful acceleration.

Notably, it has four riding modes, including a park mode and the option to switch between dual and single-motor modes. The adjustable hydraulic spring suspension and large 11-inch wheels provide a comfortable ride, though the suspension rebound could be improved.

Check availability from Alien Rides.

Dualtron Thunder 3

The Dualtron Thunder 3, a highly anticipated update from Minimotors, presents itself as a substantial improvement over its predecessors.

This electric scooter, priced at around $4,500, features a range of upgrades, notably the shift to NUTT four-piston brakes for enhanced stopping power and heat dissipation.

It boasts a new suspension system with a torsion spring replacing the previous rubber cartridge, offering better adjustability and ride quality.

Additionally, the Thunder 3 includes upgraded headlights, a more secure and robust folding mechanism, wider motors for increased power, and integrated password protection for added security.

Read more about Thunder 3 from Minimotors or get yourself a Thunder 2 for half the price.

Dualtron X Limited

The Dualtron X from Minimotors stands out as the pinnacle of dual-motor electric scooters.

It’s a behemoth in the scooter world, boasting an 84-volt system with the largest battery ever tested in this category and a staggering peak power of 13,440 watts.

The Dualtron X Limited is priced at nearly $7,000, reflecting its premium status. This scooter is not just about raw power; it’s also about the quality of the ride.

Despite its intimidating size and power, it’s surprisingly manageable to ride, offering an unparalleled experience for those who seek the biggest and the best in the electric scooter market.

Check more from Minimotors.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro

The Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro was the fastest production scooter when it was launched, reaching a top speed of 61 mph. As we know by now, this record has been taken away.

It boasts the longest tested range ever, covering 55 miles on a single charge, thanks to its large LG battery and efficient sine wave controllers.

This scooter, priced at around $4,000, offers significant upgrades from its predecessors, including improved speed, acceleration, and stability.

The GT Pro features a progressive throttle control for smoother riding, high-mounted turn signals for increased visibility, and puncture-proof tires for enhanced durability.

Despite its advancements, the Wolf King GT Pro is quite heavy, weighing over 125 pounds, which impacts its portability.

Nami Burn-E 2 MAX

The Nami Burn-E 2 Max reaches an impressive top speed of 54.9 mph, making it one of the fastest production scooters available.

Equipped with a large battery, it covers an extensive range of 48 miles on a single charge. The Burn-E 2 Max is equipped with four-piston Logan brakes, providing outstanding stopping power and control.

Its robust design, featuring a hand-welded cross-braced tubular frame and a carbon fiber stem, ensures stability and durability.

Weighing over 105 pounds, it’s not the most portable scooter but compensates with its performance and exotic looks. The scooter is designed for experienced riders who prioritize top-tier performance and quality in their ride.

The normal price is $4,999 but I’ve seen it lately sold at $3,999.

Dualtron Storm Limited

The Dualtron Storm Limited is powered by 11,500 watts of peak power. A high-capacity 84-volt battery reaches up to 96.6 volts when fully charged.

It has a top speed of 59.9 mph, making it one of the fastest scooters available. Additionally, it offers an exceptional range of 66.8 miles on a single charge.

The Storm Limited is known for its robust build quality, including a lighted metal control panel, glued grips for stability, and four-piston nut brakes.

It features a large, non-removable battery, weighing nearly 50 pounds, contributing to the scooter’s overall weight of 115.4 pounds. This makes it less portable but suitable for ground-floor parking or buildings with elevators.

The Storm Limited is designed for riders who prioritize performance, speed, and quality in their electric scooter experience.

Segway Superscooter GT2

The Segway Superscooter GT2 is a high-performance electric scooter combining Segway’s manufacturing expertise with advanced scooter features.

It boasts speeds up to 43.5 mph and can go from 0 to 30 mph in just 3.9 seconds. With a range of nearly 56 miles, the GT2 offers a blend of speed and endurance.

It’s praised for its quality, craftsmanship, and ride quality. The scooter features a futuristic, transparent display, minimalistic cable management, double-wishbone suspension, and integrated lights built into the frame.

The GT2’s design is both futuristic and rugged, providing a stable and enjoyable ride at high speeds.

However, it’s not the fastest electric scooter available, but it stands out for its design and build quality. This scooter is ideal for those who value style, innovation, and a premium riding experience over extreme speed.

Final Words

This was my collection of the current fastest electric scooters in the world, complete with real-life speed tests.

While I’ve highlighted some of the top performers, there are undoubtedly other models out there that could be contenders for this list. If you know of any such models that I might have missed, feel free to mention them in the comments.

Your insights could help fellow speed enthusiasts discover even more incredible electric scooters.

I say this often, but under this article, it is especially important: “Ride safe!”

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