Why Electric Cargo Bikes Are the Future of Transportation?

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Cargo bikes are already popular in Europe, and their popularity is growing in the United States as well.

Electric cargo bikes are a cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient way to move goods, and they are only going to become more popular in the years to come.

The future of electric cargo bikes is looking bright. With advances in battery technology and a growing interest in sustainability, electric cargo bikes are poised to take over the last-mile delivery market.

The Essence of Electric Cargo Bike

Manufacturers design electric cargo bikes to combine the best of two worlds resulting in large, gear-hauling bikes with motors. Essentially, the bikes can be loaded with groceries or kids and still be able to handle uphill climbs on the way home.

Electric cargo bikes are quite popular in bike-friendly countries like Denmark and the Netherlands. However, their popularity is constantly growing in the US as well.

In our opinion, the ability to haul things more easily is one of the main pros of electric bikes.

Electric cargo bikes are so good that most delivery drivers have chosen to switch up and acquire power-assisted bikes for an easy and environmentally friendly alternative for transporting goods. Also, riding with kids between various locations is so much easier with cargo bikes.

Read on to find out more about different styles of cargo bikes.

Different Styles of Cargo Bikes

Long-John Bike

The Long-John cargo bike is quite popular. It has a flatbed positioned in front of the cyclist. Manufacturers designed the bike with a long wheelbase, allowing it to carry lots of weight. The bike is easily maneuverable and perfect for long-distance cycling with more cargo than you would transport on regular bikes.

A Danish Long-John bike from the year 1940.
A Danish Long-John bike from 1940. Photo: Estonian Bike Museum

The photo is taken of a non-electric long-John bike, but you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Riders can also fit the bike with a specially designed kid box that kids can ride in, allowing you to keep an eye on them while you cycle. The bike has a good steering motion, similar to regular bikes, and a slim design perfect for riding on busy roads. You can find an electric Long-John model for a smoother riding experience.

Longtail Bike

Longtail bike designs are just as their name suggests. The bikes have longer rear ends than present in regular bikes.

The design helps make it easier for cyclists to haul cargo between destinations. Cyclists can place cargo on either side of the deck. Longtail bikes have regular handling, making cyclists feel like they would when riding regular bikes.

Surly electric long-tail bike
Surly electric long-tail bicycle. Photo: Surlybikes.com

There are various long-tail bikes in the market with several options to choose from, including folding bikes.

The bike’s design makes it easy to use by various individuals, including children and adults. They also come in various electric model variants that ease the transportation of cargo between destinations.

Front-Load Trike

Front-Load trikes’ design allows cyclists to load their cargo on its front end. The trike is more stable than regular bikes and can accommodate much more weight because it has two wheels at the front.

front load electric trike bike
Photo: Electric Wheelers

Additionally, the front-load trike has a lowered center of gravity that helps cyclists maintain their balance.

Acquiring an electric front-load trike greatly improves the riding experience compared to regular, two-wheel electric bikes. They are more comfortable and better at transporting heavy cargo.

The Benefits of Electric Cargo Bikes

Enough Load Capacity

A study done by Transport for London found that most cargo transportation vans are about 38% full, and close to 40% of transportation vans are close to 25% full.

Most cargo bikes have a 250 kg potential load capacity, making them a direct competitor for transporting cargo.

Quicker in City Centers

Additionally, electric cargo bikes are quicker than vans when transporting cargo in city centers. They have an average drop-off speed of 10 parcels an hour compared to a van’s six parcels each hour.

Cyclists using cargo bikes can navigate through traffic fairly easily by taking shortcuts through streets closed off to traffic.

No CO2 Emissions

Electric cargo bikes do not produce CO2 emissions, helping prevent environmental pollution.

The transport sector is the biggest contributor to several pollutants, including NOx, PM25, PM10, etc. Companies and individuals that switch to electric cargo bikes will greatly help reduce instances of pollution.

Reduce Traffic

Electric cargo bikes can help reduce traffic because they cover less space and transport the required amounts of cargo. This reduces the number of vehicles that need to be on the road, consequently freeing up the highway.

The bikes also improve cyclists’ health through physical exercise, eliminating cases of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some forms of cancer.

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The future of electric cargo bikes

Electric cargo bikes have a greater future than regular electric bikes, scooters, etc., because they have more applications and room for improvement.

They are practical, adaptable, and can be used by individuals and companies. Here are some features that can be improved on with electric cargo bikes.

Increased Range

We can determine the range electric vehicles travel by comparing battery designs and capacity. Logically, better batteries can power an electric vehicle for longer, allowing it to reach greater distances. Additionally, more batteries mean longer distances, which can be improved for electric cargo bikes.

Unlike regular electric bikes, their electric cargo bike variants offer a greater opportunity for improvement. You may witness range improvements in the future due to improved battery technology and battery additions that’ll provide the e-cargo bikes with increased range.

The designs may also incorporate better recharging technology like solar power to boost the bike’s range.

More Power

Electric cargo bikes are likely to become more powerful with technological advances.

They are currently more powerful than regular electric bikes. There is a possibility that manufacturers will look for ways to make them even more powerful since they are designed for carrying heavy loads.

Better Battery Technology

Most people are ditching regular vehicles for electric variants, and while they may seem appealing, they are costly. As such, more demand seems to shift to electric means of transportation that are more cost-effective.

Increased demand forces manufacturers to create better products. Creating better batteries is quite critical in the industry since users will be able to ride longer distances. Thus, there is a chance that more efficient batteries will be invented in the future.

To Whom E-Cargo Bikes are Perfect for?

So far, we have covered a lot about what kind of cargo bikes are there in the first place, what are their benefits, and how they will be changing in the future.

Now, let’s see who could benefit the most from cargo e-bikes.

  • Last-Mile Delivery People: In the world of quick commerce, these bikes are indispensable. They’re perfect for navigating through congested areas, making parcel and food deliveries faster and more efficient. With lower running costs and the ability to access routes cars can’t, they boost delivery efficiency while reducing environmental impact. Plus, for delivery personnel, they offer a physically active workday.
  • Urban Commuters: For those darting through busy city streets, electric cargo bikes are a game-changer. They allow you to effortlessly weave through traffic, bypass crowded public transport, and turn the nightmare of finding parking into a thing of the past. Plus, with ample cargo space, carrying everything from laptops and work documents to a week’s worth of groceries becomes a breeze.
  • Parents with Young Children: These bikes transform the mundane school run into an enjoyable adventure. Safe, secure, and fun, they often come with child-friendly features like secure seating, safety belts, and even rain covers. They provide a stress-free way to navigate the school gates and make weekend family outings more exciting.


Electric cargo bikes have emerged as a promising alternative to traditional transportation modes, and they are likely to play a crucial role in shaping the future of urban mobility.

With their ability to carry heavy loads, reduce traffic congestion, and minimize carbon emissions, electric cargo bikes offer a sustainable and efficient solution for transportation and logistics.

Therefore, electric cargo bikes are not only the future of transportation, but also the present, and we should embrace them as a smart and responsible choice for a better world.

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