Ampler Axel Review – City E-Bike with Hidden Battery

ampler axel

Ampler operates without physical stores, selling their electric bikes direct-to-consumer. However, they have several showrooms in different cities in Europe.

So I visited one in Tallinn, Estonia to test out Ampler’s newest eBike.

In this review, I share with you my experience and thoughts about Ampler Axel.

Ampler Bikes Overview

Ampler e-bikes in their Tallinn showroom
Ampler e-bikes in their Tallinn showroom. Photo: Electric Wheelers.

Ampler makes lightweight electric bikes that don’t even look like e-bikes. It’s an interesting niche in the e-bike industry because there are a lot of people who don’t want their bike to stand out like a high-dollar e-bike.

The company was started in 2014 in the home garage by 3 friends. After two years of experimenting, the first generation of Ampler bikes was launched.

Now, the small Estonian e-bike brand has grown into a reputable player in the highly competitive playground.

In the spring of 2022, the second generation of Ampler bikes was launched. They renewed their previous models (Curt, Stellar, and Stout) and brought out two completely new models – Ampler Juna and Ampler Axel.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Ampler Axel. I had a chance to test this bike and here are my honest thoughts about it.

Ampler Axel E-Bike Review

To Whom?

Ampler Axel is a commuter e-bike meant for everyday use. Also, the bike is silent and the motor makes the ride effortless.

The bike comes in 2 different frame sizes, so it can fit riders between 172-200cm in height.

Since the bike weighs just 16 kg, it’s one of the lightest fully-equipped electric bikes on the market.

So it’s for people who want a lightweight electric bike for daily urban commutes.

Custom Ampler Motor

rear hub motor and gates carbon belt of ampler axel
Photo: Electric Wheelers

All 2nd generation Ampler bikes have a custom-made rear hub motor. The 250 W motor can provide 45 Nm of torque.

Although the bike doesn’t have any gears, the first pedal strokes were quite easy. It’s thanks to the torque sensor, which measures the strength of the pedaling and provides motor assistance accordingly. The acceleration is smooth and feels natural.

Since it’s a European e-bike, Ampler Axel doesn’t have a throttle. The motor works only when you are pedaling. The top assisted speed is 25 km/h. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t ride faster than that. If the speed goes over 25 km/h, the motor just stops assisting you.

Performs Well on Inclines

The Ampler Axel’s performance on inclines was notably impressive. It handled ascents with ease, showcasing the intelligent design of its torque sensor system.

riding uphill with ampler axel
Testing the bike on a small incline. Photo: Electric Wheelers.

This system shines particularly on uphill stretches, where the demands on an e-bike are greatest. As I approached an incline, the sensor detected the increased pedal pressure and intuitively adjusted the motor assistance.

The result was a smooth amplification of power, providing just the right amount of extra push when needed. This meant that even on steeper gradients, the ride remained comfortable and the effort required didn’t spike.

The seamless integration of the torque sensor and the motor ensures that the Axel doesn’t just take you up the hill—it partners with you, responding to the challenge in unison with your own exertions.

Hidden Battery

ampler axel e-bike with hidden battery
Photo: Electric Wheelers

One of the cool features of Ampler bikes is they don’t look electric. The same goes for Ampler Axel.

The battery is hidden in the frame. It has a total of 336Wh of energy capacity and the estimated range is between 50-100 km. As always, the exact range of an e-bike depends on the weight of the rider, type of terrain, and assistance mode.

Braking and Gearing

disc brake of ampler axel bike
Photo: Electric Wheelers

Ampler Axel comes with hydraulic disc brakes with 2-piston calipers.

Brakes are definitely a strong part of this e-bike. I was amazed at how good is the stopping power. At the same time, stopping is really smooth.

As mentioned earlier, the Axel bike doesn’t have any gearing. Also, the bike doesn’t have a chain. Instead, it has a Gates carbon belt.

Although the belt makes the bike a bit more expensive, it has several advantages:

  • Belt-drive doesn’t need maintenance
  • It’s more lightweight than a chain
  • Much quieter
  • Lasts 4 times longer than chain drives

Frame and Geometry

ampler axel from the side
Photo: Electric Wheelers

The frame of the bike is made from aluminum alloy. I like that most of the cabling is internally routed. It makes the overall look of the bike very clean and stylish.

The geometry of the bike is active and road-like. The riding position is a great balance between sporty and relaxed. However, it’s not as sporty as another Ampler model – the Curt.

The bike comes in 2 different frame sizes. So it can fit a wide variety of riders.

Frame Size Recommendations:

  • M – 172-185 cm
  • L – 186-200 cm

Wheels and Tires

wheels and tires of ampler axel ebike
Photo: Electric Wheelers

The Axel is equipped with 27.5-inch wheels. On top of that, there are quality tires made by Continental.

These tires are designed for the urban environment. However, they have some thread to provide grip on corners or in wet conditions. Additionally, these tires have a puncture-resistant feature, which makes your rides more carefree.

Other Features

LED Lights

Ampler Axel has all the essentials to be able to ride in the dark as well.

It has a top-quality Busch&Müller headlight in the front and an integrated rear light at the rear.

The rear light has a brake light feature, which increases your visibility even more.


A proper city commuter e-bike must have fenders. The fenders of Ampler Axel are very sleek.

You can easily ride the bike on the wet surface without worrying you ruin your clothes.

Integrated Display

integrated display of ampler axel
Photo: Electric Wheelers

A nice addition to the first-gen bikes is the display. It’s integrated into the frame and provides info about the current assist mode, battery level, range, and ride statistics.

The display shuts down when you are riding, so you can keep your focus on the road.

Ampler App

You can control your bike via the app as well.

Through the app, you can:

  • set the strength of the electric assistance
  • see the ride statistics
  • see the bike location on a map
  • update the bike’s software
  • share access to your bike with your friends

My Personal Riding Impressions

Cruising through the city on the Ampler Axel was a delightful experience, largely thanks to its meticulously designed riding position. The bike’s geometry strikes a perfect balance, offering an active stance that’s both comfortable and poised for responsiveness.

James Heath riding an AMpler Axel e-bike
I truly enjoyed my ride with Ampler Axel. Photo: Electric Wheelers.

Handling was a breeze; the Axel responded to my inputs with precision, allowing for confident navigation through bustling streets and serene paths alike.

The stopping power impressed me—the hydraulic disc brakes brought me to a smooth halt with minimal effort.

Despite its electric nature, the bike managed to deliver a ride that felt incredibly natural. The lightweight aluminum frame contributed to an effortless glide, almost making me forget I was on an e-bike at all.

It’s this seamless blend of traditional biking satisfaction with modern electric convenience that truly sets the Ampler Axel apart.

Price and Availability

The Ampler Axel comes with a price tag of €2,790, reflecting its high-quality build and features. You can check the latest price of the bike from the official Ampler e-shop.

While it is available across a broad range of European countries, offering convenience and accessibility to many riders on the continent, its availability does not extend to the United States.

Despite growing demand from American e-bike enthusiasts, who are eager to experience its sleek design and performance, the Ampler Axel remains exclusive to the European market for now.

This exclusivity has only heightened its allure stateside, where potential buyers are keeping a watchful eye for any signs of a transatlantic launch.

What Alternatives Are There?

Ampler e-bikes: Axel, Curt, and Stout
2nd gen Ampler e-bikes: Axel, Curt, and Stout. Photo: Electric Wheelers

When choosing an e-bike from Ampler Bikes, you have 5 different models in the selection. Here’s a little comparison of them.

Ampler Juna: The Ampler Juna stands out with its step-through frame, offering an exceptionally relaxed riding position for those prioritizing comfort and convenience. Priced similarly to the Axel, the Juna provides an approachable option that shares many of Axel’s core features but with the added ease of a step-thru design, making it an ideal companion for casual city rides and effortless mounting and dismounting.

Ampler Curt: For riders seeking a more spirited experience, the Ampler Curt presents a more aggressive riding position, appealing to the performance-oriented crowd. This model offers customization options including a belt drive system akin to the Axel for smooth and low-maintenance operation, or an 11-speed derailleur for a more traditional cycling feel. As the premium option in Ampler’s lineup, Curt commands a higher price but justifies it with its sportier stance and flexible drivetrain options.

Ampler Stout: The Stout takes a leisurely approach with cruiser-style handlebars that promote a more relaxed posture than the Axel. This design, combined with a slightly higher price point, targets those who enjoy the laid-back feel of a cruiser but want the technology and efficiency of an e-bike. It’s a solid choice for long, comfortable jaunts through the city streets or scenic bike paths.

Ampler Stellar: The Stellar offers an easy-riding experience with its low step frame and upright riding position, making it a good match for riders who prefer a natural sitting posture and easy accessibility. While the specific pricing isn’t mentioned, the Stellar’s design suggests it aims to provide comfort and convenience, likely making it a competitive option within Ampler’s range for those seeking a user-friendly e-bike.

Review Conclusions

To sum it up, I can easily say that I enjoyed a lot riding with Ampler Axel.

Every bit of the bike is top quality and riding with it feels luxurious and comfortable.

Of course, it all comes with a price. Ampler Axel is not a cheap e-bike. It costs about €2,800. But considering the fact, that this bike is manufactured in Europe, has high-quality components, and comes with a 2-year warranty, it seems like a good deal.

So if you are looking for a trustworthy city commuter e-bike with great build quality, Ampler Axel might be a good option.

Ampler Axel Specs


Bike NameAmpler Axel
E-Bike ClassClass 1
Warranty2 Years


Motor TypeRear-Hub Drive
Motor Power250W
Top Speed25 km/h
Battery48V 7Ah (336Wh)
Charge Time2.5 hours
Range50-100 km
DisplayIntegrated into the Top Tube
Display Read-OutsRange, Battery Level, Trip Stats

Bike Components

Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Frame SizeM, L
Frame TypeStep-Over
Frame ColorsRock Green
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes with Mineral Oil
Wheel Size27.5″
TiresContinental Contact Urban 50-584, Safety Pro Breaker
Additional FeaturesFront & Light, Fenders, Optional Rear Carrier
Weight16.3 Kg

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