Backfire G5 Review: A Deep Dive Into Performance and Design

backfire g5

Exploring the urban landscape on an electric skateboard brings a unique thrill. Among the myriad of options, the Backfire G5 stands out as a compelling choice.

Priced under $600, it offers affordability without compromising on quality. Available in both the USA and Europe, this board caters to a wide audience, keen on embracing the electric skateboarding trend.

In this review, I delve into the G5’s features, performance, and overall value, drawing from my hands-on experience and industry insights.

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Backfire G5 Unboxing and Specs

backfire g5 unboxing
Photo: Electric Wheelers

Unveiling the Backfire G5 from its packaging was a genuinely pleasant experience. Every component of the unboxing process reflected careful thought and attention to detail.

The board itself was securely nestled within custom-shaped foam, ensuring its protection during transit.

A smaller box housed the tools and accessories. This box was a treasure trove of essentials needed to maintain and enjoy the skateboard. The arrangement was neat, with each item having its specific place, making it easy to identify and access them.

The organization of these components highlighted an understanding of the user’s needs, ensuring a hassle-free setup right from the start.

backfire g5 electric skateboard on my livingroom floor
Photo: Electric Wheelers
  • Deck: 39*9.8inch (995*248mm) ABS+Glass fiber+maple Composite deck
  • Electronic Speed Controller: Backfire 14S 60A FOC
  • Battery: 58.8V 7.2Ah, 14S2P 21700 Cells
  • Marketed Range: 25-28 miles (40-45 km)
  • Motors: 700Wx2 hub motors
  • Marketed Top Speed: 28.5 mph (46 km/h)
  • Trucks: 8-inch 50-degree Reverse Kingpin die-casting
  • Wheels: 96mmx55mm  80A

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Bamboo + Canadian Maple + Glass Fibre Deck

The Backfire G5’s deck represents the balance between flexibility and durability. Crafted from Canadian maple and bamboo, it showcases a robust yet pliant structure.

the deck of backfire g5
Photo: Electric Wheelers

At 39 inches in length and 9.8 inches in width (995*248mm), the deck provides ample foot space, enhancing stability and comfort during rides. Its design excludes the LED lights found in the G5s model, which contributes to its increased flexibility.

backfire g5 waiting to be ridden
Photo: Electric Wheelers

Notably, the deck features a pronounced concave shape. This design element cradles your feet, offering secure footholds for confident carving and maneuvering. Such a feature is crucial when navigating the twists and turns of city streets or enjoying a leisurely cruise along beachfront paths.

Intuitive Remote Control

The design of the remote control is guided by both ergonomic considerations and efficiency in control. The remote, similar to the Zealot series, features a digital display. This display provides essential information such as odometer readings, battery life of both the board and the remote, current speed, and mode selection.

holding a remote control of e-board
Photo: Electric Wheelers

In terms of functionality, the remote is intuitively designed. It fits comfortably in the hand, allowing riders to maintain a secure grip during various maneuvers. The control mechanisms are straightforward, ensuring that even beginners can quickly adapt to the board’s operations.

Key features include seamless acceleration and braking, facilitated by a responsive scroll wheel. This responsiveness allows for smooth transitions in speed, essential for navigating urban environments. The acceleration curve is notably smooth, ensuring a gradual increase in speed, which enhances safety and control.

In addition to the scroll wheel, you will find 3 buttons and 1 switch on the remote:

  • Button to power on and off the board
  • Button to toggle between Sport/Eco modes
  • Button to activate the Turbo mode
  • Switch to change the movement direction of the wheels.

Furthermore, the remote boasts a slight latency in disengagement, a subtle but noticeable aspect for seasoned riders. This feature, although minor, reflects the board’s attention to detail in providing a responsive and enjoyable riding experience.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks and 96mm Wheels

The Backfire G5’s trucks and wheels are engineered to provide an optimal balance of stability and performance. The board is equipped with 8-inch gravity-casting trucks.

electric skateboard upside down
Photo: Electric Wheelers

These trucks are not only durable but also wide enough to offer stability at higher speeds. Such stability is essential for confident riding, especially when tackling sharp turns or reaching the board’s top speed.

The design of the trucks complements the deck’s concave shape, further enhancing the board’s carving capabilities.

Hub Motors Inside the Rear Wheels

The G5’s front wheels adhere to traditional skateboard wheel standards. These wheels, measuring 96 mm in diameter, offer a smooth ride.

The rear wheels are equipped with hub motors, each rated at 700 watts. The rear wheels match the front in size, maintaining a consistent aesthetic and ride feel.

controller, rear truck and hub motors of an electric skateboard
A controller, rear truck, and hub motors. Photo: Electric Wheelers

Also, hub motors provide better roll speed than belt-drive boards, leading to a smoother coasting experience. In contrast, belt drive boards provide more torque but also more resistance, requiring more engagement of the motor and potentially less range.

The 88a durometer of the wheels places them on the stiffer side, ideal for riders who prefer a blend of speed and grip.

These wheels also have a stone ground finish, a detail that facilitates smoother slides, especially at higher speeds. This finish, combined with the size and hardness of the wheels, contributes to a ride that’s both exhilarating and secure.

The harmony between the trucks and wheels on the G5 results in a ride that’s smooth, stable, and responsive.

Battery and Range

The Backfire G5 is equipped with a 58.8V 7.2Ah battery. The Backfire webpage says the battery has 363Wh of energy capacity.

But based on my own knowledge about batteries, the one with this voltage and amps should have 423Wh of capacity. So something’s off here – either the specs of the battery or the calculations of Backfire.

the battery pack of electric skateboard

Anyway, the marketed range of the board is 25-28 miles (40-45km), which is obtained if the rider is 80 kg and moves at 30 km/h on a flat road.

In my opinion, this kind of range is above average compared with other models in a similar price range. I haven’t done the range test by myself so far because there is snow everywhere. I will let you know if I am able to finish my range test.

Speed and Acceleration: Thrilling Yet Controlled

The Backfire G5 impresses with its speed capabilities, providing a rush for thrill-seekers and a reliable pace for casual riders.

holding one foot on the skateboard
I had a hard time finding a clean road to test the board. Photo: Electric Wheelers

It achieves a top speed of 28 mph, a figure that places it on par with other boards in its price range. This speed is a bit slower than high-end models, but faster than most cheaper skateboards.

Acceleration on the G5 is notably smooth, a feature that enhances rider safety. It lacks twitchiness, ensuring a steady increase in velocity.

This aspect is crucial for urban environments where varying speeds are necessary. The smoothness in acceleration also benefits less experienced riders, providing a gentler learning curve without sacrificing the excitement of a quick take-off.

Weight and Payload Capacity

The Backfire G5, weighing in at 22 lbs (10 kg), falls on the heavier spectrum of electric skateboards. This weight, while indicative of its sturdy build and quality components, can pose a challenge for portability.

electric wheelers me holding backfire g5 in my hand
Carrying a board for a long time might be problematic. Photo: Electric Wheelers

Carrying the board for extended periods, especially in situations where riding isn’t feasible, might be uncomfortable for some users.

On the flip side, the G5’s robust construction allows for a maximum payload capacity of 265 lbs (120 kg). This high load capacity ensures that the board can accommodate a wide range of riders, without compromising performance.

The Ride Experience of Backfire G5

I received the board in the winter but I couldn’t wait until spring arrived so made my first ride between the snow banks.

posing with my electric skateboard
The conditions of my first test ride with the G5 were far from perfect. Photo: Electric Wheelers

But for the real testing, better conditions were needed. After a couple of months waiting, the spring finally came and I could take the board for a longer ride. Here’s the video of my testing:

Backfire G5 video review

The first thing I noticed was the smoothness of the acceleration. It was gradual yet responsive, allowing me to comfortably adjust to the increasing speed.

The deck’s flexibility offered a perfect balance of rigidity for speed and bend for shock absorption. Carving through the streets felt intuitive and secure, thanks to the board’s responsive concave shape and the sturdy trucks.

me riding backfire g5 skateboard
I felt very comfortable on the board. Photo Electric Wheelers

Throughout the ride, the wheels and hub motors worked in harmony, providing a smooth and stable experience. The transition from flat surfaces to slight inclines was seamless, with the motors offering ample power to ascend without strain.

Even in more crowded areas, the G5’s maneuverability stood out. Dodging obstacles and making tight turns felt natural and effortless. The overall ride experience struck an impressive balance between the thrill of high-speed electric skateboarding and the practicality needed for everyday commuting.

Backfire G5 vs G5s

The most notable difference between those two is the lighting deck on the G5s. It has a red LED around the edges of the deck.

Additionally, the G5s have some minor improvements in the performance. Instead of 700W hub motors on the G5, the G5s come with 750W hub motors. They provide a slightly higher top speed (30 mph vs 28 mph).

Additionally, the G5s has a slightly bigger battery, providing about a couple of more miles of range.

And finally, the G5s have a color display on the remote control instead of a black and white display on a G5.

led lights on backfire g5s
Led lights on G5s. Photo: Backfire

Final Words

The Backfire G5 stands as a remarkable piece of electric skateboarding technology. Its combination of speed, stability, and range, priced under $600, positions it as an excellent value proposition in the market.

The board’s design reflects a deep understanding of what riders seek – a smooth ride, reliable performance, and durable construction. While its weight might be a minor inconvenience for some, the overall quality and experience it offers more than compensate for this aspect.

Ideal for both leisurely cruises and daily commutes, the G5 caters to a broad spectrum of users. From the beginner getting their first taste of electric skateboarding to the seasoned rider seeking a robust and exhilarating ride, the G5 delivers.

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