How Much is an Electric Skateboard?

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One of the most critical factors that affect most purchases is the product’s price, and if you’re interested in buying an electric skateboard, you’re probably wondering how much does it cost.

An electric skateboard can cost from about $200 to $6,000. However, the price varies between models, and it’s often determined by various factors, including the brand, materials used, quality of components, etc.

In this article, we will figure out what the price of an e-board consists of and how it is formed.

The Cost of Electric Skateboards

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Better quality skateboards cost more than standard or low-quality skateboards. Electric skateboards cost between 200 and more than a few thousand dollars. Some of the most popular models cost between 400 and 2000 dollars.

Your choice of electric skateboard depends on the cost, features, and materials used.

Finding the best electric skateboard for you isn’t as challenging anymore. Different models offer various features to choose from, and you’re sure to find one that’s pocket friendly and suits your needs best.

However, you should also note that skateboard prices often change depending on the company and its product.

Main Factors That Determine the Price of an Electric Skateboard

As mentioned before, the price is determined by the quality, durability, and efficiency of the materials used. The price is also affected by customer service, production, and marketing costs.

The Efficiency of the Battery

The battery of electric skateboard

Batteries are important factors when determining an electric skateboard’s price.

They keep your electric skateboard running, add weight to the whole product, and are made up of smaller battery cells. The battery also helps determine your electric skateboard’s range, power, torque, and speed.

Often, most manufacturers use Li-ion, LiPo, or LiFePo batteries.

Li-ion is the most common of the three variations and is more balanced in capacity and price ratio. In addition, the battery is easy to use, safe to handle, and remains healthy for longer.

Other manufacturers use 18650 batteries common in RC cars, flashlights, e-cigarettes, vapes, etc.

18650 batteries are less expensive than most other batteries and are usually assembled in electric skateboards groups of between 10 and 30.

Electric skateboard batteries cost between 150 to 1200 dollars. Often, bigger and stronger batteries perform better than their smaller variants affecting a skateboard’s overall price.

The Quality of the Motor

Brushless motor of an electric skateboard
Brushless motor of an electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are powered by a motor that receives power from the battery.

There are two electric skateboard motor variations, i.e., single and dual. These are often viewed as primary indicators of the electric skateboard’s performance.

Most riders prefer dual motors since they have more torque and speed.

Additionally, electric motors are made of copper coils, which isn’t a cheap material to come by.

Finally, different companies manufacture their electric skateboards in different designs. These designs make the skateboard go faster, while some don’t.

Together, all the mentioned factors significantly affect your electric skateboard’s overall pricing.

Material of the Deck

Man carries an electric skateboard behind him

The deck is the first part of the electric skateboard seen by the buyer. Most companies do all they can to ensure that it looks extremely attractive.

This may involve using shiny materials to provide a smooth, metallic finish or unique variants like wood. These materials differ between models and brands, affecting the electric skateboard’s overall price.

The effect on the price depends on the percentages of materials used and the manufacturer’s intention.

For instance, some manufacturers use wooden materials to improve the skateboard’s flexibility and absorb vibrations, carbon fiber or fiberglass to make it lighter, and even titanium to make the skateboard more durable.

Truck and Wheels

trucks and wheels of an electric longboard

Other essential parts of your electric skateboard (other than those mentioned above) may also affect its pricing.

For instance, your electric skateboard’s truck and wheels play a huge role in how you enjoy your ride. For example, you could have the best skateboard with a big and reliable battery but have a bad riding experience since your wheels and truck can’t absorb vibrations.

Often, skateboards with better wheels and trucks cost more than those that don’t.

High-quality wheels and trucks make the ride feel smoother. Plus, they are more durable in comparison. You’ll have to spend more if you want high-end quality products.

Remote Control

remote control of an electric skateboard

Your electric skateboard’s remote control also plays a huge role in how it’s priced.

The type of remote control used affects the rider’s experience. For instance, good remote controls allow users to cruise over pavements gracefully. They have easy-to-learn controls that are less likely to cause any accidents.


logos of electric skateboard brands

Branded products are often more expensive compared to non-branded products. Similarly, products manufactured and sold by more established e-board brands are often more expensive than those sold by growing brands, with good reason.

Better established brands have already proven themselves and their services. As such, customers can trust the company and its products. Such companies often produce more durable products with reliable features and a good user experience.

Thus, you are better off purchasing electric skateboards from established brands compared to new and upcoming ones. You can rely on their products to have better components, last longer, and be more efficient compared to less established ones.

Warranty and Customer Service

Companies with good customer service attract new customers and retain existing ones. However, customer service isn’t cheap. Often, companies invest lots of cash in improving customer relations. While it’s essential, the resources that will be invested have to be considered when setting a skateboard’s price.

Companies have to hire experts to receive calls, reply to emails, and be available 24/7 to answer any customers’ queries. Failure to do this could cost the company valuable customers and affect their profits.

In addition, customers prefer buying products with warranties. Warranties are designed to cover the client in case of a faulty product.

However, product warranties create financial risks for companies, which is why they are often more expensive than those without a warranty. The financial risk that the company may incur is added and shared with all buyers reducing its effect (if any) on the company.

Why are Electric Skateboards So Expensive?

man with white sneakers riding with an Evolve e-board

If you plan to buy a cheap skateboard, you should probably prepare yourself (and your pocket) by understanding that there aren’t any cheap skateboards. Electric skateboards (unlike their conventional counterparts) are quite expensive, even if you plan on purchasing one with the most basic features.

However, their price is only fair since there are many factors to consider when pricing an electric skateboard. For instance, electric skateboards have several high-quality electronic parts that don’t come cheap.

In addition, they require a lot of labor and expertise during production, and every person involved in manufacturing has to be paid.

Additionally, there are other factors affecting electric skateboard prices, including support, promotions, production quantity, materials, etc.

Various companies mitigate and adjust all factors differently, which affects the electric skateboard’s overall price. However, the process isn’t streamlined enough to make them cheaper.

For instance, some companies use cheaply sourced materials like wood and plastic to reduce the cost of production. However, such materials aren’t entirely durable, and they are bad for the environment.

This is why other manufacturers prefer lighter and more durable, but expensive materials like titanium, carbon, etc.

Most Expensive Electric Skateboards

Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar Supersport electric skateboard
Lacroix Lonestar Supersport™ e-board costs over $4,000.

The Bajaboard Pantera and Lacroix Lonestar Supersport are some of the most expensive electric skateboards in production.

Both e-boards are known for their smooth rides, amazing finish, ultimate durability, and efficiency. They have a smooth control that works effortlessly, are remote-controlled, and go upwards of 40mph.

Also, they have a ridiculous range. For instance, the Lonestar can go close to 60 miles, while the Bajaboard can manage 28 miles.

Bajaboard Pantera electric skateboard
Bajaboard Pantera costs over $5,000. Photo credit:

In addition, they both have customizable controls that can adjust to fit the rider’s preferred speed. The Bajaboard has alloy rims, adjustable suspension, custom tail and headlights, and matt black paint.

The Lonestar has an ultrawide deck that’s comfortable to stand on and go at high speeds. It has monstrous batteries that give it enough juice to go long distances.

In addition, they can be charged fairly quickly. The Lonestar has bright integrated headlights with four settings, amazing motors that provide great torque, and reliable suspension.

What is the Price of Cheap E-Boards?

man carrying Hiboy S11 e-board
Hiboy S11 e-board cost about $250. Photo credit:

There are various reasons why cheap e-boards are available in the market. For instance, the recent craze has increased the number of people interested in purchasing e-boards. This has increased competition in the market, causing manufacturers to produce cheap electric skateboards with good features.

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For instance, the Hiboy S11 has a 12.4MPH top speed, a 6.2-mile range, weighs 7.94 pounds, and has a 250W motor.

It’s a great budget e-skateboard for kids or beginners that aren’t sure about how they feel regarding e-skateboards. The e-skateboard is priced below 300 dollars, which is perfect for people searching for a portable e-board.

However, riders will have to compromise on the range since the Hiboy S11 doesn’t have the best range.

As we mentioned earlier, the e-skateboard has a 6.2-mile range on a single charge, which isn’t enough for individuals looking to use the e-board to commute. However, it’s still quite solid considering its price.

Hidden Costs of an E-Board

As with buying most other devices, some hidden costs always affect an electric skateboard’s price. Some of these costs include the helmet and other safety gear, maintenance, costs of charging, battery replacement, etc. These costs become quite significant when added together.

E-Boarding Safety Gear

e-boarding safety gear

Purchasing safety gear is important when buying an electric skateboard, and (often) most people forget to plan for such expenses.

Buying proper safety gear depends on where you plan to ride your electric scooter, how experienced you are, and how fast your electric scooter goes.

You could choose to buy knee protection equipment, wrist guards, and a helmet if you are fairly experienced at riding an electric skateboard.

However, you could also choose to go a step further and buy the entire set if you plan on using it to commute or want to do some tricks.

The cost of safety equipment varies depending on the quality and type of equipment you wish to purchase, but you should be ready to part with about 600 US dollars. 

Electric Skateboard Maintenance

You should plan on your board’s maintenance costs before making your purchase.

Do some research to determine how costly the skateboard’s spare parts are, what parts are likely to get damaged first, and the best maintenance routine to follow. Doing this helps you project your maintenance costs and determine whether you are comfortable with them.

You should keep in mind that a good maintenance routine will help you reduce any extra costs that you may potentially incur. Clean the skateboard and replace the bearings when needed. You should also check your battery and motor. Repair or replace them as needed.

The Cost of Charging an Electric Skateboard


On average, charging an electric skateboard costs you between 1 and 20 cents, depending on your electricity price rate and your board’s battery.

The average electricity price for consumers in the US is about 11 cents per kWh. Take an average skateboard battery with 200Wh and a global consumer paying 22 cents for electricity.

One battery charge will cost them (200Wh=0.2kWh)x the cost of electricity (22cents per kWh), which equals 4.4 cents. Thus, it takes 0.04 dollars to charge an electric skateboard.

If the battery has a 12-mile range, then it means that you could power your e-board for 300 miles for one dollar.

Battery Replacement

Batteries are rated according to their charge cycles. For instance, standard Li-ion batteries last for 300 to 1000 charge cycles, which is 1 to 3 years before they reach 80% of their capacity.

However, Li-ion batteries have a limited lifespan and will keep losing their capacity with time. So you could still replace your battery after a couple of years.

The battery costs between 150 to 500 dollars. You can take various steps to ensure that your battery stays healthier and lasts for longer.

Is DIY Electric Skateboard Cheaper Than Pre-Built Models?

A DIY electric skateboard is cheaper than pre-built models. But, it won’t be better than pre-built models if you use low-quality gear. On the other hand, it will be more reliable and customizable.

It could also go faster, have a longer range, look better, and have enough torque if you use the correct materials.

The downside is that (like most DIY projects) you need to have enough experience dealing with electronics before thinking about working on your project.

In addition, you need to have enough money to buy all the best components. However, if you have the technical know-how and money to invest in the project, you should do it.

Will E-Boards Get Cheaper in the Future?

E-boards could get cheaper. However, it depends on various factors. Some of them include consumer demand, access to materials, etc. One other additional factor is the cost of batteries.

They could get cheaper if the demand, market competition, and economy of scale increase. That said, some people believe that electric skateboards are temporary, and there is a likelihood that they’ll evolve to something else. What should you do about this information?

Final Words

Regardless, the best time to buy some kind of electric transporter is right now. Personal electric vehicles are a cheaper means of transportation than other means like petrol cars. Plus, they are electric, which means there’ll be minimal sweating.

This makes them perfect for commuters looking for a fun, cheap, and green means of transportation.

One factor that could make electric skateboards stick around and become cheaper is that the world is becoming greener, with more people buying and investing in electric scooters, skateboards, cars, and helicopters.

Help the world move quicker in this direction!

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