KBO Breeze Review: From Design to Ride – An In-Depth Analysis

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Embarking on a journey through the bustling city streets requires a companion that’s not just reliable, but also enhances the joy of riding. Enter the KBO Breeze – an e-bike that’s been catching attention for its blend of functionality and style.

While it doesn’t claim to reinvent the e-bike wheel, it does promise a smooth, comfortable ride for the urban explorer.

Having taken the KBO Breeze for a spin myself a few times, I’ve glimpsed its potential. However, to provide a more in-depth analysis, I’ve turned to industry veterans: Micah Toll from Electrek, known for his sharp insights into e-biking, and Easyheimer, a YouTube reviewer with a significant following.

Their expert opinions complement my initial impressions, painting a comprehensive picture of what the KBO Breeze has to offer.

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KBO Breeze Electric Bike Review

kbo breeze step-thru and step-over ebikes
Photo: Electric Wheelers

Motor: 500W | Top Speed: 28 mph | Max Payload: 300 lbs | Battery: 768Wh | Max Range: 55 miles

Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze Pros and Cons


  • Powerful 500W motor with a peak of 900W, ensuring confident rides on varying terrains.
  • Long battery life with a range of 25-55 miles, depending on usage.
  • Sleek and integrated 48V 16Ah battery design that fits seamlessly into the frame.
  • Comes with an 80mm suspension fork, enhancing comfort on bumpy roads.
  • Eye-catching paint job, enhancing visibility and aesthetics.
  • Comfortable KBO plush saddle and grips.


  • Some exposed wires, which could be better integrated or braided for a cleaner look.
  • The saddle might be a bit wide for some riders.
  • The stock headlight might not be sufficient for riders frequently commuting in the dark.

KBO Breeze eBike Performance

athletic man standing next to the kbo breeze commuter electric bike
Photo: KBO

KBO Breeze Top Speed and Motor Power

The KBO Breeze steps up with a 750W peak rear hub motor, promising a blend of efficiency and power suitable for urban commuting. Its advertised top speed hovers around 22 mph, placing it comfortably in the realm of swift city navigation.

Consulting with Micah Toll from Electrek shed more light on the practical aspects of this speed and acceleration.

Micah’s experience aligns closely with the advertised specifications. He found the 750W motor delivered a smooth ride, reaching top speeds around 22-23 mph.

This level of power strikes a fine balance — it’s enough to feel safe and keep pace in city traffic without overwhelming the rider.

He noted that while the Breeze doesn’t break any speed records, its acceleration is steady and responsive, making it a dependable choice for everyday commuting.

twist throttle of kbo ebike
The Breeze has a half-twist throttle on the right handlebar.

The pedal assist feature further enhances the bike’s performance. However, there’s a noticeable jump in power between pedal assist levels 1 and 2, which some riders might find too significant. This could affect the bike’s acceleration, especially when transitioning between these levels.

The torque, which is a measure of the motor’s force, complements the bike’s speed, ensuring rapid acceleration and a smooth riding experience.

KBO Breeze Battery and Range

The heart of any electric bike is its battery, and the KBO Breeze doesn’t disappoint in this department.

Equipped with a high-capacity 48V 16Ah lithium-ion battery, it ensures that riders can travel long distances without frequent recharges.

KBO claims this battery can power the bike for an impressive range of up to 55 miles on a single charge, depending on the terrain and riding conditions.

Micah confirmed KBO’s claim, achieving it himself when using the bike in pedal-assist mode. His test revealed that on throttle alone, the bike comfortably covered about 35 miles, showcasing the battery’s efficiency.

man and woman riding kbo electric bikes
The battery of a step-thru model is completely integrated. The battery of a step-over model is half-integrated.

One of the standout features of the KBO Breeze’s battery is its removable design. This allows riders to easily take it out for charging, making it convenient for those who might not have a charging point near their parking space.

Moreover, the battery’s positioning on the bike ensures a low center of gravity, contributing to the bike’s overall stability and balance.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Safety and control are paramount when it comes to electric bikes, and the KBO Breeze addresses this with its robust mechanical disc brakes.

These brakes offer consistent stopping power, ensuring that riders can confidently navigate through traffic or descend steep terrains.

tektro mechanical disc brakes
Tektro mechanical brakes.

Unlike traditional rim brakes, mechanical disc brakes provide enhanced performance in wet conditions, reducing the chances of slippage. Their design also minimizes wear on the wheel rims, extending the lifespan of the wheels.

Furthermore, the easy-to-maintain nature of mechanical disc brakes means that riders can perform routine checks and adjustments without professional help.

Easyheimer commented in his video that he would prefer hydraulic disc brakes over mechanical ones. He noted that while the mechanical disc brakes are functional, hydraulic brakes would offer better performance and feel.

I totally agree with him but we must understand that ebikes at this price point rarely come with hydro brakes. Yes, the mechanical brakes are not so effective but they get the job done effectively.

Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur

shimano altus gearing system on a KBO electric bike

The KBO Breeze is equipped with a Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur, ensuring smooth and precise gear shifts for varied terrains.

Just like the brakes, this gearing system is quite basic but functional. Micah Toll pointed out that while the gear system is not high-end, it performs adequately for the bike’s price range. He suggested that for a more expensive bike, one might expect a more advanced gearing system, but for the KBO Breeze, priced at $1,499, the current setup is quite appropriate.

Easyheimer said that he would prefer a slightly larger crank to make pedaling easier. This observation suggests that while the gearing system is sufficient for typical commuting needs, there is room for improvement, especially for those seeking a more effortless pedaling experience.

KBO Breeze Design and Features

kbo breeze step over and step through electric bikes

KBO Breeze Step-Through vs Step-Over Frame

The KBO Breeze offers two distinct frame styles: the Step-Through and the Step-Over.

The KBO Breeze step-thru is characterized by its low crossbar, making it easier for riders to mount and dismount, especially for those wearing dresses or skirts.

This design is also beneficial for older riders or those with limited mobility. On the other hand, the Step-Over frame has a traditional high crossbar, often preferred by riders seeking a sportier look and feel.

In terms of ride geometry, both frames are designed to offer a comfortable and ergonomic riding position, but the choice between them often boils down to personal preference and intended use.

white kbo breeze with a step-through frame style

The materials used in both frames are of high quality, ensuring durability and longevity. The build quality is impeccable, reflecting KBO’s commitment to producing bikes that not only look good but also stand the test of time.

Whether you choose the Step-Through or Step-Over, you’re guaranteed a well-crafted bike that meets the highest standards.

Front Suspension Fork

woman showing the fron suspension system of her KBO electric bike

The KBO Breeze’s front suspension fork ensures a smoother ride, especially on uneven terrains or bumpy roads.

While Micah described the suspension as “just fine, but nothing fancy,” Easyheimer was a little more satisfied. He found the front suspension to be surprisingly effective, even on rougher terrain, despite the bike not being a fat tire model.

My own opinion is somewhat in between. For a casual commuter, the suspension is good enough to provide a comfortable ride in the urban environment. However, it definitely isn’t meant for off-road.

27.5×2.4-Inch Panasonic Tires

panasonic ebike tires

The KBO Breeze is equipped with 27.5×2.4-inch Panasonic tires, a perfect blend of durability and performance. These tires offer a broad contact patch with the road, ensuring excellent traction and stability in various conditions.

Crafted by Panasonic, a trusted name in the industry, they promise longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

Integrated Lights

KBO understands well that safety and visibility are important to every e-bike rider.

The bike features integrated lights that not only enhance the bike’s aesthetic appeal but also ensure riders are visible during low-light conditions or nighttime rides.

These lights are seamlessly incorporated into the bike’s design, eliminating the need for external attachments. However, some riders have mentioned that the stock headlight might be insufficient for extremely dark conditions or off-road trails. It’s always a good idea to consider additional lighting solutions if you frequently ride in such environments.

Additional Features

woman riding her kbo breeze commuter bike in an autumn

The KBO Breeze doesn’t stop at just providing a powerful motor and a durable frame; it’s packed with features that enhance the overall riding experience.

Full Fenders: No one likes getting splashed on a wet day. The KBO Breeze comes equipped with full fenders that effectively shield riders from water and mud, ensuring a cleaner ride even on rainy days or through puddles.

Rear Rack: Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or going on a leisurely ride, the rear rack proves to be incredibly useful. It’s sturdy and can hold bags, groceries, or other items, adding a layer of convenience to your trips.

Display: The onboard display is intuitive and provides riders with essential information at a glance. From battery life to speed, pedal assist levels, and distance traveled, the display keeps riders informed and in control.

Other Features: The KBO Breeze also boasts other notable features that riders will appreciate. These might include a comfortable saddle, ergonomic grips, and a bell for safety in traffic. Every detail, no matter how small, has been thought of to ensure riders have the best experience possible.

KBO Breeze Review Conclusions

After a comprehensive review of the KBO Breeze, it’s evident that this eBike offers a harmonious blend of performance, design, and additional features.

Its robust build, paired with thoughtful features like integrated lights and a rear rack, make it a top contender in the commuter e-bike market.

While there are areas for improvement, the overall package is impressive. We believe the KBO Breeze offers excellent value for its price point, making it a worthy investment for those seeking a reliable and feature-rich commuting solution.

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KBO Breeze Specs


Bike NameKBO Breeze
E-Bike ClassClass 3
AvailabilityUnited States
Warranty2 Years


Motor TypeRear-Hub Drive
Motor Power500W
Top Speed28 mph
Battery768Wh Removable
RangeUp to 55 miles

Bike Details

Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Frame SizeOne Size
Frame TypeCommuter, Step-Over, Step-Through
Recommended Rider Height5′4″ – 6′4″
Frame ColorsBlack, Orange, White
ForkFront Suspension
Rear Suspension
Gearing1×7-Speed Shimano Altus
BrakesMechanical Disc
Wheel Size27.5″
Tires27.5″ x 2.44″ Panasonic Tires
Weight62 lbs
Weight Capacity300 lbs

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