Discover the Truth: Shengmilo MX03 E-Bike Full Review

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Shengmilo was created by a group of biking enthusiasts of various ages, backgrounds, and industries who strongly desire a better riding experience. The group’s shared love for cycling shaped the company, morphing it into what it is today.

Shengmilo is innovative and looks to incorporate technological advancements to create better and more reliable e-bikes.

Shengmilo MX03 fat tire electric mountain bike is one of the company’s best-selling e-bikes.

Read on to uncover every detail of this 1,000W electric bike, brought to you through our extensive research. We’ve delved deep into available resources, analyzing numerous reviews on YouTube, and engaged with a diverse group of bike owners to gather varied perspectives.

This comprehensive approach ensures that we bring you a well-rounded and informed analysis of the Shengmilo MX03.

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Shengmilo Overview

Shengmilo, based in Guangdong, China, is a global player in the e-bike market, having successfully exported its products to over 80 countries worldwide. This extensive reach includes major markets in Europe, Japan, North America, and Southeast Asia.

With a strong commitment to advancing green technology in travel, Shengmilo focuses on developing next-generation e-bikes. Their goal is not just to enhance travel experiences but also to foster improved lifestyles. Through innovation and dedication, they aspire to become a leading figure in the eBike industry.

Shengmilo E-Bike Selection

shengmilo electric bikes in the row
Photo: Electric Wheelers

Shengmilo has a wide variety of e-bikes in its selection. Basically, they have a model for every type of terrain and every type of rider:

  • Electric Mountain Bikes
  • Folding Electric Bikes
  • City E-Bike
  • Retro Electric Bike
  • Carbon Fiber E-Bike
  • Mid-Drive E-Bike

In this review, we focus on the Shengmilo MX03 e-MTB.

Shengmilo MX03 Specs

sheng milo mx03 ebike
Photo: Shengmilo


Bike NameShengmilo MX03
AvailabilityEurope, UK
Warranty6 Months for Electronics, 12 Months for the Frame


Motor TypeRear-Hub Drive
Motor Power1,000W
Top Speed24 mph (39km/h)
Battery48V 17 Ah (816Wh)
Charge Time7 hours
Rangeup to 55 miles (89 km)
DisplayWaterproof LCD

Bike Components

Dimensions73″ x 41″ x 27″ (185 x 104 x 69 cm)
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Frame SizeOne Size
Frame TypeStep-Over
Frame ColorsBlack
ForkFork Suspension + Center Shock Absorber
Gearing1×7-Speed Shimano Tourney
BrakesHydraulic Disc
Wheel Size26″
Tires26″ x 4″ Fat Tires
Additional FeaturesFront Light, Kickstand
Weight71 lbs (32 kg)
Weight Capacity400 lbs (180 kg)

How do these specs compare to industry standards?

The Shengmilo MX03 stands out in the crowded e-bike market with a blend of features that align with, and in some cases, surpass industry standards.

  1. Warranty: The MX03’s warranty duration falls a bit short when compared to other budget e-bike brands. While it offers 6 months for electronics and 12 months for the frame, many competitors extend electronic warranties to a year, with some even offering up to two years. This could be a consideration for buyers prioritizing long-term reliability.
  2. Motor Type and Power: The rear-hub drive motor of the MX03 is standard in the industry. However, its 1,000W power is notably exceptional, providing robust performance. Potential buyers should be aware that such high power might not be street-legal in many regions, including several U.S. states where the maximum legal limit is 750W under the e-bike classification system. This factor is crucial for compliance with local laws.
  3. Top Speed and Battery: Despite its powerful motor, the MX03’s top speed caps at 24 mph, which is not the highest allowed speed in terms of e-bike classification. Its battery capacity and range are impressive, offering up to 55 miles on a single charge, with a 7-hour recharge time. This makes the MX03 suitable for extended rides or day-long adventures.
  4. Bike Components and Build Quality: With a weight capacity of 400 lbs, the MX03 can comfortably support heavier riders, a feature that is somewhat above the norm for similar e-bikes. The inclusion of hydraulic brakes is an advanced feature, enhancing safety and control, especially under varying riding conditions. However, the use of a Shimano Tourney gear set, while common in this category, is an entry-level choice and may not appeal to those seeking higher-end performance.
  5. Overall Impression: The Shengmilo MX03 presents a compelling option, particularly for those seeking a powerful and robust e-bike for versatile usage. Its few shortcomings, primarily in warranty and gearing system, are considerations to weigh against its enhanced motor power and high weight capacity. As always, potential buyers should consider how the bike’s specifications align with their individual needs and local regulations.

Shengmilo MX03 Performance

Shengmilo MX03 electric bike standing on the grass.

Motor and Speed

Shengmilo designs their motor to last longer. This is an essential feature for individuals searching for durable bikes since you can replace most other parts of the bike relatively quickly compared to the motor. Additionally, the company designed its bike’s motor to provide ultimate speed and torque.

Shengmilo’s ebike has an upgraded 1,000-watt brushless geared hub motor. It’s fitted with a unique inner ring that enables better heat dissipation and high-temperature resistance. The ring helps minimize the motor magnet’s attenuation speed, guaranteeing the motor’s more extended life.

The motor has an adaptive power supply and variable frequency speed control system that maintains horsepower in high-speed and light load operations.

The bike produces 95Nm of torque and an official top speed is 24mph, which is more than enough for off-roading.

Is it really 1000 watts?

Although advertised as a 1,000-watt motor, some enthusiasts and experts believe it behaves more like a 500-watt motor.

However, Schneids15 emphasizes in his YouTube video that despite this, the bike’s performance doesn’t fall short. It delivers sufficient speed and power, easily achieving 50-60 kilometers per hour (31-37 mph), outperforming other bikes advertised at 500 watts.

He also highlights the bike’s capability to handle different terrains with ease. The motor’s power output is adequate for cruising on roads and handles light off-road conditions without issues, demonstrating versatility.

Hill Climbing

One great way to gauge your electric bike’s motor’s ability is by observing how well it handles hills.

Generally, bikes that can tackle steep hills effortlessly have stronger motors that help transport heavier loads. This is vital if you live in hilly terrain. You wouldn’t want to purchase a bike that can’t handle your location’s terrain.

The MX03 can tackle hilly terrains up to a 35˚ maximum gradient. This is quite impressive. However, it’s not surprising because they use a well-designed motor.

As mentioned above, the motor produces 95Nm of torque, which is quite impressive. The bike can handle hilly inclines in most urban cities or off-roading.

Battery and Range

Shengmilo MX03 comes with a 48V 17Ah which can power your e-bike for 24 to 37 miles in throttle mode and about 55 miles in pedaling mode.

The MX03 utilizes a 100% automobile industry power cell, making the bike’s battery: 

  • more reliable
  • stronger
  • safer for discharge & charging
  • have longer battery life.

The battery is removable and has two charging methods. You can remove the battery and charge it in the office or at home. You can also charge the battery while it’s mounted on the bike.

It takes about 7-8 hours to charge the battery fully.

Battery and Motor Connection Issues

Some users have reported problems with the connections between the battery and the motor, particularly when the bike is used intensively on challenging terrains.

These issues are generally related to the connectors burning out due to high amperage draw. However, these are described as minor and solvable by replacing the connectors.

Reddit user kukcluka has reported that his bike died after riding 15 km and the battery indicator on the display didn’t work. Also, he mentions an unpleasant experience with the support.

However, there are many comments in the same thread that other’s bikes work flawlessly. It may be that the Reddit user kukcluka received a defective model and it’s too bad that he didn’t get any help from the support.

Braking and Gearing

Shengmilo’s commitment to rider safety and control is evident in its exceptional braking system, although its gearing system leaves room for improvement, particularly for mountain biking enthusiasts.

This e-bike is equipped with a robust hydraulic brake system at both the front and rear. These brakes excel in heat dissipation, ensuring efficient braking even under intense use.

Their design offers a reliable and stable braking experience, significantly enhancing safety and rider confidence in various conditions.

On the other hand, the bike features a 7-speed Shimano transmission. While this gearing system facilitates a range of speeds and contributes to a smooth ride on less demanding terrains, it may fall short for more technical mountain biking trails.

The gear selection, although sufficient for casual riding, doesn’t quite match the needs of more adventurous or technical riders who may require a more advanced and versatile gearing system for challenging off-road experiences.

Schneids15 also mentions in his video that the gearing system is not the best part of this bike but he finds it satisfactory for his use.

Ride Quality

shengmilo electric bike under the palm trees
Photo: @shengmilo_shop Instagram

Experience of Schneids15

Based on the YouTube user Schneids15’s experience, the Shengmilo MX03 e-bike offers a comfortable and enjoyable ride quality, suitable for various riding environments. The user highlights the bike’s ability to perform well in different conditions, including snow, emphasizing its versatility and adaptability.

The bike’s fat tires, specifically the high-quality Chaoyang tires, are noted for their effectiveness in providing a stable ride. These tires contribute to the bike’s capability to handle diverse terrains smoothly, from paved roads to snowy paths.

Schneids15’s experience indicates that the bike’s tires enhance the overall ride quality, ensuring comfort and reliability across different surfaces.

Furthermore, the user appreciates the e-bike’s hydraulic disc brakes, pointing out their efficient heat dissipation and stable braking performance. This feature adds to the bike’s safety and ride quality, offering confidence and control during rides.

While Schneids15 mentions the rear suspension’s limited travel, they still find the bike to be a better deal compared to other options, especially considering the additional features and faster shipping.

The adjustable seat also contributes to the ride comfort, allowing for customization based on the rider’s height and preferences.

Experience of Eucrider

Based on the experience shared by Eucrider from the EBR forum, the ride quality of the Shengmilo MX03 e-bike is portrayed as highly satisfactory, particularly for certain types of riding. Here’s a breakdown of their experience:

  1. Battery Performance and Range: Eucrider highlights the impressive battery life of the bike. On a ride spanning 29 miles with mainly flat terrain and some short hills, more than 60% of the battery remained, indicating efficient energy usage. This was achieved primarily on pedal-assist level 2. Even on a similar route using pedal-assist level 3, they ended up with 30% battery left, showcasing the bike’s ability to handle longer rides without frequent recharging.
  2. Hill Climbing Capability: Eucrider notes that it performs adequately on steep climbs. They mention that choosing the right gear and pedal-assist level is crucial for tackling hills effectively. On a ride focused on testing the bike’s hill-climbing capabilities, they managed to ride 27 miles with some battery depletion, indicating that the bike can handle challenging terrains when used correctly.
  3. Pedal Assist Features: The bike’s pedal-assist system is praised for its functionality. Eucrider prefers to ride in manual mode with pedal-assist as needed, finding that this approach conserves battery life and provides a more enjoyable riding experience. They also note that the bike automatically adjusts the power output to conserve battery when riding over 16mph in pedal-assist level 2, a feature that enhances the overall efficiency of the bike.
  4. Overall Satisfaction for Leisure Riding: The user expresses overall satisfaction with the bike for casual riding and getting out and about. They suggest that for those looking to climb mountains or tackle more demanding trails, a mid-drive motor might be more suitable. However, for leisure rides and exploring scenery, the MX03 is deemed excellent.

Shengmilo MX03 Features

sheng milo mx03 electric bicycle
Photo: @shengmilo_shop Instagram

Frame and Geometry

Shegmilo uses an aluminum alloy frame on their MX03 e-bike.

The alloy is sturdy, lightweight, and designed to last. This is perfect for individuals who want bikes that can handle some weight, are easily portable, and are durable.

Also, The bike has amazing routing, meaning most wires are hidden and pass within its frame.

The bike has an elegant and concise appearance created from its creative geometric design. Shengmilo designed their MX03 uniquely to reduce wind resistance and make it easier to handle, especially when riding on snow, jungle trails, city roads, off-road hills, etc.

  • Recommended Rider Height: 5’3″ – 6’4″ (165cm – 200cm)
  • Bike Weight: 71 lbs (32 kg)
  • Payload Capacity: 400 lbs (180 kg)


The Shengmilo MX03’s suspension system, as reflected in the feedback from actual users, presents a mix of functionality and limitations that cater to specific riding preferences and conditions.

shengmilo mx03 after the muddy ride
Photo: Eucrider

Front and Rear Suspension Quality: The MX03 is equipped with dual suspension – both front and rear. This setup is generally well-received by riders, particularly for its ability to provide a smoother ride on uneven terrains. The presence of both front and rear suspension helps to absorb shocks from bumpy surfaces, making it suitable for trail riding and moderately rough terrains.

Effectiveness on Various Terrains: Users have reported satisfactory performance on mixed terrains, including light trails and urban roads. The suspension system plays a significant role in enhancing comfort during these rides. However, it’s worth noting that the rear suspension isn’t exceptionally responsive, with limited travel. This might limit the bike’s effectiveness on more technical or challenging off-road trails.

Adjustability and Customization: One notable aspect is the potential for customization. The front suspension comes with a lockout feature, allowing riders to switch to a rigid fork experience, which is beneficial for more efficient pedaling on smooth surfaces. Users also have the option to upgrade the rear shock to a lockable one, adding versatility to the bike’s setup.

Overall Ride Quality: In terms of overall ride quality, the suspension system contributes positively, especially for casual riders and those using the bike for leisurely trails and urban commuting. The added comfort from the suspension makes the MX03 more enjoyable for longer rides and helps to compensate for some of the bike’s weight.

Limitations for Advanced Trails: For riders interested in more aggressive mountain biking or tackling highly technical trails, the suspension system of the MX03, while adequate, might not meet the high-performance standards required for such activities. The bike’s suspension is more tuned for general comfort and versatility rather than high-end, performance-oriented mountain biking.

Wheels and Tires

fat tires of shengmilo mx03
Photo: Shengmilo

The bike has wide 26×4-inch mountain tires. These tires are designed to give riders better resistance when riding and during impact.

The tires can reduce the bumps and absorb the shock, especially when off-road riding in the mountains.

Additionally, the tires can help riders travel over diverse terrain. Riders can traverse through sand and snow better than those using regular tires.

The tires provide extra traction and grip, which help you pedal over various terrain.


The bike has an aluminum alloy handlebar housing the gadgets and controllers. The handlebar is comfortable to hold, is placed at the right height, and is light enough to control quickly, especially on sharp turns.

On the handlebar, you can find a functional display, intelligent shifter, and user-friendly button on the handlebar. The MX03 is easy to control and use. You only need to push one button to control the bike and adjust the gears.

By the way, the display is waterproof. The screen shows various information like:

  • speed
  • battery capacity
  • mileage
  • assistance mode

This is valuable information for the rider, and the LCD’s waterproof nature is an added advantage.

Additionally, the bike has an adjustable seat, which is quite comfortable.

Shengmilo MX03 Review Conclusions

The Shengmilo MX03 emerges as a compelling option in the e-bike market, offering a blend of features that cater to a diverse range of riders.

Its robust motor, despite some debate over its actual wattage, delivers ample power for a variety of terrains, making it a reliable choice for both leisurely rides and more adventurous trails.

The bike’s dual suspension system, while not at the pinnacle of high-performance mountain biking, provides a comfortable and adaptable ride, suitable for mixed terrains and urban commuting.

The MX03’s hydraulic disc brakes stand out for their efficient heat dissipation and stable braking experience, enhancing rider safety. However, its Shimano Tourney gearing, while reliable, may fall short for more technical trails, indicating a potential area for future upgrades for serious mountain bikers.

Real user experiences underline the bike’s versatility and satisfactory performance across different conditions. While its suitability for extreme off-road challenges might be limited, the MX03 shines as a versatile, all-around e-bike, offering good value, especially for those seeking power and comfort without breaking the bank.

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