Super Soco TC Review – A Cafe Racer Electric Bike

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This is an electric cafe racer motorcycle Super Soco TC. To be totally honest, it is not a motorcycle, it’s an electric moped. It is allowed to ride with it if you have a regular driver’s license. No need for a proper motorcycle license.

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Super Soco TC Specs

General Details

BrandSuper Soco
Model Year2020


Motor1,900W Bosch
Max Torque150 Nm
Top Speed28 mph (45 km/h)
Battery60V 30Ah (1,800 Wh)
Max Range40 mi (60 km)

Super Soco TC Dimensions

Length75.8 in (1,926 mm)
Width28 in (710 mm)
Height43.3 in (1,100 mm)
Wheelbase51.4 in (1,305 mm)
Clearance7.8 in (198 mm)
Seat Height30.6 in (776 mm)
Wheel Size17 in
Tires Size110/70 – 17
Super Soco electric motorcycle cafe racer

First of all, I don’t own this bike and this is also not a sponsored post. I rented this bike in Tallinn, Estonia from ELMO Rent and paid for it like a regular customer.

I picked up the cafe racer moped from one of their self-service rental points. You can easily unlock the bike with a mobile phone. Just need to make an account before and add your credit card’s and driver’s license info. 

Since there is an off-season for such two-wheelers, the discounted price for the whole day was just €12.5.

How much is a Super Soco TC?

It’s a Chinese bike and I didn’t find any Super Soco TC USA retailers that would sell it. Although, I found some rumors that Super Soco electric scooters arrived in Canada in 2021 and the US market will be next.

However, there are a couple of shops in Europe, where you can get this for about $4,000.


cafe racer electric motorcycle

How fast is Super Soco TC?

Super Soco TC is meant for city commuting. It has a 1,900W rear hub electric motor made by Bosch. It can deliver a top speed of 28 mph or 45 kph. So it is powerful enough for cruising in the city but you have nothing to do with it on a motorway.

If need more power and higher speeds, you should maybe look for Super Soco TC Max. It is a real electric motorcycle, which can go up to 60 mph (90 km/h).

Bosch 1,900W rear hub motor

Battery & Range

The maximum range of this electric cafe racer is about 40 miles or 60 km. It is probably possible in power level 1. As you can see, on the right side of the handlebar, there are 3 power levels. If you switch from 1 to 3, you can see from the display that an estimated range decreases significantly.

soco super tc right handlebar

Also, I am not very sure how accurate it is. When I started my ride, the remaining range was 77 km. After I changed to power mode 2 – the range decreased to 60 km and in power mode 3 it showed the remaining range of 45km.

I rode for 20 kilometers. Mostly on power level 3. After that, the display showed 15 km of range in mode 3 and 25 km of range in mode 1. I must admit that I had a passenger on the back of my bike for about 10 kilometers, so that definitely took a lot of battery energy.

The display of Super Soco TC

How to charge Super Soco TC?

The charging is very easy. You just have to plug it in the wall and it takes about 4 hours for the full charge. Not bad at all.

Ride Quality

A man riding with an electric moped

One of the coolest things about this electric bike is, that it’s almost silent.

Do you remember the noise of those old petrol scooters?

I hate that noise.

But now, only the sound of the wind is in your ears when riding. People are quite confused when they see a vehicle that looks exactly like a motorcycle but makes almost no sound.

The overall ride quality is quite nice. The bike is very easy to handle because it is lightweight. Riding is enjoyable smooth and soft. The bike has no gears, so it is really easy for everyone to ride with it.

Super Soco TC 2 seater cafe racer scooter

Of course, for the true motorcycle enthusiasts, Super Soco TC is probably boring and pointless but for other people, there are several reasons to buy an electric moped:

  • It makes everyday commuting easier.
  • You can get from A to B much quicker than with a bicycle.
  • It’s more eco-friendly than a car or petrol motorcycle.
  • You can save money from buying petrol.

All these are legit reasons. Although, you must know that there are some cons as well.

Super Soco TC Cons

Low Power

As mentioned before, the motor is not very powerful. You mostly feel it when going uphill. If you live in a hilly area, it’s definitely a big concern.


It is not really a con, since everything that moves, needs some care.

If you want to buy Super Soco just to save money, note that it still needs maintenance. I talked to one guy who has owned this bike for a while.

Since the bike doesn’t have any engine braking, the only way to slow down is using the brakes. After 3,000 miles both brake discs and brake pads were worn out and needed to be changed.

It can cost you over $200. 

front wheel of Super Soco TC

Also, there are regular services after every 1-2,000 miles too, if you want to keep the warranty.

Those services will also cost you over $100.

Conclusion – Is Super Soco TC Worth It?

To sum this all up, I really liked riding with it. I am not sure if I want to own it but if I can just pick it up from the corner of the street for a couple of bucks, I will definitely use it again.

I think it is great for short commutes. On a warm and shiny day, I would easily prefer such an electric commuter over the car.


Can I carry a passenger on a Super Soco TC?

A quick note about riding with a passenger. The bike easily fits 2 riders but when going uphill, the max speed is really low. On a flat surface, we almost got 50 kph but on a small hill, the speed decreased to as low as 20 kph.

Super Soco TC is basically a two seater moped.
2 seater cafe racer.

Is Super Soco TC automatic?

Super Soco TC is totally automatic. There are no gears.

What is a cafe racer?

A café racer is a style of motorcycle. It got popular in the early 1960s in London. Read more from Wikipedia.

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