Ride with Style: An Introduction to Electric Bike Company E-Bikes

Electric Bike Company beach cruiser ebike

Electric Bike Company is popular for its comfortable and durable cruiser e-bikes. However, they also make other e-bike models.

In this overview, we will look closely at the Electric Bike Company and all of its e-bike models, which makes them a popular choice among riders.

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Electric Bike Company Overview

Electric Bike Company logo

Electric Bike Company is a USA e-bike brand that started in Newport Beach, California in 2014. Sean Lupton-Smith, the founder, wanted to make a bike that anyone could ride even if they were inexperienced or old. 

This desire led to the manufacture of their first model of e-bikes which were cruiser e-bikes. This was a great success and put them on the map. 

Soon, they started making other models of e-bikes like foldable and rugged e-bikes. However, their main focus remains cruiser e-bikes. We will be taking a closer look at some of their models in this overview.

Why Are Electric Bike Company E-Bikes Unique?

Although the USA is home to many e-bike brands, the Electric Bike Company stands out. While most of the e-bike brands have their bikes built and sometimes assembled in Asian countries, the Electric Bike Company is one of the few brands that manufacture their bikes entirely in the United States.

Woman riding a beach cruiser ebike on the beach
Photo: Electric Bike Company

Most of the materials used in building their e-bikes are sourced globally but they are all built, assembled, and inspected locally.

The EBC is also unique because of the ultra-long warranty of its bike components. Their e-bike battery has a 5-year warranty, while their motor and frame have 10 years warranty each.

Electric Bike Company eBikes are Customizable

Another great feature that makes the Electric Bike Company stand out among e-bike brands – they are customizable.

customizing an Electric Bike Company ebike
Screenshot from EBC bike customizer

Because the Electric Bike Company builds its bikes locally, customers can customize their bike’s components to suit their tastes. From color to battery capacity, and accessories, you have power over the kind of bike that gets shipped to you.

The Electric Bike Company e-bike models come with different battery capacities that you can choose from which will give you different miles on a single charge. Apart from this, you can also choose to have more than one battery on your bike.

It is fun to note however that Electric Bike Company also has pre-built e-bikes that you can buy if you would rather not customize.

Electric Bike Company Reviews

Electric Bike Company has a handful of different models in its selection. To make it easier for you to follow, we have divided their e-bikes into two categories:

  • E-Bikes with a step-over frame
  • E-Bikes with a step-through frame.

Step-Over Cruiser Bikes

Electric Bike Company Model C

electric bike company model c ebike

The Electric Bike Company Model C is a class 3 beach cruiser e-bike that allows relaxed and comfortable riding. The letter “C” means Classic.

The Model C has a rear rack that houses the e-bike’s battery and gives room for cargo. This placement ensures the battery is out of the way of the rider.

This classic e-bike has a 48-volt system and battery options between 11 Ah to 42 Ah, which will give you between 50 to 224 miles depending on your choice.

The Model C has a 500W motor and peaks at 1250W which is a lot of power. It has an in-built charger with a retractable cord which makes charging easier but a bit slow. Recharging the bike takes between 6-9 hours.

Electric Bike Company Model A

Electric Bike Company model A e-bike

Electric Bike Company’s Model A combines portability with comfortability. It weighs just 53 lbs with a battery which makes it easier to handle and carry.

Although it is similar to Model C, it has some distinct features. The Model A comes with a 3.5 amp external charger which takes only 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

Also, Model A has the possibility to buy a bike with smaller 24″ wheels. Therefore, the ebike is suitable for smaller people too.

The base model of Electric Bike Company Model A comes with a 12 Ah battery which can go up to 65 miles on a single charge.

Model A features a rear hub motor of 500 watts and peaks at 1000 watts, unlike Model C which peaks at 1250 watts. With pedal assist, you can get 28 mph on Model A.

Electric Bike Company Model J

Electric Bike Company model J e-bike

The Electric Bike Company Model J’s frame design is unlike any other EBC model. It is a moped-style e-bike that takes its cues from SUPER73, a mini bike loved by young adults. This makes the Model J a popular choice among younger riders.

The base model comes with a 14Ah battery that is cleverly placed on the frame to give it a sleek look. It is placed beneath the bike seat and you can get about 65 miles on a single charge. Higher battery capacities are also available.

The Electric Bike Company’s Model J uses a hand throttle and you can choose between the half-twist throttle and a thumb throttle.

The very affordable price of the Model J base model also makes it worth considering.

Step-Thru Cruiser Bikes

Electric Bike Company Model S

The Model S comes in just one frame style which is a step-through. Hence, the name “S”.

The base model comes with a 500W motor powered by a 48V 576 Wh Samsung battery which can sustain the e-bike up to 60 miles on a single charge. This battery can be removed.

The EBC’s Model S comes with a rear rack welded to the frame and this is where the 12 amp battery is placed. It also comes with a retractable cord for internal charging and takes about 6-9 hours to charge fully. 

It does not come with a basket but one can be added at an additional cost.

Electric Bike Company Model Y

Electric Bike Company model Y ebike

The Model Y is a leisure bike that is great for everyday use. Although it is similar to the Model S, it has some unique features.

Model Y comes with a front basket and this is where the battery is placed. Well concealed and out of the way. 

It however doesn’t come with an internal charger. A 3.5 amp external supercharger comes with it which fully charges the battery between 2-3 hours. 

The Model Y comes with a 9Ah battery and you’ll get about 50 miles on a single charge. However, the battery cannot be removed. 

It does not come with a rear rack but a MIK rear rack can be added at an additional cost.

Electric Bike Company Model R

Blue Electric Bike Company ebike Model R

The Model R is a Rugged Enduro e-bike that is suitable for on and off-road cycling. It comes with a 500W motor that can reach a whooping peak of 1250W. This amazing power will be appreciated when you’re riding fast or riding steep hills.

The Electric Bike Company’s Model R also comes with 4-piston disc brakes which makes it very easy to stop the bike even while riding at great speed. This gives you a sense of control, as the e-bike can go as fast as 28 mph.

It has an in-built battery that is located at the downtube and you can request for more batteries to provide more power and give you additional miles. These batteries will be placed in the basket at an additional cost.

Electric Bike Company Model E

Electric Bike Company Model E economy bike

The Electric Bike Company’s Model E is an Economy bike that is meant for everyone irrespective of their financial capacity. This is because it is the most affordable e-bike of the company.

However, this didn’t stop the EBC from building the bike with high-quality components that can stand the test of time. The Model E comes with a 500W motor that peaks at 1000W and is great at riding hills.

It comes with a 12Ah battery that is attached underneath the downtube frame and can take you about 50 miles on a single charge.

Fenders, rear rack, and baskets are however optional and do not come with the base model.

Electric Bike Company Model F

Electric Bike Company model F folding ebike

The Electric Bike Company’s Model F is the first foldable bike from the company and it really sets a tone. 

Unlike regular foldable bikes that come with 20 by 3 or 20 by 4 inches tires, the Model F comes with 24 by 3 inches tires. This makes the e-bike very sturdy and very comfortable when riding on bumpy roads.

The Model F comes with a 750W motor that peaks a little above 900W which is enough to get you around at a reasonable speed. 

The 12Ah battery is placed at the downtube and can be removed.  This can give you about 50 miles on a single charge. The bike also comes with a 3.5 amp external charger.

Conclusion: Is Electric Bike Company a Good Brand?

According to Trustpilot, Electric Bike Company is an excellent brand. Over 1800 people have left their reviews there and 83% of them are 5-star reviews.

Electric Bike Company has a wide range of electric bikes in their selection and everyone should find something for them.

So if you live in the USA and are looking for a solid e-bike brand and want to support local business then Electric Bike Company is definitely worth considering.

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