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The compact nature and the touch of cool have made electric scooters amazingly popular around the globe. They are not only easy to maintain but also super light, comfortable, and surprisingly handy to use. However, the part that leaves some a little disappointed with electric scooters is the top speeds. They are designed to stick to a certain maximum that doesn’t please all the riders. And that’s why one may want to increase the speed of their electric scooter.

However, it is essential to point out a few things before looking out for ways to increase the speed of the vehicle. First, electric scooters weren’t truly made to be very fast. They were built to provide an easy means of transportation. Rather closer to a skateboard or a bicycle than a motorbike or car. So, there’s a reason why the speed limits are put there. There are several laws in place when it comes to driving an electric scooter faster than the assigned speed limit. Over-speeding may put you in trouble.

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But some simply love the whole joy of driving fast while others may be short of time to reach a spot. Whether you are looking for some more thrill or simply need to rush on a journey, scroll down to learn how to make your electric scooter faster.

Remove the Speed Limiter

The whole mechanism of an electric scooter is designed in a way that makes sure the motor doesn’t overpower the battery. The speed limiter is the component that ensures that it won’t happen. If there’s no speed limiter, the scooter will reach its maximum speeds without any restrictions. Actually, speed limiters are a part of the legal requirements on the part of the manufacturers. Most countries have laws prohibiting electric scooters to reach speeds beyond a certain maximum. That’s why increasing the top speeds calls for removing this restriction on the performance of the motor of your scooter.

xiaomi 365 pro speedometer

The steps of getting rid of the speed limiter may be different for different scooter models.

Some advanced models let you disable the speed limiter almost effortlessly through the digital display on the handlebars.

If the scooter comes with a DC motor, it calls for checking the transmission system of the wheel for the sensor. It could be a tiny device that displays the speed of the rotation of the driving wheel while making the processor limit the highest speed that the vehicle can touch.

Speed limiters work through sensors and the motor computer. They send signals to the computer, which limits the output of the motor to stay at a lower speed than its actual potential.

The key is to alter the magnet of the sensor or place an electronic component between the sensor. Then the computer prevents the sensor from determining the correct speed, thereby noting false readings.

The sensor assumes that your vehicle is running at a low pace even when you ride it at a higher rate, further stopping to restrict the motor. This enables the motor to work at its full potential. That’s why removing the speed limiter makes your scooter faster.

For scooters with a DC brushless motor, you can work up the same through the oscillator, while others may call for making changes to the scooter’s firmware.

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Example of how to remove the speed limiter on Dualtron Thunder.

Upgrade the Firmware

Some users with a little bit of technical know-how modify the original firmware of their electric scooters. Certain modifications work towards increasing the speed of the same. To make changes to its speed, just download the right version of the modified firmware of your vehicle. This increases the constant power of the scooter’s motor, while also increasing the top speeds and generating more torque. However, the option to upgrade the firmware is not available for all models and brands.

This guy upgraded the firmware of his Xiaomi scooter.

Upgrade the Battery

Making the motor of your scooter work faster is all about increasing the voltage that runs through the vehicle. Basically, how much power goes through an electric mechanism is responsible for determining its performance and speeds. So, upgrading the existing battery of your electric scooter can work wonders. While most scooters go for 24 volts battery, the value may range from 24 volts to 48 volts for different models. Replacing the existing battery with a more powerful one is going to deliver a stronger charge to the scooter.

Add Additional Batteries

Another way to increase the power of your scooter is to literally install additional batteries. Usually, most electric scooters are likely to run faster at the beginning of a ride, while the speed gradually decreases by the end. The reason behind this is the depletion of the scooter’s battery over time. Adding an extra battery is surely not going to double up the speed, but it will make sure that the vehicle maintains the maximum speed for a longer duration. If you want to witness a change in the vehicle’s speed, make sure you remove the speed limiter first.

add additional batteries

You have got an extra slot to hold additional batteries in some models. All it takes is to connect the extra battery with the existing one to add to the vehicle’s power. Two batteries together, increase the top speed and add more torque. It also makes it much easier to modify the firmware of the scooter. Not to forget, you are not limited to adding one extra battery to your scooter. In fact, you can add two additional batteries, but it will be a tough deal to connect the three batteries together. However, if you cross the tricky part, three batteries installed in the scooter will make it maintain high speeds for longer distances without the need to recharge soon.

Change the Sprockets

This step is quite a cost-friendly one as sprockets aren’t quite pricey. Also, it’s not so complicated to change them. The idea is to replace the sprockets at the front of your scooter with longer sprockets. You can install the shorter ones easily at the rear of the vehicle. And the end results? Changing the sprockets surely adds a few miles but doesn’t actually increase the speed. So, if you find it convenient enough, installing longer sprockets can prove to be helpful.

Rewind the Motor

For this part, you need to actually rewind the coils for the brushed motor. If the scooter has got an overheated motor, rewinding the coils can minimize the chances of getting short in them. What you do is decrease the windings associated with every coil, which in turn, increases the revolutions per minute. More revolutions are directly proportional to less torque. However, rewinding the motor is surely an advanced modification. That’s why you need to take appropriate care while making the changes. A slight mistake can turn out to be a complete menace for the scooter.

What Can Go Wrong?

Each scooter is crafted taking certain specifications into account. Making one or more of the above-mentioned changes to your vehicle may increase its performance, but it comes with its own drawbacks. Below are some major problems that may arise.

Removing the Speed Limiter May Lead to Overheating of the Scooter

Electric scooters are manufactured in a way that they reach their peak wattage only when it’s really needed while operating at a different lower wattage at other times. If you make modifications to your scooter to make it run on peak wattage every time, it puts it at risk of overheating. That’s why overclocking your electric scooter may make the brakes underperform at very high speeds. It can also make the stem wobble more than it should.

dont overheat your electric scooter

Upgrading the Firmware to Increase the Motor Power Can Be a Problem

It’s very essential to keep a check on your electric scooter’s temperatures through its app. Especially if you live in a place with hot climatic conditions. Increasing the constant power of the motor through the firmware also increases the temperature of the vehicle. That can be troublesome during the summer months. This can be fatal if you are riding through steep slopes and pushing the limits of your scooter.

Upgrading the Existing Battery May Burn the Vehicle

It is quite a tough affair to upgrade the batteries. Replacing the battery doesn’t always ensure a faster scooter. Instead, it can burn the vehicle if the controller gets overloaded. This may happen if you replace a 24 volts battery with a 48 volt one. Ditching the controller and simply connecting the battery to the motor may help while reprogramming the device to deliver more voltage to the scooter’s engine is another resolution.

Additional Batteries Make the Vehicle Weigh More

Installing extra batteries adds extra weight to your scooter, which in turn, may make it a tough deal to carry the vehicle around. Plus, more batteries call for more time to recharge the scooter. Although, more batteries surely increase the performance of the scooter, going for this modification is advised only if you find it worth it to handle the drawbacks.

Rewinding the Motor Can Lead to Short Circuits

Rewinding the motor is a complicated process. A small mistake in the coil winding can lead to multiple short circuits that can spoil the motor. Make sure you always seek professional assistance to get that done.


The aforesaid ways surely work wonders to make your electric scooter faster. But, make sure you keep safety as the foremost concern while making any of these changes. All it takes is just a little bit of caution, and voila!

Another way would be just to choose an electric scooter that fits your desired requirements. Here is an article about the fastest electric scooters available on the market.

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