Is Riding an Electric Skateboard a Good Exercise?

Losing weight is challenging, mainly because most weight loss programs do not acknowledge that exercising is arduous and tedious. While hundreds of weight loss programs and exercise regimens are available, only a tiny percentile of individuals manage to lose weight.

Most of them often give up midway, and the primary reason is that most weight loss programs aren’t centered on the individual. Plus, they make the individual feel pressured to accomplish a particular goal.

Researchers have discovered that the best way to lose weight is by combining recreation, exercise, and a good diet.

Making exercise sessions more fun and recreational tricks the brain into believing that the body spends calories on something more worthwhile.

You could make exercising more fun by riding an electric skateboard. Read on to find out if riding an electric skateboard is good exercise and whether you can burn some calories while you are at it.

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Is Electric Skateboard a Good Exercise?

2 men are riding with electric skateboards

Electric skateboards are perfect for busy individuals who want to keep fit. They have been growing in popularity, with employees, children, and teenagers opting to use skateboards compared to other modes of transportation.

According to research, using electric skateboards has been shown to help burn calories.

Generally, riding an electric skateboard for one hour burns 50-100 calories, making it a better alternative for individuals looking to keep fit. On average, your brain burns 320 calories daily when thinking. Riding an electric skateboard requires riders to make complex decisions that use more calories.

For instance, riders will have to decide what paths to take, how to avoid obstacles, etc. Add these calories to those burned when executing stunts, and you’ll realize that skateboarding is good for your health. 

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You could buy a bracelet or smart watch that measures the number of calories you burn when using an electric skateboard. The device helps track how much weight you burn during a particular period.

The amount of calories you burn e-skating depends on various factors like your weight, height, and the number of hours you spend e-skating. In addition, your body becomes more flexible, allowing you to move effortlessly.

Is Electric Skateboarding Good for My Health?

man with white shoes riding with an Evelo skateboard

Commuting using an electric skateboard is suitable for your physical and mental health. Some American psychologists even advise clients to ride electric skateboards to help improve their problem-solving and reasoning skills. Learning a new skill, i.e., doing tricks on electric skateboards.

Private cars and other means of transportation expose individuals to traffic jams, annoying commuters, and crowded commutes, making them more stressed. This can be harmful, especially to people with mental health conditions.

Using an electric skateboard is more relaxing and provides the rider with a sense of freedom that makes them happier.

In addition, research reveals that people who use private vehicles are exposed to more pollution than those who don’t. Your vehicle traps excessive amounts of toxic particles and vapor that are harmful when inhaled. Ridding an electric scooter exposes you to a minimum amount of toxic particles.

Does Weight Affect Electric Skateboard Riding Performance?

man is riding with an e-board

Any weight placed on your electric skateboard directly affects its performance. You can interpret this weight to mean an individual’s weight or something they’re carrying. For instance, if you decide to carry a heavy backpack with you, you have to account for the extra weight when riding your electric skateboard.

Electric skateboards have a weight limit. Some models can hold up to 200 pounds (90 kg), while others can withstand up to 330 pounds (150 kg).

However, the weight limit may vary depending on the product or brand. Electric motors are designed to support a specific weight limit. Exceeding said limit reduces the motor’s ability to support the weight.

This means that electric skateboards will move slower and have difficulty climbing hilly terrains. Therefore, riders should ensure that they select electric skateboards that support their weight.

Can You Lose Weight with an Electric Skateboard?

You can lose weight with an electric skateboard. Standing on the skateboard and balancing while you move uses about 100 calories an hour.

The muscles in your legs, back, abdomen, and chest convert the stored energy and use it to correct your body posture, ensuring that you stay on the skateboard. Therefore, we can confirm that electric skateboarding is good for working out and (consequently) losing weight.

Does Skateboarding Burn Belly Fat?

man with lots of belly fat

Skateboarding is good for cardio workouts and can help you develop various muscles, including your quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings, abs, and lower back.

Like any other exercise, skateboarding burns calories. How many calories you burn depends on your session’s intensity and how much time you spend skateboarding.

Regardless, your abs and back muscles have to work simultaneously to keep your back straight and maintain balance when skateboarding. This action burns your belly fat and helps develop and strengthen the muscles.

Does Longboarding Work Out Your Butt?

Longboarding works out several muscles since riders have to maintain their balance. One of the most worked-out muscles is your gluteus maximus (your butt muscles). Often, longboarders have to maintain a specific stance when longboarding. Doing this uses a lot of energy and works out the butt muscles.

Longboarders often notice their butt muscles develop and become stronger after performing the sport for extended periods.

Does Skateboarding Give You Abs?

As stated above, skateboarding burns quite a lot of calories. Most of this energy is used to maintain the skateboarder’s balance, ensuring that they don’t tip over. While most energy use is distributed to various muscles in the body, a considerable percentage is often used by the back and abdominal muscles.

Technically, skateboarders could get abs. However, it still depends on the individual’s weight and height, i.e., their BMI index (See also: BMI calculator for women). Younger people are also more likely to get abs quicker than older skateboarders.

Can Overweight People Ride with Electric Skateboard?

Yes. Overweight people can ride on an electric skateboard. However, it still depends on their weight and the electric skateboard’s weight limit.

You shouldn’t risk riding an electric skateboard if you are over the skateboard’s weight limit.

Overlooking the weight limit reduces the skateboard’s performance and puts you at risk of being involved in an accident.

For instance, it can take longer for you to brake (or not brake at all) and collide with an obstacle. However, if you are slightly overweight and still want to ride a skateboard, you should purchase a reinforced variant.

Other tips include:

  • Standing on the tracks (not the deck)
  • Checking your brakes’ structural components for wear (added weight can affect your braking system) 
  • Ensuring not to carry any additional weight 


woman riding an electric skateboard through the fallen leaves

Using an electric scooter is fun and safe for the environment. It also gives you more freedom and helps you work out. It’s a better alternative than cars (especially if you don’t have long commutes) and much healthier. However, you should take proper precautions and ensure that you are always safe.

Ensure that you are informed of the e-board’s limitations regarding the weight limit, braking system, and speed. Buy a good skateboard that has an optimum range, durability, speed, and you are good to go. Have fun skating and take care!

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