Possway V4 Pro Review – Beginner-Friendly Electric Skateboard

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If you did not know, the Possway V4 Pro electric skateboard is not just an ordinary skateboard with an electric construction.

To begin with, this eBoard is a successor of the V4 skateboard, with notable differences like a rigid deck and motorized enhancements. Some skaters have even recommended the Possway V4 Pro for beginners and teenagers if they want something for the best outdoor experience.

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You should read more to find out everything about the Possway V4 Pro electric skateboard. Also, you will know if it is the best e-skateboard for you.

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Possway V4 Pro Review

possway v4 pro on the grass

To Whom?

When other skaters say that the Possway V4 Pro was the best electric option for beginners and teenagers, they mean it is solidly built with high-quality rigid maple wood and a wide deck for a comfortable balance.

The V4 Pro’s overall construction is for adults who weigh less than 220 lbs (100 kg) or young beginner riders who want to enjoy skating in the park without worrying about breaking the deck or losing their balance.

Possway V4 Pro clearly made this skateboard for performance. Stable and easy to learn, it encourages any screen-obsessed child to go outside and enjoy some tech-related activity.

The grippy wheels and controllable speed acceleration keep teenagers safe when riding against hard surfaces.

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Possway V4 Pro Specs

Motor2x400W Hub Motors
Top Speed23 mph / 38 km/h
Hill Grade20%
Battery100.8 Wh
Range8 miles / 13 km
Charge Time2.5 Hours
Board Size900x230x125mm
Board Material8 Layers of Maple
Weight14 lbs / 6.4 kg
Max Load220 lbs / 100 kg
Remote DisplayOLED
Warranty180 Days

Possway V4 Pro Performance

man standing on a possway skateboard

Motor, Speed, and Acceleration

The 400W x 2 double hub motor delivers high-quality power output for lengthy performance.

The V4 has a top speed of 23MPH or 38KMH, which is enough for young riders. You can even switch this skateboard to cruise control depending on how fast or slow you want it to go.

hub motors and battery of electric skateboard

To emphasize more, this skateboard allows up to 4-speed modes that you can adjust, depending on your experience level. You also do not need a lot of awareness because the V4 Pro is built for safety.

There is Low (Lo), Medium (Mi), High (Hi), and Professional (Pro).

  • Low level starts from 0-7km/h (4 mph)
  • Medium level starts from 0-15km/h (9 mph)
  • High level starts from 0-38km/h (23 mph)
  • Pro level starts from 0-38km/h (Faster acceleration)


pressing a braking button on the remote of a possway e-skateboard

The Possway V4 Pro has a gentle braking system – even if your child is riding the skateboard at full acceleration. It is phenomenal.

By all means, the V4 Pro will not jerk or throw you forward if you pull the handbrake suddenly when attempting a front or back shift.

Hill Climbing

possway v4 pro in front of the stadium

Do not worry about going uphill with the V4 electric skateboard because climbing a hill with this modern skateboard is comfortable.

The dual motor wheels fixed in this electric skateboard provide stronger power to support a climb up to 20% grade uphill. However, sometimes you might notice the speeds reducing a little because of the skateboard’s maximum speed limit and the weight onboard.

But generally, you will be able to finish the climb.

Battery and Range

turning on the possway electric skateboard

The Possway V4 Pro comes with a 100.8-watt-hour battery pack. This is enough power to cover 13 km or 8 miles without thinking about charging the batteries.

A battery of this size is allowed to be taken on the plane.

In addition, this battery has a small design making it lightweight. You will not notice its existence when riding the skateboard. Typically, the small size of the battery makes the entire skateboard portable.

You can even carry the skateboard without difficulties if you tire of riding it or the batteries are dead.

remaining battery indicator on a eboard

Charging the V4Pro is another thing altogether. You will not take as much time as you might think. You only need to plug it into a power outlet for approximately 2.5 hours for the batteries to charge fully. After which, you can enjoy riding it for the next 8 miles.

If you check underneath the deck, you will see that the battery is positioned a bit higher from the ground to protect it and guarantee extended service.

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Possway V4 Design and Features

possway v4pro skateboard


The deck is made from durable maple wood. It features an 8-layer wood construction giving it a tough, rigid, and fashionable look. Moreover, the V4 Pro’s deck measures about 35 inches long and 9 inches wide, which is enough base for a beginner rider.

The deck is not flexible like its predecessor. So, your kids will have confidence riding it because it feels steady on their feet.

man testing a flexibility of the deck of skateboard

For your information, this electric skateboard is available in two sleek colors. There is the universe and spark design. The universe design is more colorful than the solid spark design.

Handling the V4Pro is comfortable because of its streamlined deck and well-curved edges.

Trucks and Wheels

The wheels are 83mm in diameter with a 52mm contact area, giving the rider accurate skateboard control and easy maneuverability.

The 83A softness is crucial for younger riders because of how they feel when riding the skateboard. A softer wheel will absorb any vibrations on the road, hence a smooth ride and stability while riding.

wheels of possway v4 pro

The trucks keep your kids stable even when riding at top speed or maneuvering a sharp curve.

Remote Control

The Possway’s V4 Pro remote control is an upgraded version of the V4 remote control.

It has a clear LED screen displaying information like the battery level, current speed, odometer, direction of the board, braking mode, and speed mode.

the remote control of electric skateboard

That’s not all. This remote control comes with an easy-to-set cruise control feature. All you have to do to activate the cruise control is turn on the remote, then turn the board upside down and spin the back wheels manually. This action allows the motor to signal and turn on the ESC.

Remember that the ESC controller allows logical power acceleration.

To synchronize movement, turn the board upright after setting up all the configurations and leave the remote on and press “kick push off”.


the bottom of possway v4 pro skateboard

The Possway V4 is comfortable to carry to school or the park. It only weighs 6.4 kgs or 14 lbs. You can fit it in a large backpack, and you won’t notice its weight.

Since the board is lightweight, you can carry it in your hands whenever you do not feel like riding it or if the battery is dead.

Possway V4 Pro Ride Quality

man riding with possway eboard

Remember that the Possway V4 is an electric cruiser board. So, the rider will experience a relatively smooth and comfortable ride.

It is very easy to control this particular board, even if cruising at top speed. Also, the braking system is smooth and will not overpower them when riding it.

Possway V4 Pro Review Conclusion

As you know by now, most electric skateboards available can be dangerous, especially for kids who are still learning how to ride. In addition, cheaper brands can save you money but can be dangerous for your kids, and you would not want to take that risk.

But the V4 Pro is a strong option because it does not have excess power. Also, the gentle braking system will not throw your child awkwardly on the ground. The wide and safe deck should encourage youngsters to learn how to ride more.

Possway V4 Pro is:

  • affordable
  • beginner-friendly
  • and with durable construction.

Hence, you should not worry about buying it for yourself or your teenage kids.

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