Velowave Electric Bikes Overview

Velowave electric bike

The world is going green through various practices and inventions like electric cars, bikes, and scooters.

The question that most people keep asking is: what can I do to make the transition easier?

The simplest way you could help out is by buying an electric bike.

However, that is easier said than done. With lots of electric bikes in the market, finding the best e-bike isn’t easy, so we’ve prepared an overview of Velowave electric bikes. Check it out!

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Velowave Overview

Velowave is a committed company that has been in the cycling industry for several years and is committed to producing reliable, high-quality e-bikes for families across the globe.

The company is driven by a sense of family and care for the environment, so they created a dependable and fun solution for commuters.

Velowave works together with One Tree Planted.

gray velowave e-bike in the forest

Where are Velowave Electric Bikes Made?

Velowave designs and manufactures its ebikes in Hong Kong, China. The bikes are smart, trendy, and designed for families and bike enthusiasts eager to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate nature while riding electric bikes. The company has dedicated research and design teams invested in creating amazing products.

The company has experienced engineers that have worked with the biggest brands in the industry. The engineers have the experience and skills required to create modern, stylish, and technologically advanced products that customers can rely on.

Velowave produces a range of electric bikes suited for various needs and budgets. All you have to do is choose a bike that suits you.

To Whom are Velowave E-Bikes Made?

man standing next to the Velowave e-bike

Velowave has four e-bikes, including the Ranger Fat Tire, Prado S Fat Tire, Ghost Mountain, and Spirit Road electric bikes.

The Ranger fat tire is your standard mountain bike designed for adults or young adults at least 5’6″ tall.

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The Prado S fat tire is a newer model designed for individuals who love riding their bikes in the park. Velowave designed the ebike with enough room you could use to transport various items during your commute.

Velowave designed the Ghost Mountain ebike for off-road explorers and can be used in various terrain. It’s a well-built bike that provides amazing performance on off-road trails.

The Spirit road electric bike is more agile than the other e-bikes. It’s designed for daily commuting.

Velowave E-Bike Selection

Choosing a Velowave e-bike depends on various factors. For instance, you can choose Spirit Road if you plan on using the bike for your daily commute or the Ghost Mountain if you plan on going on fun weekends in the mountains.

Let’s take a closer look at each Velowave electric bike!

Velowave Ranger Fat Tire Electric Bike

velowave ranger electric bike

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The Ranger is designed for adults and young adult cycling enthusiasts. It is an average electric bike that is multipurpose and can be used for daily commutes and some weekend fun. Its big tires enable users to ride on various terrain. However, it’s not the best option for stiff rocky mountains.

Velowave Ranger fat tire e-bike has a 40-mile range and the charging time is about 8 to 9 hours. That’s quite an average charging time compared to other e-bikes.

The bike produces 80 Nm of torque, which means the acceleration is really sharp. Also, the Ranger can reach a 28mph-top speed on the pedal assist. By the way, 28mph is the maximum speed for e-bikes in most states.

Additionally, the bike has a front suspension, which makes the ride quality much better. Thanks to the disc-hydraulic brakes, the Ranger has very effective stopping power.

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  • Extended range and battery life.
  • You can use it on terrain like firm sand, mud, snow, dirt, etc.
  • Provides modulated acceleration
  • Good value for its price
  • Effective stopping power


  • Not efficient for tackling steep hills
  • Heavy
  • Tires are easily punctured

Velowave Prado

velowave prado e-bike

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The Prado is a 750W electric bike designed for adults.

It has a 48-volt 15-ampere battery that provides a maximum range of 25 to 40 miles on a single charge.

It also has a hydraulic braking system and a maximum speed of 28mph. It’s equipped with a front suspension that helps make the ride stable on bumpy roads.

The e-bike is designed for individuals that enjoy cycling around the park and flat terrain. It’s designed with a comfortable saddle for extended cycling sessions and extra space you can use to carry various items.

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  • Comfortable thumb throttle
  • Multi-functional color display
  • Light aluminum frame
  • High-luminance headlamp
  • Smooth 7-speed drivetrain
  • Front hydraulic suspension

Velowave Ghost

velowave ghost

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The Velowave Ghost has a 4-hour charge time and a 40-mile maximum range.

It has a 500W battery and is designed with a hub drive that produces 50Nm of torque. The Ghost has a 25mph top speed and is equipped with mechanical disc brakes.

The e-bike has a good ride quality thanks to the front suspension.

The Velowave Ghost is designed for cyclists who love exploring mountainous terrains. It is perfect because of its big tires and strong motor. It has a decent battery life and can be relied on to provide sufficient torque when having fun in the mountains.


  • The e-bike has rapid acceleration.
  • Provides good value for money
  • Has a good battery life
  • Reliable suspension
  • Good range
  • Simple and quick assembly


  • No lights
  • Some owners felt the bike had low handlebars
  • Brakes could provide better stopping power
  • Poor handling when riding downhill

Velowave Rover Step Thru E-Bike

Velowave rover ebike

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At some point in 2022, Velowave started to launch many new electric bikes with step-through frames. Velowave Rover was the first one.

It comes with a 750W Bafang motor that is capable to speed up the bike to 28 mph. Like most other Velowave bikes, the Rover also has 4-inch fat tires and a hydraulic front suspension for comfortable rides.

It has a decent 720 Wh LG battery, which can provide a solid range (50 miles by pedaling and 30 miles with throttle).


  • Powerful motor
  • Removable battery
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • 26″ Fat tires
  • Color display
  • Optional fenders and rack available

Velowave Grace Step Thru E-Bike

velowave grace

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The Grace is another step-through e-bike in Velowave’s selection. It’s the newest bike Velowave has launched.

The bike is also capable to reach a top speed of 28 mph. It has the same 750W Bafang motor as other Velowave bikes.

However, Velowave Grace has a bit better battery (48V 20Ah). The 960 Wh battery with LG cells can power the bike for 60 miles in pedal-assistance mode. While using only the throttle, the mileage is about 40 miles.

Unlike other Velowave bikes, the Grace has a torque sensor instead of a cadence sensor. It provides a more natural feel because thanks to the sensor, the motor assists you according to how hard you crank.


  • Lots of colors available
  • Removable battery
  • Torque sensor
  • 26″ tires


  • No Rack
  • No Fenders

Velowave Pony Step Thru E-Bike

velowave pony

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Next to Velowave Grace, Velowave Pony is also one of the newest e-bikes in their selection.

The Pony has many similarities with one of the previous models, the Prado.

They both have a step-through frame design and both bikes have small 20-inch wheels.

While most other Velowave bikes have fenders as an optional accessory, the Pony has fenders included in the base price.

Additionally, Velowave Pony has everything a solid e-bike must have – a powerful motor, sufficient range, great brakes, and a comfortable suspension system.

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  • Fenders included
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Easy to hop on and off
  • Good maneuverability

Velowave Spirit RAD3 (Discontinued)

velowave spirit rad3

The Velowave Spirit RAD3 has a 3-hour charge time with a 30-mile maximum range.

The e-bike has a 250W rear hub motor, which produces 45 Nm of torque. The motor provides assistance of up to 15 mph.

The frame of the bike is made from aluminum and it weighs 37.5 pounds. Mechanical disc brakes provide enough stopping power.

The e-bike is designed for daily commuters in the city because of the light frame and smaller tires. It’s light enough to be carried to an apartment for storage.


  • Internal cabling and a sleek design
  • Hidden battery
  • Short assembly time
  • Highly portable
  • Operates quietly


  • No throttle
  • Available in one size only
  • Its motor creates considerable drag when cycling without the assistance

Conclusion – Are Velowave Bikes Worth It?

Green Velowave e-bike in the forest

Velowave bikes are a good option for people looking for cost-friendly options.

They are effective, cheap, and a great option if you are new to electric bikes. They also offer a decent range.

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