Can You Take a Hoverboard On a Plane? (Surprising Answer)

a boy is riding a hoverboard in airport terminal

Hoverboards are self-balancing two-wheeled portable electric devices used for personal transportation from one point to the other. The best devices cover over 10 miles on a single charge.

Today, many e-riders want to travel with their devices, specifically because purchasing new ones can be expensive. You should know if you can fly with your portable device on a plane.

Fortunately, this guide looks at how to bring a hoverboard on a plane, the do’s and don’ts before boarding a plane, and how to ship a hoverboard.

Can You Take a Hoverboard On a Plane 2023?

In general, it is not possible to bring a hoverboard on a plane as a carry-on or checked luggage.

Today, most airlines do not recommend hoverboards aboard, especially if the battery’s capacity is more than 160Wh. This is because they are vulnerable to exploding or catching fire.

Hoverboards are considered hazardous materials because they contain lithium-ion batteries, which can catch fire if damaged or overheated.

Why Hoverboard is Not Allowed On Planes?

The primary reason behind airline authorities’ declining hoverboards is that most modern e-vehicles, including hoverboards, come with Li-ion batteries.

These Lithium-ion batteries might slowly degrade over time and begin to malfunction. In return, the batteries might short-circuit, overheat, and spontaneously explode, causing panic or physical damage inside the plane.

The other reason why hoverboards are not permitted aboard is their battery capacity. Some airlines will strictly allow some e-vehicles as carry-on baggage if only they contain Lithium-ion batteries with less than 100Wh.

But if the capacity ranges between 101 and 160Wh, a passenger must consult with the airline authorities for further instructions.

Gyroor G11 hoverboard
Although Gyroor G11 has a battery of 72 Wh, it’s still not allowed on most planes.

How to Bring Hoverboards On Plane?

If it is a must to bring a hoverboard on a plane, it would be good to know all the airline’s rules and regulations about electronic devices.

The first step you should do is to contact your airline to know if it allows hoverboards as carry-on or check-in baggage. This is the best way to avoid misunderstandings on the traveling day.

Remember that in 2015, several hoverboards were recalled to test their safety. Today, newly manufactured hoverboards meet the UL2272 certification and are safe for users.

So, you can travel with it on a plane if your hoverboard is certified according to the UL2272 testing standard. At least this is according to the Transport Safety Authority.

However, the final word lies with the airline’s Authorities, rules, and regulations.

Can You Check In a Bag With a Hoverboard?

airport check-in

With the continuous change of rules, traveling with smart luggage is becoming a challenge with most major airlines. This is because of their “unstable & unpredictable” batteries.

Typically, hoverboards should be allowed through the checkpoint, according to the TSA. Unfortunately, an airline might restrict passengers from bringing it along as checked-in or carry-on baggage.

The best thing to do is contact or check your airline’s official website and confirm whether a passenger can travel with his Li-ion powered hoverboard. You might be surprised that a few airlines accept hoverboards with less than 100 Watt hours onboard.

Do All Hoverboards Have Lithium Batteries?

Most e-vehicles, including hoverboards, use embedded Lithium-ion batteries.

This is because Li-ion batteries are small and can store electricity/power to fuel the hoverboard. Also, these batteries are rechargeable.

Some hoverboards may use other types of batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, which are generally not considered hazardous materials.

However, these types of batteries are typically less common in hoverboards because they are heavier and have a lower energy density compared to lithium-ion batteries.

Are Lithium-Free Hoverboards Allowed On Planes?

Lithium batteries are fire hazards. So, any malfunctioning or uncertified li-ion batteries will never be allowed on a plane. 

Even if you own a lithium-free hoverboard, it is still prohibited to bring it on a plane. Most airlines do not allow hoverboards on their plane regardless of the battery type.

If you are fortunate to own a lithium-free hoverboard, it’s sad news to know that you still cannot travel with it. This is according to the Transport Safety Authority and other relevant Air Safety Boards like the Federal Aviation Administration.

man siting in airport terminal with a hoverboard in his suitcase.

As a passenger, you must first contact the airline of your choice to know the regulations concerning portable electronic devices.

You might be surprised that your particular airline does not allow any hoverboard, regardless of its design, make, or battery capacity.

Conversely, most airlines will only allow lithium-free hoverboards aboard if they are content with the design.

Besides other electric vehicles like e-skateboards or scooters, which use lower-powered Li-ion batteries only, some hoverboards are welcome as carry-on or checked luggage.

Does United Airlines Allow Hoverboards?

As of today, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the United States and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continue to encourage airlines to ban e-vehicles, including hoverboards, on flights.

United Airlines are very strict on the particular portable devices passengers can and cannot carry in a flight due to security protocols.

united airlines airplane

For the interest and safety of other passengers, United Airlines banned hoverboards from boarding a plane as checked or carry-on baggage.

However, they will only allow a few lithium-ion battery-powered devices with less than 100 Watt hours as carry-on baggage.

Which Airlines Allow Hoverboards?

In 2023, the TSA allows e-vehicles with battery capacities of less than 160Wh as carry-on luggage.

However, that only means that some airlines accept e-vehicles onboard. Almost all major airlines do not accept devices with Li-ion batteries inside the plane, including hoverboards.

This is a safety step to avoid accidental explosions or fire inside the plane.

By the time of writing this guide, no major airline allows hoverboards on board, but only if you can prove that it is an assistive mobility device.

To be sure, you should contact the airline to know whether they allow hoverboards.

Can I Ship a Hoverboard?

Today, shipping a hoverboard internationally can be a problem. Luckily, most shipping companies allow local or interstate shipping under strict guidelines from the USPS.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) restricted the transportation of hoverboards to ground transportation because of the risks involved with the Li-ion batteries.

An independent company can only transport a hoverboard using standard post/parcel selection.

The only alternative for you as an e-rider is to contact your preferred freight company to know whether they can accept shipping the hoverboard.

Alternatives to Flying with a Hoverboard

If you plan a vacation, look for the most reliable company to ship your hoverboard. Several freight companies are offering affordable and convenient shipping services today.

If you are flying to another state within the United States, you can use either of these companies, specifically for ground shipping.

  • FedEx is one company offering affordable and convenient shipping services. You can use FedEx to ground ship a hoverboard.
  • UPS is another alternative allowing e-riders to conveniently ship hoverboards and other e-vehicle devices that use lithium-powered batteries.
  • Independent freight companies like MyUS also offer related services.

If you are planning to fly internationally, it’s unfortunate that you might have to purchase a new hoverboard after arriving at your destination. This is because no airline allows hoverboards as checked or carry-on luggage today.

Again, contact your preferred shipping company before making travel arrangements. This will help you know the recommended size and cost of shipping the hoverboard.

Final Words About Hoverboards and Airplanes

Hoverboards have become convenient short-travel accessories, and as a rider, you should travel with your hoverboard once in a while during summer vacation.

Even so, you must understand that airlines have strict protocols concerning e-vehicles before you book a flight.

This article has looked at how to travel with your hoverboard on a plane, and everything you should know before or when traveling.

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