Gyroor Brand Overview – Hoverboards, E-Scooters, and E-Bikes

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Gyroor is your family mobility expert because it supplies hoverboards for kids, electric scooters for teens, and electric bike scooters for adults.

Additionally, the Gyroor brand takes the environment very seriously. So, it ensures using non-toxic e-vehicles with zero gas emissions to reduce chemical pollutants.

This review will look at the Gyroor brand and everything they offer riders. Also, we will help you pick the right accessory for yourself or your teenage kids.

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About Gyroor

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The Gyroor brand is an old player in the industry. This US outdoor equipment shop started operations in 2014 by an ambitious innovator named Jason in the United States. However, Jason’s idea of e-vehicles was born in 2012.

Through his efforts and resilience, Gyroor Company today understands what the market needs. These riding accessories ease mobility and improve lives.

Gyroor offers affordable, efficient, and lightweight riding e-vehicles for kids, teens, and adults.

Today, the Gyroor brand supplies among the best self-balancing electric scooters, e-bikes, and all-terrain off-road hoverboards in over 64 countries.

Gyroor Hoverboards

Gyroor Warrior

gyroor warrior

The G2 Warrior is an off-road all-terrain hoverboard from Gyroor’s line of UL-certified hoverboards. It is a safe and harmless hoverboard for all level riders (8-12+ & adults).

This hoverboard has a durable aluminum construction which makes it lightweight and, at the same time, assures resilience and safety.

It uses two 350W motors and reaches a maximum speed of 9.9 mph. Also, it can overcome 30° hilly terrain without losing power.

The 8.5 inch/215 mm rubber solid tires with shock absorbers also endure and provide a steady grip and more stability while riding on dirt, grass, gravel, or wet surfaces.

In addition, this hoverboard is convenient because it only needs 1.5 to 2 hours to charge its 4.0Ah/36V lithium-Ion battery fully.

  • Music Speaker: Pro Music Speaker
  • Distance on Full Charge: 7.5~9.5 Miles
  • Max Load: 265 Pounds
  • Charging Voltage: AC100 to 240V/50-60Hz

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Gyroor F1

gyroor f1

The Gyroor F1 Racing lightweight hoverboard is the fastest with a handle and a portable structure. The stylish handle allows your kids to carry it whenever they go outside.

With a 180Wh of battery capacity, the hoverboard can ride for up to 12.5 miles. It allows you to enjoy extended rides in the park or neighborhood.

Also, The Gyroor F1 has enough speed, reaching top speeds of 10-12 mph. These speeds are enough for kids aged 8-12 or adults. Additionally, there is an intelligent app where you can alternate between adult and child mode.

If you like to play a favorite jam while riding, this hoverboard has a built-in high-end music player which can connect to your mobile phone.

The 8.5’’ solid off-road tires are perfect for riders who occasionally find themselves in rough terrain. In addition, the 700-watt hub motors (350W x 2) power allows this hoverboard to climb gradients up to 30° without losing strength.

Not forgetting the weight capacity, this hoverboard can support a rider weighing up to 136 kg/300 lbs.

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Gyroor G11

gyroor g11

The Gyroor G11 flash-wheel hoverboard is a 500W (250W hub motors x 2) off-road all-terrain e-vehicle.

The 36V 2Ah battery has a total of 72Wh energy capacity, and you only need to charge it for 2-3 hours. It has a typical range of 3.75-7.95 miles (6-13 km) when fully charged.

Riding at night is safe thanks to the bright LED lights. Also, six colorful LED lights increase visual while playing music with the Bluetooth speakers.

The hoverboard has three different modes and a maximum speed of 7.9 mph (13.2 km/h). Designed for kids and adults, you can, at any moment, adjust the modes to fit your preferences.

The 6.5’’ wheels allow smooth rides in sandy terrain or gravel.

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Gyroor Y1

gyroor y1

The Gyroor Hoverboard Y1 is ideal for 6-12-year-olds. The self-balancing system allows them to learn how to balance on the board in less than 10 minutes. Furthermore, it has a 7.95 mph (13 km/h) maximum speed, which is enough for kids.

The 6.5″ wheel size gives a rider ultimate comfort and a wonderful riding experience on rugged terrain. The dual 300W hub motors also allow this hoverboard to climb fair gradients without challenge.

This board can also support up to 265 lbs (120 kg) and still cover the 7.95 miles range because it is built from a sturdy aluminum frame.

Gyroor Hoverboard Y1 has a 92.5Wh battery capacity allowing kids to play music with the high-end Bluetooth monomer chamber speakers.

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Other Hoverboards in Gyroor Selection

Gyroor e-Bikes

Remember that all Gyroor products provide value for every family member. They are eco-friendly, durable, convenient, and energy-efficient.

Here are four adult eBikes to check out.

Gyroor C1

gyroor c1

The Gyroor C1 electric bike scooter is stylish, convenient, non-pollutant, and has a cool design.

With this bike, you can go shopping, to school, or to the office without worry. While shopping, you can carry items with the medium-sized rear basket.

This bike can support a maximum load of 265 lbs. The seat is comfortable, and the dual shock absorbers are durable, allowing you to ride for a long period without getting tired.

Charging the bike’s 360Wh battery takes approximately 5 hours. When the battery is full, you can manage a 20-25 miles maximum range.

Lastly, this bike reaches a speed of 18.6 mph and uses dual disc brakes to guarantee smooth braking, even at high speeds.

  • Lights: Head & Tail Light
  • Fits for Height: 4′9″ – 6′
  • Fits for Ages: 12+ years
  • Net Weight: 39.4 lbs

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Gyroor C2

gyroor c2

The Gyroor C2 is a foldable and powerful eBike for adults. It is made for long-range travel and urban commuting. Also, it has a sturdy design, carrying weights of up to 265 lbs (120 kg).

Powered by a 450W brushless hub motor, this bike allows you to clock 18.6 mph with 20 miles of range.

Even at top speed, you should be fine with safety. This is because it has a reliable disc brake system with 14-inch pneumatic air-filled tires to absorb shock in rough terrain.

Lastly, the LED display shows you the speed limit according to the mode you set, the battery charging level, and the distance covered.

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Gyroor C3

gyroor c3

Experience the delight of riding a lightweight foldable eBike powered by a 36V 10Ah lithium battery and 450W brushless hub motor.

The 360Wh battery allows you to travel 28 miles with speeds up to 19 mph. You can also climb hills with gradients of more than 10°.

For smooth rides on uneven terrain, the Gyroor C3 has dual disc brakes and sturdy shock absorbers with adjustable seat heights.

The geometric frames and accessories make it easy to fold and keep inside the trunk.

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Gyroor C5 Max

gyroor c5 max

The Gyroor C5 Max is an all-terrain/off-road electric bike for adults not more than 220 lbs (100kg).

Featuring a 48V 12Ah removable large battery, this bike can cover 40 miles in electric form and 50 miles if you use pedal assist.

Gyroor has also included double shock absorbers for the front and rear to enhance the riding experience.

The seven-speed Shimano-designed system allows swift gear shifting on all surfaces. Also, this bike uses a dual-disc brake system, allowing you to stop smoothly in an emergency.

The 20×4-inch fat tires and 500W powerful motor is suitable for complex terrains like mountain, snow, beach, and gravel roads. This bike can also climb a 30° slope smoothly.

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Gyroor Electric Scooters

Gyroor E-Scooters for Kids

Gyroor H30 vs. Gyroor H40

gyroor h30
Gyroor H30

The Gyroor H30 electric kick scooter is designed for kids aged 6-12 years. It has an 80W motor that can accelerate to 6.3 mph (10 km/h).

The H40, on the contrary, is the best scooter for kids and teens between 12 and 15 years because of its powerful 200W motor that swiftly accelerates to 10 mph (15 km/h).


The H30 has a built-in 21.6V 2.5 Ah lithium battery, letting it travel about 6 miles. However, this cannot be compared to the 37V 2.5Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery in the H40, which allows it to travel a maximum distance of 10 miles.

gyroor h40
Gyroor H40
Height Adjustment and Maximum Load

A scooter should be easily adjusted for convenience and stability.

Luckily, the H30 has three adjustable height levels, including 27.5 inches, 30 inches, and 32.6 inches. This is enough to fit your kids as they grow taller. And the maximum load capacity is 110 Lbs (70Kgs).

The H40 has a height-adjustable handlebar of 35.4 inches, 37.4 inches, and 39.4 inches, which are perfect for teenage kids. The maximum load capacity is 177 lbs (80Kgs).

Wheels and Brake System

The Gyroor H30 has 3.5 inches of colorful front wheels, while the H40 has 6.5 inches of solid non-slip wheels.

For braking, the H30 and H40 use innovative designs that guarantee safety.

The H30 has a speed-control foot brake button on the scooter’s deck and uses gravity sensors for smooth braking.

The H40 has a dual-brake system – an electronic brake button on the steering, and a rear anti-locking mechanical brake.

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Gyroor eScooters for Adults

Gyroor X8 vs Gyroor HR9 (foldable electric scooters)

gyroor x8
Gyroor X8
Motor and Speed

The Gyroor X8 is a foldable adult e-scooter with a 500W upgraded motor. It has a sleek and lightweight design reaching up to 18.6 mph. You can switch the X8 to power-saving mode and preserve battery life when you are not in motion.

Conversely, the HR9 comes with a 380W brushless motor and also has an 18.6 mph top speed.

Battery and Charging Time

The X8 has a powerful 468 Wh36V 13Ah long-range Lithium battery which can last for 31 miles. It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge.

On the other hand, the HR9 has a 360Wh (36V 10Ah) battery that can cover a full range of 20-25 miles. It takes about 3-5 hours to recharge.

These are enough distances to go shopping, to school or the office.

Handling, Safety, and Riding Experience

For riding experience, convenience, and stability, the Gyroor eScooters perform quite well.

Both scooters are lightweight and easy to fold. You can fold and carry them if you want to climb the stairs, fit in the trunk, have power loss, or malfunction.

gyroor hr9
Gyroor HR9

The X8 has unique triple shock absorption and silicone pedal pads for a safe riding experience, while the HR9 has non-slip pedals that reduce vibration and prevent slipping.

The maximum load capacity for the X8 and HR9 eScooters is 265 Lbs (120 kg).

Furthermore, the X8 has an app control, which allows you to lock and unlock the scooter. Also, with the app, you can monitor speed and power, update firmware, and conveniently adjust the scooter’s speed limit.

The HR9, however, does not have so many security features.

Wheels and Brake System

X8 eScooters come with 10-inch tires, while the HR9 has 8.5 inches of air-fill pneumatic tires. All these reduce shock whenever you hit a bump.

For braking, the X8 and HR9 both have electronic ABS combined with rear-wheel drum brakes. Additionally, both have brake lights & ultra-bright headlights to warn other motorists of your intentions.

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Gyroor brand has significantly made improvements in mobility. Incorporating new technologies and efficient accessibility, this company continuously makes mobility more enjoyable.

With a mission to create cutting-edge riding accessories, you will find the best e-bikes, hoverboards, and e-scooters from a wide selection of lightweight and high-quality products.

4 thoughts on “Gyroor Brand Overview – Hoverboards, E-Scooters, and E-Bikes”

  1. I bought a Gyroor X8 electric scooter about 10 months ago and loved having and taking it to work on Bart and then ride to clients house… Was much easier then trying to find parking in San Francisco…it has a feature for the handle bars to fold down so you can fit it in your car or I guess carry it upstairs or wherever… But I preferred to leave my handlebars up when I carried it up stairs…so last Sunday I was leaving work in Walnut Creek in Rossmoor, and I got on my scooter and was going maybe 10 to 15 miles an hour when the handlebars came down on me so collapsed, i tried to push them back up and the scooter ejected me off of it so hard i hit the pavement and tried to block my fall, but couldn’t , so I turned my face to my left and smashed my face into the pavement…I broke my nose and it instantly swelled up and my eye was swollen shut for four days or more…it’s been 9 days and my cheek is still swollen and my face is bruised still. It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me…I will never ride my scooter or any scooter ever again…I had to miss 7 days of work and now I’m also out of the 779.00 I paid for my scooter…has anyone else had this happen to them?? I’d really like to know bc I’m gonna get a hold of a lawyer and find out what I can do about this…if my scooter is faulty I want my money back and want to be paid for the 7 days I missed of work…but if you have heard of this happening to anyone else please comment on this…thank you

    1. Really sad to hear about your accident. I hope you will be okay soon. I have never heard that the handlebar have collapsed during the ride. It must have been very scary.

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