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3 engwe m20 electric bikes on the road

Engwe markets its M20 as an affordable alternative to the Super73. The Engwe M20 mimics the famed California Cafe Racer’s design, liberal use of zip ties, and disdain for Europe’s e-bike laws at less than half the price. Additionally, the M20 has the option of adding a second battery and comes with a second headlight.

The e-bike falls under the class 3 e-bike category for the US market. However, it exceeds the EU’s legal specs for regular e-bikes.

A few advantages of the M20 are that it is inexpensive, fast, and has an extended range for users who would love an extra battery. Additionally, it has throttle-only riding. But we will cover everything in more detail later.

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Engwe M20 Review

white and green engwe m20 cafe racer e-bikes

Motor: 750W | Top Speed: 28 mph | Max Payload: 265 lbs | Battery: 2x624Wh | Max Range: 90 miles

Engwe M20 Pros and Cons

Good range with 2 batteries
Great ride quality thanks to dual suspensions and fat tires
Good illumination in the dark
Bad cabling behind headlights
Too short frame
Low-quality brakes and gearing

Engwe M20 Performance

3 people riding with engwe m20 e-bikes
Photo: @engwe_bikes Instagram

Motor and Speed

The M20 has a powerful 48V 750W brushless motor with a peak power of 1,000W, and the company mounts the motor on the rear cast rim wheel. The rear rim lacks spokes removing a common maintenance concern for high-power hub motor electric bikes.

The M20 has an advertised top speed of 28 mph (or 45 kph).

engwe m20 750w rear hub motor
The motor of the Engwe M20 is located in the rear hub.

However, our tests determined the speed to be about 26 mph, even with pedal assist. We conducted the speed test with both batteries on a full charge and connected and tracked the speed with the phone’s GPS and found it to be accurate at 26 mph. However, Engwe provides a reasonable disclaimer explaining the speed.

The rider’s weight and other environmental factors like terrain and gradient affect an e-bike’s top speed. There is a chance that the M20 didn’t reach its marketed 28mph because of my weight. However, the chances are that this will be the standard top speed witnessed by many riders.

Battery and Range

The Engwe has a 48V 13Ah Lithium-Ion battery, but users can purchase dual batteries for added range. Engwe states that their bike has a 34.17-mile (or 55 km) on electric mode and a 47-mile (or 75km) range on PAS mode 1. The dual battery option adds more range to the bike.

bike bag on engwe m20
If you buy Engwe M20 with a single battery, you can install a bike bag instead.

While a single battery is relatively sufficient (especially if you plan to traverse shorter distances), dual batteries are even better. They double the bike’s range to 90 miles (or 151 km) on the lowest pedal assist.

The dual batteries are perfect for people who love offroading and commuting long distances. However, Engwe’s advertised 47-mile range may vary depending on various factors, including the terrain, temperature, etc.

Dual Disc Brakes

The M20 has 160mm rear and front mechanical disc brakes providing reliable stopping power. The brakes stop the bike pretty quickly.

However, you should take care when braking since they lock up and could wear down your tires. The M20 has good tires, but breaking each time sharply could wear them down too quickly.

7-Speed Shimano Gearing

The M20 has a standard 7-speed Shimano gearing system meant for flat terrain. However, the e-bike can still tackle some inclines. Overall, the gearing system is one of the cheapest Shimano offers and we can see the same system on almost all Engwe bikes.

Engwe M20 Design and Features

engwe m20 e-bikes all with different color

Frame and Geometry

The M20 is made with 6061 aluminum alloy with a motorcycle design. The bike’s frame is a bit cramped (it could have been a little bit longer). However, testing the bike proved its length to be sufficient. The bike has front and rear fenders (metal) protecting riders from debris and water.

The bike has good cable management, which is clean except for a small part on the front. However, Engwe has done some poor work on the cables connecting the dual headlights with the bike’s body. You can see the headlight cables connecting before trailing off into the frame. This can be problematic. However, it’s not a huge issue.

engwe m20 saddle
The saddle of Engwe M20 is comfortable.

Engwe designed their M20 in three colors: black, green, and white, providing buyers with a sufficient color variety to choose from.

The M20 weighs 76.7 pounds (or 34.8kg) which is light for most people to move around. However, it’s not the kind of bike you can easily bring up the stairs or take to public transport. It’s too bulky for that.

Dual Suspensions

The M20 has dual suspension with a rear shock and an adjustable front shock. The bike’s suspension is sufficient for most terrain and provides a good riding experience on bumpy surfaces.

The front adjustable shocks improve handling on rough terrain, minimizing the stress transferred to users.

Wheels and Tires

The bike has all-terrain fat tires (20” by 4”), perfect for most riding conditions. The tires feel nice and smooth when riding, providing a comfortable riding experience. Additionally, the tires handle pretty well when turning.

people with engwe bikes riding in the mountains

Bikes in this category don’t have the most durable tires, and you should be careful where and how you use the bike to avoid punctures.

The bike doesn’t have spokes on its wheels, minimizing complications like increased weight. It also removes the risk of the spokes breaking and puncturing your tire.

Double Headlights

engwe m20 double headlights

The bike’s dual headlights look good from the front and side. They also provide sufficient illumination when riding the bike in the dark. I’ve never seen a bike that can switch between a low beam and a high beam.

The lights have two modes: one when you hit the top of the display (activating the bottom lights) and the second when you switch the lights on (activating the full lights).

The bike also has bright brake lights that help keep riders safe when riding in traffic.

Engwe M20 Review Conclusions

The Engwe M20 is a pretty awesome bike for its price. We wouldn’t suggest purchasing the bike with a single battery because it doesn’t have enough range. The best option would be to purchase it with dual batteries. It’s a great bike, but it would have been a little longer.

The bike is great for people within the 5-foot range. However, it can feel small and uncomfortable for people over 6’2” because they’ll experience minimal reach when holding the handlebars, forcing them to try and scoot backward. It is also not quite portable, which can be challenging during transportation.

Regardless, the Engwe M20 is perfect for most people looking for an inexpensive alternative to the Super73.

Engwe M20 Specs


Bike NameEngwe M20
E-Bike ClassClass 3
AvailabilityUnited States, Europe, UK
Warranty12 Months


Motor TypeRear-Hub Drive
Motor Power750W
Top Speed28 mph
BatteryDual 48V 13Ah (1248Wh Total)
RangeUp to 90 miles

Bike Details

Dimensions40.9″ x 21.5″ x 33″
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Frame SizeOne Size
Frame TypeMoped-Style
Recommended Rider Height5’0″ – 6’8″
Frame ColorsBlack, White, Green
ForkFront Suspension
Rear SuspensionRear Shock
Gearing1×7-Speed Shimano Tourney
BrakesFront and Rear Mechanical Disc
Wheel Size20″
Tires20″ x 4″ Fat Tires
Weight77.7 lbs (35 kg)
Weight Capacity265 lbs (120 kg)

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