Best Black Friday Electric Scooter Deals 2023

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We know it’s hard to go through each electric scooter shop to check their discounts on Black Friday.

That’s why we gathered together a list of the best electric scooter deals we managed to find. Hopefully, this article can save a little bit of your time.

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TOP 8 E-Scooter Black Friday Deals

FluidFreeRide: Save up to $1200

fluidfreeride black friday deals
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Get ready to zoom into savings with Fluid Free Ride, one of the USA’s top electric scooter retailers, renowned for their robust and high-performance models.

This Black Friday, they’re setting the bar high with massive discounts on their premium scooters. Leading the pack is the powerhouse Nami Burn-E 2 Max, available at an astonishing $1200 off – it’s a deal that redefines value for such a beast of a scooter.

But that’s just the beginning! Experience the thrill of the Wolf King GT Pro at $800 off, glide through city streets on the Fluid Mantis with a $500 discount, or enjoy the sleek design of the Mercane Jubel and Fluid Mosquito at $700 and $350 off, respectively.

And these are just a few highlights – there’s a treasure trove of deals waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance to check out all the incredible offers Fluid Free Ride has this Black Friday.

It’s the perfect time to upgrade your commute or joyrides with these top-tier electric scooters!

Apollo Scooters: Up to $700 OFF

apollo black friday deals
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Next on the list is Apollo Scooters, a brand well-known to every e-scooter enthusiast.

The most significant Black Friday discount is on their most advanced model, the Apollo Pro, which you can now get for $700 less than the normal price.

The Apollo Phantom also boasts a great deal with $400 off. More affordable models like the Ghost and City are not left behind, each offering a substantial discount of $200.

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to invest in a quality scooter from a trusted brand, this is your opportunity to seize it with a great deal.

Hiboy: Up to 50% OFF

hiboy scooters black friday poster
Photo: Hiboy

Next up are the deals from Hiboy, a brand known for its affordable scooters. While their price points are already on the lower end, this Black Friday, Hiboy’s discounts are impressive, especially in terms of percentage.

Their most popular model, the Hiboy S2, comes with an incredible 50% off. Other models like the Hiboy Max and S2 Max also boast substantial discounts of more than 30%.

These deals make what were already affordable scooters even more accessible, offering an unbeatable opportunity for those looking to enter the world of electric scooters without stretching their budget.

Yume: Save up to $450

yume electric scooters black friday promotion poster

Yume, renowned for their robust and powerful electric scooters, is making a splash this Black Friday.

Known for offering high-end performance at a fraction of the cost of similar class scooters, Yume is stepping it up with their biggest discount of $450 off on two of their models: the Yume Y11+ and the Yume Hawk.

Both of these dual-motor scooters promise an exhilarating ride with unmatched power and reliability.

But that’s not all – Yume is also offering discounts ranging from $150 to $400 on a variety of other models. And to sweeten the deal, they’re throwing in a bunch of free accessories with most scooters.

This Black Friday, Yume is not just offering discounts; they’re offering an enhanced e-scooting experience, making it the perfect time for enthusiasts to gear up and ride out with these high-performing machines.

Varla: Discounts up to $400

varla scooters black friday banner

Varla Scooters is making a significant impact this Black Friday with discounts reaching up to 34%.

Topping their offer list is the Eagle One dual-motor e-scooter, renowned for its exceptional performance and durability, now available at a substantial $400 off its regular price.

In addition, the Varla Pegasus and Falcon models are also part of the savings spree, each with a delightful $300 discount.

And for those looking for more budget-friendly options without sacrificing quality, the Varla Wasp comes with a great $150 off.

Varla’s diverse range of discounts ensures that there’s a high-quality scooter for every rider at a more affordable price point this Black Friday season.

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Turboant: Save up to $230

turboant black friday deals poster
Photo: Turboant

While TurboAnt’s Black Friday banner boasts up to $500 off, I couldn’t find this big deal on their website. The real gems lie in their more modest yet substantial discounts.

The standout deal is on the TurboAnt V8, a dual-battery electric scooter celebrated for its impressive range. This model, the star of TurboAnt’s lineup, is currently offered at a significant $230 discount.

Additionally, the TurboAnt X7 Max, a best-seller known for its robust performance and reliability, is available with a $170 reduction in price.

These deals represent a genuine value, making it an opportune time for scooter enthusiasts to invest in TurboAnt’s scooters.

NIU Black Friday Sale: Up to -35%

niu kqi2 pro electric scooter which has a huge deal on black friday
NIU KQi2 Pro e-scooter comes with a huge deal. Photo: Electric Wheelers

As Black Friday approaches, NIU Electric Scooters ramps up the excitement with their latest sale announcements. While their Thanksgiving discounts already sparked interest, the Black Friday deals are even more enticing.

The standout offer is a substantial 35% discount on my personal favorite, the NIU KQi2 Pro, making it an even more attractive choice for enthusiasts.

For those who are looking for a bit more powerful scooter, the NIU KQi3 Max continues to impress with a 25% discount, maintaining its appeal as a top choice.

Adding to their lineup, the newest model, the NIU KQi Air, is now available with a significant $350 reduction in price. This offer is especially appealing for those looking to experience NIU’s latest technology.

And the rest of their products have also been discounted so definitely check out more from their website.

Segway: Thanksgiving Sale up to -60%

segway ninebot f40
Segway Ninebot F40. Photo: Electric Wheelers

Just like NIU, Segway revealed its Black Friday offers just a couple of days before the event.

During the Black Friday sale, Segway Ninebot electric scooters feature discounts of up to 60%. Almost all of their models are available with hundreds of dollars off.

The most advanced models in their selection (GT series) even have discounts of $1000.

So, it’s definitely worth checking out their deals, and we are eagerly awaiting their Black Friday promotions.

Where Else to Find Good Black Friday Sales for E-Scooters?

Black Friday is a huge shopping holiday and almost every shop has some kind of sale. You can never check up on all of them.

That’s why we gathered together this information and wrote this article.

But if you still looking for additional information then here are some links to the online shops that also sell electric scooters. You might find some good deals there as well.

Best of luck with finding the best deals on electric scooters!

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