Amazon Best-Selling Electric Scooters Based On Real Data

best selling electric scooter on amazon

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Have you ever wondered what are the best-selling electric scooters on Amazon? Which models are most popular?

Since there are so many different electric scooter models available, it is very difficult to make the right choice. Would it be much easier if you know what are the most popular choices of others?

Well, look no further. We made the research and listed all electric scooters in Amazon by revenue.

Where Did We Get Data?

We used the tool called Helium 10. It’s a Chrome extension that is built for professional Amazon sellers. When making a search on Amazon, this extension shows us:

  • How many times people make the same search every month
  • What is the monthly revenue of each item in search result
  • How many units of each item in search result are sold every month
  • And lots of other Amazon-specific data

For us, electric scooter enthusiasts, it was very interesting to see those numbers. And it is a pleasure to share those numbers with you.

Over 600 000 monthly searches on Amazon for the term “electric scooter”.

Search volume history of "electric scooter" on Amazon according to Helium 10.
Search volume history of “electric scooter” on Amazon according to Helium 10.

As you can see the search volume is quite seasonal. The screenshot above is made a week before Christmas. It seems that lots of kids and adults have been wished an electric scooter from Santa.

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Alright, let’s get to the real numbers now!

Top 9 Best-Selling Electric Scooters on Amazon

#9 – Segway Ninebot ES4

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric scooter

Monthly Revenue: $1,059,183
Units Sold in a Month: 1,655

The Ninebot ES4 weighs 30.9 pounds and can handle up to a 220-pound payload. It has an 18.6mph top speed with a typical range of 28 miles and a 15% maximum slope.

Also, it has an IP54 rating, which means that it’s water-resistant when sprayed with water from any direction.

The Ninebot ES4 has external and internal Lithium-Ion batteries that help users travel faster and further than they usually would in the ES2.

The battery has a 374W capacity and 300W nominal power that has an 800W peaking power. Its batteries are designed with overcurrent, overheating, short circuit, and overcharging protection that helps keep the battery healthy.

#8 – Gotrax XR Elite

Gotrax G4 Elite electric scooter

Monthly Revenue: $1,193,476
Units Sold in a Month: 2,387

The Gotrax XR Elite offers a fantastic design and outstanding features at competitive prices.

The scooter is incredibly cost-effective, has a decent maximum range of 18.6 miles, has a 15.5mph top speed, regenerative braking, and a great digital display.

It also has headlights and a reflective rear strip for added safety, fast charging speeds of three to four hours, a 220 pounds carrying capacity, and a dual (electric and manual) braking system.

The scooter also has an IP54 rating, which means that it’s resistant to dust and water sprays from any direction. It also has a 36V 5.2aH Lithium-ion battery, adjustable speed settings, and cruise control.

#7 – Razor Power Core E90

Razor Power E90 kids' electric scooter

Monthly Revenue: $1,613,469
Units Sold in a Month: 10,941

The Razor Power Core E90 has a 10 mph top speed, can run for 80 minutes on a full battery, and has a 120-pound carrying capacity. The scooter is designed for kids aged 8 or older and has a high-torque, kickstart hub motor that’s designed for efficiency and minimal maintenance.

The scooter isn’t waterproof, and thus, it will be a good idea to ensure that you store it safely in a dry location to prevent damage to the electronic circuits. It also has a light and durable steel frame, a push-button throttle, and increased torque for better performance.

#6 – Razor E200

Razor E200 e-scooter

Monthly Revenue: $1,805,591
Units Sold in a Month: 10,208

The Razor E200 has a 12mph top speed and can provide a maximum of 40 minutes of playtime, which translates to an 8-mile maximum range.

The scooter weighs 42 pounds and has a detachable cottoned seat plus a quiet motor. It takes 12 hours to recharge, has a 154-pound carrying capacity, and is appropriate for children aged 13 and over.

The E200 has two 12V lead-acid rechargeable batteries and features a durable and reliable all-steel frame.

Other features that Razor E200 comes with include:

  • hand-operated rear brake
  • 200-watt, high-torque, chain-driven motor
  • and 8-inch pneumatic tires

#5 – Hiboy S2 Pro

Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter

Monthly Revenue: $1,884,923
Units Sold in a Month: 3,696

The Hiboy S2 Pro has a 19mph top speed, a 25-mile range, and weighs 36.3 pounds.

The scooter also has 10 inch solid tires that complement its rear double shock absorbers. It also has a 500W motor that provides it with lots of power and an IP54 rating that protects the interior circuitry from dust and water sprays from any angle.

The S2 Pro has a 220 pounds carrying capacity and is perfect for first-time as well as seasoned riders. It’s perfect for various urban terrains has flat-resistant tires, and provides the rider with an option to attach a seat.

#4 – Razor Pocket

Razor Pocket Miniature Euro Retro Scooter

Monthly Revenue: $2,240,247
Units Sold in a Month: 5,210

The Razor Pocket mod has the classic (and unique) Italian moped design, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of Razor’s advanced e-scooters and has various features, including a hidden storage compartment, a rear suspension, and a large padded seat for better rider comfort.

The Razor pocket is built for kids and specifically designed for girls. However, you could still buy one for your son (since they come in varying colors). If you want a scooter that goes relatively fast and has a good range, then the Razor Pocket is the perfect fit.

  • 15mph top speed
  • 10-mile range
  • Weight: 59 lbs

#3 – Segway Ninebot E22

Segway Ninebot E22

Monthly Revenue: $2,264,308
Units Sold in a Month: 4,117

Segway’s Ninebot E22 is one of Segway’s least expensive scooters and is particularly great for individuals looking for sturdy and sustainable solutions for their weekend adventures or morning commutes.

It isn’t the fastest scooter available. However, it does offer a budget-friendly solution to your needs.

The scooter is recommended for young teens, primarily because of its speed. It has regenerative braking, never-flat tires, and e-mark reflectors. It also has a 220-pounds carrying capacity.

  • 12.4mph top speed
  • Range: 13.7 miles
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • 220-pound carrying capacity

#2 – Gotrax GXL V2

2nd best-selling electric scooter on Amazon in terms of revenue -  Gotrax GXL V2

Monthly Revenue: $3,207,970
Units Sold in a Month: 10,765

The Gotrax GXL V2 is the second best-selling electric scooter on Amazon.

The V2 has everything a rider needs at a very competitive price. It has a decent top speed, a sturdy build, relatively great rider comfort, and excellent performance. Gotrax scooter also has an LED panel that displays the scooter’s information like the battery level, riding mode, etc.

This scooter is perfect for beginners and experienced e-scooter riders, has a dual braking system, and takes only three to four hours to charge.

A simple folding mechanism, which (when combined with its weight) makes it also highly portable.

  • Top speed: 15.5 mph
  • Range: 12 miles
  • Weight: 26.4 lbs

And the winner is…

#1 – Razor E100

Kid's electric scooter Razor E100, which is the best-selling electric scooter on Amazon

Monthly Revenue: $5,080,440
Units Sold in a Month: 29,498

The Razor E100 is the best-selling electric scooter, and it’s designed for children.

The scooter has a 40-minute battery life and is designed to be ridden by children age 8 or older. It has a 100W kickstart motor that’s chain-driven and produces a high amount of torque to propel the rider forward.

It also has a hand-operated brake, a retractable kickstand, two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries, and an 8-inch pneumatic front tire.

  • Top speed: 10 mph
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Max payload: 120 lbs
  • 40-minute battery life

Amazon Best-Selling Electric Scooters Chart

#Electric ScooterUnits Sold in a MonthMonthly Revenue
1Razor E10029,498$5,080,440
2Gotrax GXL V210,765$3,207,970
3Segway Ninebot E224,117$2,264,308
4Razor Pocket5,210$2,240,247
5Hiboy S2 Pro3,696$1,884,923
6Razor E20010,208$1,805,591
7Razor Power Core E9010,941$1,613,469
8Gotrax XR Elite2,387$1,193,476
9Segway Ninebot ES41,655$1,059,183


Although there are so many different electric scooter brands available, it seems that people prefer highly trusted and known brands. Razor, Gotrax, and Segway are all very well-known electric scooter manufacturers.

Ultimately, selecting the right scooter depends on your personal preference and budget.

However, this list containing best-selling electric scooters on Amazon is meant to provide you with some insight into which electric scooter models are most preferred among riders.

Have fun riding!

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