Heybike Electric Bikes Overview: Are They Worth It?

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Heybike is an electric bike company that specializes in high-quality and affordable e-bikes. They have a range of electric bikes that can be used for several purposes like commuting, adventures, etc.

To find out more about the e-bikes they make and find the right one to suit your needs, read this article to the end.

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Heybike E-Bikes Overview

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Heybike is an e-bike brand located in the United States. They have warehouses across the United States where their major market is. However, their products are sourced internationally. 

Heybike was founded in 2021 and has recorded rapid sales and growth since then. They make a range of electric bikes like foldable, mountain, and commuting bikes. 

Heybike Electric Bikes Reviews

Heybike Ranger

black heybike ranger with a rear basket

The Heybike Ranger is a class 3 electric bike that is built to be versatile. It has full fenders, horns, front and rear lights, racks, brake lights, etc. which makes the bike great for commuting.

It is also foldable and easy to transport especially if you don’t have a bike rack on your car. Heybike Ranger also comes with front suspension and fat tires which makes it suitable for off-road cycling or mountain trails.

Heybike Ranger is great for all adults. Commuters and adventures will love it. The step-through frame makes it easy to mount even with a load of groceries on the rack. This is especially good for the senior riders

It has 3 levels of pedal assist that can reach a maximum of 25 mph and comes with a 500W brushless geared motor. On a single charge, you’ll get a range of about 48 miles on the Heybike Ranger.

Heybike Ranger S

heybike ranger s electric bike

Although similar to the Heybike Ranger, the Ranger S has some unique features that make it preferable to some. It can be used both as a city bike and as a mountain bike just like the Ranger. It is foldable and easy to transport. Also, Ranger and Ranger S weigh pretty much the same.

Ranger S comes with hydraulic disc brakes, which are easier to control and more powerful. The Ranger on the other hand comes with mechanical disc brakes. 

The Heybike Ranger S is also fitted with a 750W brushless gear motor and can reach a maximum speed of about 28 mph. It also comes with a 48V 14.4 Ah battery and can achieve a whooping range of 55 miles on a single charge

The Ranger S is suitable for city dwellers and adventurers who love quality but affordable e-bikes.

Heybike Tyson

heybike tyson folding ebike

If you are big on aesthetics then you should check the Heybike Tyson. It has a magnesium alloy frame that is designed to draw attention. It can be used on different terrains because of its sturdy build but performs better on flat terrains. The frame material also ensures its strength and durability, so this is a bike that is worth its value. 

Heybike Tyson is a rugged e-bike that can be folded and easily put into the trunk of a car. It can also carry loads of up to 400 lbs weight which makes it suitable for commuting, and carrying a passenger with ease. 

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It also comes with a 750W motor, reaches a maximum speed of 28 mph, and can last about 50 miles on a single charge

This e-bike model makes a good bike for commuters and e-bike lovers who want affordable e-bikes without having to compromise on quality.

Heybike Cityrun

orange heybike cityrun city electric bike

The Heybike Cityrun is a class 2 cruiser e-bike that is built for commuting/city riding, as the name suggests. It is the first non-foldable Heybike on this list and has some great features. 

Unlike the earlier reviewed Heybikes that have 20 by 4 inches fat tires, the Heybike Cityrun comes with 26 by 2.5 inches tires. This makes it great for riding on paved roads but unsuitable for rough terrains and gravel slopes.

It has a 500W motor and can achieve a maximum speed of 20 mph. On a single charge, you can get about 50 miles with pedal assist and 35 miles with throttle only. 

It also comes with hydraulic disc brakes and a hydraulic front suspension fork.

This e-bike model is meant for riders between 5 ft 4” and 6 ft 5” and is suitable for those who love to travel long distances.

Heybike Mars

blue heybike mars ebike with folding frame

If you like the Heybike Ranger but can’t afford it, you should check out the Heybike Mars. It has similar features to the Heybike Ranger but is cheaper.

The Heybike Mars is a class 2 fat tire e-bike that is built to be versatile and tackle different terrains. Unlike the Ranger, however, it comes with a step-over frame.

It also comes with a shock absorber seat that suppresses shocks and vibrations while riding on rough roads. Its front suspension fork also makes the ride more comfortable.

The Heybike Mars has a 500W motor and a 48V 12.25 Ah battery that can last about 40 miles on a single charge with pedal assist. You’ll get less with throttle only.

It comes with mechanical disc brakes and its sturdy frame makes it an excellent bike to ride on snow or off road. 

The Heybike Mars is great for commuting and hill climbing.

Heybike Brawn

green heybike brawn all-terrain ebike

The Heybike Brawn is one e-bike model that isn’t messing around. It’s built to be agile and fast and it is definitely fast. It has a motorcycle look, comes with a battery capacity of about 846 Wh, and easily reaches a speed of 28mph.

It comes with a 750W hub drive motor and performs very well on rough terrains. The suspension fork it comes with ensures that it is easy to control and suppresses shocks and vibrations.

This class 3 e-bike sports a 48V 18Ah removable battery. With pedal assist, you can get about 65 miles on a single charge.

In addition to having hydraulic brakes, and a hydraulic front suspension fork, it also comes with a hydraulic seat which makes this bike high-end and of great quality.

The Heybike Brawn is meant for people who love powerful e-bikes that move fast, have long-lasting batteries, and can withstand rough terrains.

Heybike Explore

black heybike explore fat tire electric bike

The Heybike Explore is a step-through Class 3 mountain e-bike that is built for off-road cycling. It also does excellently well as a city bike.

Its front suspension fork and 26” X 4” fat tires provide stability and balance on rocky roads and suppress shocks to the body. This is a bike that oozes confidence and safety.

This class 3 e-bike comes with 5 levels of pedal assist modes and a 750W powerful motor that can achieve 28mph easily. It also comes with a 48V 20 Ah removable battery that lasts long and charges fast. On a single charge, you can get about 70 miles with pedal assist, which is a rare feat. 

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With its cargo carrier options, the Heybike Explore is great for people who make deliveries and adventurers looking to explore the world around them. It is recommended for riders with a height between 5’9” and 6’6”.

Heybike Sola

black heybike sola commuter electric bike

The Heybike Sola is a class 2 entry-level e-bike that is praised for its affordability. It is built to be used on flat roads and is a great asset for commuting.

This bike is great for beginners, commuters, and those looking to get a cheap bike with excellent features. It will make a great first e-bike. It however shouldn’t be used on uneven terrains at high speeds, especially by beginners.

The Heybike Sola comes with a 48V 12Ah battery powered by a 500W motor which is decent for a bike of this class. You will get a maximum speed of 20mph on this e-bike and on a single charge, the battery will last about 45 miles

Weighing just 50.7 lbs, this bike is lightweight compared to other Heybike bikes and can be easily controlled. Its 27.5” X 2.1” slim tires also enhance its sleek look and design.

Conclusion – Is Heybike a Good eBike?

Heybike is a great e-bike brand with high-quality e-bikes in the market. Irrespective of your finances and preferences, they have an e-bike that suits you.

Heybike e-bikes are also durable and perform well in different terrains and weather conditions.

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