Best Chinese E-Bike Brands You Can Trust

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A lot of USA e-bike brands actually manufacture their e-bikes in China. They are then assembled in America and sold.

There are however e-bike brands that proudly admit that they are Chinese. Despite being Chinese brands though, they also sell in Europe and USA.

Recently we discussed are Chinese bikes any good. And finally, we came to a realization that yes you can trust Chinese ebike brands but not all of them.

In this article, we introduce you to the best Chinese electric bike brands that have a good reputation and provide solid customer service.

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11 Best Chinese e-Bikes You Can Trust

Senada Bikes

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Senada is a new e-bike brand that started in the spring of 2020 in Hong Kong, where it is still based. 

Senada makes different types of quality fat tire e-bikes like folding e-bikes, and all-terrain e-bikes. They either come in step-over or step-through frames. Their all-terrain e-bikes come in several models that can be used for:

  • Commuting
  • Off-road cycling and
  • Hill climbing.

They have about five models in the market and some of their popular models are the Senada Saber Pro and Archon Pro. Senada e-bikes are generally known for their powerful 1000W motors.

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Despite Senada being an Asian brand, its main focus is the USA market. They have a warehouse in Ontario, California, and another one in New Jersey from where they ship their e-bikes across the United States. Shopping for their e-bike is easy on their online shop.


Engwe electric bike

Engwe is an e-bike brand located and managed in China. This is where their e-bikes are manufactured and later shipped to their various warehouses for sale. 

Engwe started with foldable e-bikes and built a reputation as the manufacturer of quality and budget-friendly foldable e-bikes. They have several foldable models suitable for commuting, off-road cycling, and hill climbing. Some of their folding e-bike models include C20 Pro, X26, and EP-2 Pro

Recently they started making non-foldable electric bikes and have several models in the market. One of the recent models is the Engwe L20 which is also their first e-bike to come with a low step-through frame. 

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Although based in China, Engwe’s market focus is the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. They have different online shops for different regions for easy delivery and customer service. They have a warehouse in California to better serve their customers in the USA.


magicycle electric bike

Magicycle is based in Chongqing, China, and that is where their e-bikes are manufactured.

The brand makes various types of e-bikes including foldable e-bikes, commuter/road e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, and SUV e-bikes. They have a reputation for making quality e-bikes that are comfortable and easy to ride, and they are budget-friendly. 

They are popularly known however for their SUV e-bike, the Magicycle Deer. The Magicycle Deer is one of the first SUV models to have full suspension in the United States. It combines the features of various e-bikes including cargo, mountain, and road e-bikes. This makes it a versatile e-bike that can withstand different terrains.

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The Magicycle’s market focus is the USA and Canada. They have a warehouse in LA and another in Ontario, California. Their Canada warehouse is in Richmond. 


velowave electric bike

Velowave is located in Hong Kong, China where their e-bikes are manufactured. 

They make a range of e-bike models that are suitable for different purposes. For example:

  • The Velowave Ghost is a mountain electric bike that performs well on off-road trails and is suitable for city rides. It has been praised for its rapid acceleration and long battery life which makes it perfect for adventures. 
  • The Velowave Prado S is a fat tire cargo e-bike that is built to carry and transport loads. This makes it perfect to run errands and for daily commutes. 
  • The Velowave Spirit Rad3 is an affordable road e-bike. It is nimble, easy to handle and maneuver so it is great for cycling on tarred and smooth roads, and for commuting.

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Apart from these models, they have several mountain, cargo, and road e-bikes. They sell their e-bikes online and have warehouses in California, USA.


man sitting on the rear rack of the NIU ebike

NIU is an electric vehicle company headquartered in Beijing, China. They manufacture vehicles like electric bikes, electric motorcycles, and electric scooters, and are one of the largest manufacturers of electric vehicles in China. 

Although they are known largely for their NIU electric scooters and motorcycles, they make great e-bikes for commuting and leisure riding.

Their most popular e-bike is the BQi-C3 Pro which comes with dual batteries and has excellent features. It has been reviewed by many websites even in the United States, despite being a Chinese brand. 

The NIU’s major market has been China but they sell their electric vehicles in over 50 countries, including European countries. NIU has warehouses and distributors in America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. They also sell on online markets.


shengmilo electric bike

Shengmilo is located in Foshan City in Guangdong Province, China. However, they have a strong market presence in the United States and Europe. 

Shengmilo makes high-quality e-bikes that are technologically advanced with stylish features. Their partnership with Bafang, a widely acclaimed manufacturer of e-bike motors, also makes them stand out. 

They make a wide range of electric bicycles such as:

  • Retro e-bikes
  • Mountain e-bikes
  • City/Road e-bikes
  • Folding e-bikes
  • Beach e-bikes

Shengmilo has several e-bike models of each category above and is fast gaining popularity in the e-bike market. 

Although a Chinese brand, Shengmilo has a warehouse in Vaughan Canada, and others in the US, Europe, and Western regions. They also have distributors across these places for easy delivery.

Additionally, they have an online shop for their US customers and another for their UK customers which shows their dedication to expand their market reach and serve their customers well.


girl riding with cyrusher electric bike

Cyrusher started in 2014 in China. It started as a company that sold affordable bicycle parts online. They soon realized the importance of e-bikes in personal transportation and jumped on that bandwagon.

In 2015 Cyrusher began to sell quality Chinese electric bicycles online and it was successful. In 2017, they opened their own factory in China and began to manufacture their brand of e-bikes. 

Now, Cyrusher has offices in 4 countries and manufactures about 6,000 e-bikes every month. They have several models of e-bikes which include mountain and folding e-bikes.

Although Cyrusher is based in Shenzhen City, China, they have a showroom and a team in the United States.


urtopia carbon electric bike

Urtopia is a Hong Kong-based electric bike company known for its sleek and stylish e-bike designs. 

The company makes carbon e-bikes that are popular for their lightweight, cutting-edge technologies, and unique features. 

They focus mainly on manufacturing commuting or road e-bikes; e-bikes that perform excellently on smooth roads/ paved terrains. 

Urtopia e-bikes like the Carbon One are not great at climbing steep hills and are not meant for off-road cycling. Instead, it is meant for riding on smooth city streets. It has a carbon frame which is very light but durable and high-end. 

The new Urtopia e-bike, the Chord although heavier than the Carbon One, sports amazing features that make it stand out. It comes with GPS tracking, built-in navigation, fingerprint start, voice control, and other advanced technology. 

Although a Chinese brand, Urtopia has great influence in the international market as that is their main target. They have warehouses in North America, England, Canada, France, Netherlands, and Germany.


woman with a helmet sitting on a c3strom electric bike

C3STROM is a relatively new e-bike manufacturer based in China, where they design and manufacture their electric bikes. Although new, their e-bikes are known for their high performance and amazing characteristics that set them apart. 

The C3 in their brand name means class 3 so they mainly manufacture class 3 e-bikes. (Learn more about e-bike classes)

All their e-bikes are also motorcycle-style inspired. At first glance, they can be mistaken for motorcycles. They come with thick tires and sturdy frames and form which gives a sense of balance, and comfort. They are also durable. 

The ASTRO PRO like their other e-bikes is a versatile bike that can be used both for leisure riding on paved roads and also on off-road trails. It also comes with unique features like electric horns and a USB port for charging devices.

C3STROM has a main office in California and sells its e-bikes through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.


woman riding with honbike e-bike

Honbike is an e-bike brand formed by engineers from Japan and China and their headquarters are in the Netherlands and Mainland China. Their e-bikes are made in Japan. 

Although new, Honbike has several models of e-bikes on the market. There is the HF01 which is a commuter bike that is foldable, the Uni4 which is a non-foldable commuter e-bike, and the U4 which is a mountain e-bike. 

Several features make the Honbike’s e-bikes distinct from other e-bikes. The HF01 has just 57 parts which makes it lightweight. It rides without a chain and it is very easy to fold and store. 

The U4 is as maintenance-free as possible. It has no gears, uses a belt drive instead of a chain drive, and has no integrated lights. 

They sell their e-bikes online and have teams and warehouses in the US and Europe. They also have a store in Singapore.


fiido e-bike

Fiido is a relatively new e-bike brand located in China. They make a wide range of electric bikes and scooters and have several models in the market. 

For example, they have;

  • Folding electric bikes like Fiido X, Fiido D21, and Fiido D3 Pro which is a mini e-bike. They also have a long-range folding e-bike Fiido L3. These are all great for commuting. 
  • Mountain electric bikes like Fiido M1, and Fiido M21. Some of them are also foldable. 
  • Gravel electric bikes like Fiido C21, and Fiido C22 are lightweight and very stylish. 
  • Utility/Cargo electric bikes like Fiido T1 and Fiido T1 Pro. They are built to carry enough load and still be balanced. 

Fiido sells on the global market with warehouses in the US and Europe. They have a warehouse in New York and another in California.

Conclusion – Are Chinese Electric Bikes Worth It?

The world of Chinese e-bike brands offers a plethora of options that cater to diverse preferences and requirements. Throughout this article, we have explored 11 trustworthy brands that have gained recognition for their exceptional quality, innovative designs, and reliable performance.

From the robust and powerful models of Senada to the cutting-edge technology of Urtopia, each brand showcased unique strengths and features.

Remember, when selecting an e-bike, it’s important to consider factors such as battery life, motor power, design, and overall build quality. Additionally, ensure that you choose a brand that offers reliable customer support and after-sales service.

Ultimately, investing in a Chinese e-bike from one of these trusted brands will not only provide you with an enjoyable and efficient means of transportation but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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