Comprehensive Brand Overview of Minimotors Electric Scooters

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Founded in 1999 in Busan, South Korea, Minimotors swiftly ascended to prominence, becoming Korea’s leading motor board seller within a year. Renowned for crafting premium quality electric scooters, Minimotors stands as a beacon of innovation in the e-scooter industry.

Why delve into Minimotors’ story?

The brand’s extensive range of models presents a complex landscape for enthusiasts. As someone deeply immersed in the world of e-scooters, I’ve personally tested numerous Minimotors models. Despite my extensive experience, grasping the full spectrum of their offerings remains a formidable challenge, given the sheer volume and diversity.

That’s where this overview comes in, drawing from a pool of expert insights to shed light on the brand’s evolution and its myriad models.

But before we explore the specific scooters, let’s journey through Minimotors’ rich history, understanding the roots of their innovative spirit.

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The Evolution of Minimotors Brand

Dualtron scooters standing in the row.
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After about six years in the game, Minimotors penned a contract to be the official and the only distributor of Goped, a US brand. This happened to be the same time that Minimotors launched their Silverwing, an electric scooter made for seniors.

The company continued growing exponentially, and by 2009, it opened an office in China and launched an electric ATV quad.

The steady success saw the company change to a corporation in 2010 and subsequently moved its headquarters to Ilsan, Gyounggi-do. This led to more popularity which in turn led Minimotors to become the exclusive Korean distributor of the Japanese Fukiplanning and the German Puma moto.

Dualtron Ultra by Minimotors electric scooters
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Success rose again steadily in the following year (2011) after Minimotors introduced the first-ever electric scooter made in Korea – the Fireball. Subsequently, Minimotors won another contract to become the exclusive distributor of the French Shark Helmet in Korea.

In 2013, Minimotors opened their official Naber cafe “Minimotors Club”, where Fireball2 was launched as the club’s pioneering brand.

Minimotors strive to build the best electric scooters in the world, a mission they’ve kept up with up to now. If you need an electric scooter for urban or off-road use, Minimotors has got you covered.

Brands of Minimotors

3 brands of Minimotors electric scooters - Dualtron, Speedway, and Futecher.
3 brands of Minimotors electric scooters – Dualtron, Speedway, and Futecher. Image: Electric Wheelers

Minimotors specialize in producing high-quality mini-motorized vehicles that are easy to use and economical. The company offers various scooter models for all ages and abilities, from the lightest e-scooter to the most powerful one.

Up to this moment, they manufacture e-scooters under three primary brands:

  • Dualtron
  • Speedway
  • Futecher


The off-road scooter Dualtron is a flagship model that debuted in 2015.

The distinguishing features of Dualtron include two BLDC HUB engines, two controllers, two off-road suspension systems, two disc brakes, LED headlights and taillights, and single and dual motor mode operations.

Dualtron scooters differentiate from the other two Minimotors brands because they offer a larger deck size and wider tires.

The Dualtron line is for a true electric scooter fan. Dualtron scooters come with the most durable frames and give you the best mileage. With Dualtron scooters you can experience one of the best electric scooters in the world.

Let’s take a closer look at each Dualtron model!

Dualtron X Limited

dualtron x limited
Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $6,995

The Dualtron X Limited is one of the most powerful electric scooters available on the market. It has a top speed of at least 55mph and a range of 105 miles on a full charge. It really is an unbeatable powerhouse.

Other impressive features include this scooter include an LCD with easy-to-use controls and an inbuilt battery meter, which will tell you the current charge and how long until it is fully charged.

The eScooter also has regenerative braking, meaning that you can extend the life of your batteries by using them more efficiently!

First-Hand Ride Experience

Jimmy Chang and Andrew from Freshly Charged describe the Dualtron X Limited as a powerhouse, likening it to a stand-up electric motorcycle. They highlight its versatility on various terrains and applaud the adjustable suspension for its plushness.

In their experience, the scooter’s torque requires careful handling at low speeds, but once accelerated, it offers an exhilarating ride. They praise its impressive battery life, capable of over 100 miles on moderate settings.

The large, sturdy deck also receives commendation, accommodating diverse riding styles comfortably.

On the downside, you have to dig deep into the pocket. A unit comes at almost a $7,000 price tag.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 2,000W rated power
  • Top speed: 55mph
  • Battery: 5,040Wh LG
  • Range: 105 miles
  • Weight: 183 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 265 lbs

Check availability and latest price from:

Dualtron Storm

Dualtron Storm e-scooter
Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $4,690

The Dualtron Storm is another robust option from the company. It comes with an impressive 55mph top speed and an 80-mile range. Overall, you can go to work from Monday to Friday without requiring you to top up the charge.

Like the X series, this escooter features many of the same great specs, such as regenerative braking and easy-to-use controls. When comparing it to the X2, the Storm is a little bit lighter but can withstand heavier riders.

A downside is quite a long charging time. With a standard charger, it takes 21 hours to fully charge the battery. Although, with a quick charger the same work can be done only in 5 hours.

First-Hand Ride Experience

In their review of the Dualtron Storm, the team at Alien Rides was particularly impressed with the removable battery and modular motors, which enhance the scooter’s practicality. The wide, comfortable deck was another highlight, allowing for easy standing and maneuvering.

During their top speed run, they tested the Storm’s limits, reaching an exhilarating 62 miles per hour. Despite some wobble at high speeds, they found that with a secure stance, the scooter remained manageable.

This experience underlines the Dualtron Storm’s blend of raw power and sophisticated engineering, positioning it as a top choice for those seeking both performance and convenience in an electric scooter.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 6,640W dual hub motor
  • Top speed: 55mph
  • Battery: 2,268Wh
  • Range: 80mi
  • Weight: 102 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 330 lbs

Check availability and latest price from:

Dualtron Thunder 3

dualtron thunder 3
Photo: Voro Motors

MSRP $4,499

Being one of the company’s flagship models, Dualtron Thunder is the result of an attempt to compete with high-performance scooters from other manufacturers.

As the name suggests, it’s already a 3rd generation of Thunder scooters.

The scooter has a top speed of up to 55 mph and a range of up to 100 miles. It takes just 56 hours to fast-charge the battery pack. However, in normal charging, it takes 28 hours to recharge. In my opinion, this kind of charging time is extremely long.

Compared with the 1st version, the Thunder 3 has gone heavier. While the original Thunder weighed 95 pounds, the Thunder 3 weighs 126 lbs. But the max load capacity has also increased, which is now 330 lbs.

First-Hand Ride Experience

I watched another Freshly Charged video. They described the Dualtron Thunder 3 as a super scooter and especially appreciated the improved suspension system, likening it to garage door springs for better shock absorption.

The scooter’s stability and handling received high marks, especially with the new steering damper that comes pre-installed. The wider handlebars and robust locking mechanism added to the feeling of control and safety, even at high speeds.

Braking was another highlight, with the four-piston hydraulic brakes providing powerful stopping capability.

Yet, not all was perfect. The team expressed a preference for more gradual, controlled acceleration, contrasting the scooter’s square wave controller with sine wave variants. Additionally, they suggested the inclusion of hybrid off-road tires for better versatility across different terrains.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 2 x 2,500W hub motors
  • Top speed: 55mph
  • Battery: 2,880Wh
  • Range: 100 miles
  • Weight: 126 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 330 lbs

Check availability and latest price from:

Dualtron Ultra 2

Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $4,149

Ultra 2 is an upgraded version of the standard Ultra.

In Ultra 2, they moved smart motor controllers to the kicktail. This allows fitting the huge battery better.

When comparing Ultra 2 to regular Ultra, it has a bigger motor and battery, higher top speed, and better range. Ultra 2 can hold 65 lbs more load but weighs only 7 lbs more than Ultra.

First-Hand Ride Experience

In another Freshly Charged video, they were particularly impressed with its off-roading prowess, thanks to the 72-volt battery and off-road tires.

The team noted its massive deck and battery, providing a substantial range that can hit up to 100 miles, which is on par with the stated range.

They also appreciated the solid fender, which effectively prevented dust and debris kickback. However, they pointed out some downsides, such as the creaking in the stem and a somewhat flexible kick plate, which they felt could be stiffer for better control during maneuvers like wheelies.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 6,640W dual hub motor
  • Top speed: 56mph
  • Battery: 2,880Wh
  • Range: 100mi
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 330 lbs

Check availability and latest price from:

Dualtron Victor

E-Scooter Dualtron Victor
Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $2,899

Again, very similar electric scooter to the rest of the Dualtron machines. It still has dual motors (4000W max power) and solid battery pack (1800Wh). But, the Victor is a bit cheaper than the previous models we talked about.

Victor has extra-wide 10×3-inch tires and a sliding collar that can be quickly released. Although Victor has a smaller price tag, it still comes with full hydraulic brakes, which gives you perfect stopping power.

First-Hand Ride Experience

RK9 Rides shared a detailed and personal experience with the Dualtron Victor and described it as the fastest and most enjoyable scooter they own. But they also acknowledged some imperfections.

Initial modifications included replacing the folding handlebars, which were misaligned, with solid bars for more confidence and handlebar space. The stock handle grips were also swapped out for preferred ones. They noted the scooter’s small deck size, which led them to add a rear footrest for added comfort and stability.

Additionally, the Victor had issues with getting often a flat tire. So they switched initial tires to tubeless tires. It improved flat resistance but somewhat reduced ride comfort and grip.

Performance-wise, the Victor impressed with its flexibility in acceleration power and top speed, capable of reaching up to 50 mph. The suspension, while a bit stiff, handled bumps well, and the scooter was seen as more suited to road use than off-roading.

The reviewer found the scooter’s portability a significant advantage, being lighter and more compact than most other Dualtron models.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 4,000W dual hub motor
  • Top speed: 50mph
  • Battery: 1,800Wh
  • Range: 62mi
  • Weight: 73 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 265 lbs

Check availability and latest price from:

Dualtron Compact

Small electric scooter Dualtron Compact
Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $2,649

Dualtron Compact is a little bit smaller-sized scooter than other Dualtron machines.

The most notable difference is the small wheels. The Compact has 8-inch solid tires. They might be smaller by diameter but they are ultra-wide, giving you very good traction. When most of the Dualtron scooters have disc brakes, this model has dual drum brakes with ABS.

First-Hand Ride Experience

Kizi eWheels shared their ride experience with the Dualtron Compact, highlighting both its advantages and drawbacks.

They appreciated the scooter for its compactness and portability, noting it’s easy to grab and throw in the back of a car.

However, a major point of regret was the scooter’s suspension, described as very stiff, making it uncomfortable when riding over bumps. This stiffness was attributed to the solid tire and hard suspension cartridge, which contrasted sharply with the smooth ride on flatter surfaces.

Despite this, they praised the Dualtron Compact’s power, emphasizing that it feels stronger even when compared to other scooters with similar voltage. They mentioned the scooter’s top speed and described it as a “mini rocket,” appreciating its performance on smooth roads.

An interesting point of satisfaction was the clamp system on the Compact, which they found to be more solid and without play compared to the Dualtron Thunder. This solid clamp system added to the overall positive experience of using the scooter.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 3,400W dual hub motor
  • Top speed: 40mph
  • Battery: 1,260Wh
  • Range: 50mi
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 265 lbs

Check availability and latest price from:

Dualtron Raptor 2

Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $2,000

Some say that Dualtron Raptor is the smaller brother to Dualtron Compact. They have very similar specs, only Raptor is a little bit less powerful.

Raptor 2 is built for riding on city streets, that’s why it doesn’t have large off-road tires. 8-inch solid tires are almost maintenance-free.

When comparing Raptor 2 to its predecessor, it has some great upgrades. Raptor 2 now has ABS brakes and stem lighting, giving you better safety. Also, the EYE throttle comes as a standard now with this model.

First-Hand Ride Experience

Quinnipillar shared their personal experience with the Dualtron Raptor 2 on Reddit, offering a mixed but insightful review. They started by stating that the Raptor 2 is the best scooter you can get for around $2,000, setting a positive tone for their overall impression.

A significant aspect of their experience involved the scooter’s solid tires. Quinnipillar appreciated the durability of these tires, noting that they don’t require frequent replacement. However, this was the only advantage they found with the solid tires.

A major downside was the lack of cushioning these tires provided, leading to a considerably shaky ride. This shakiness, as per Quinnipillar’s observation, caused various parts of the scooter to loosen over time, potentially affecting its overall integrity and performance.

Another issue highlighted was the stem wobble, which Quinnipillar attributed to a weak clamp on the handlebars. This aspect of the design seemed to contribute to a less stable and secure feel while riding, which could be a concern for regular users.

On a positive note, Quinnipillar expressed particular admiration for the scooter’s drum brakes. The sealed system of these brakes was a standout feature, offering protection and presumably contributing to the scooter’s durability and safety.

This aspect of the Raptor 2’s design seemed to significantly enhance Quinnipillar’s riding experience, despite the other concerns they had with the scooter.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 3,000W dual hub motor
  • Top speed: 37mph
  • Battery: 1,092Wh
  • Range: 37mi
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 220 lbs

Check availability and latest price from:

Dualtron Spider 2

Lightweight carbon electric scooter Dualtron Spider
Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $2,699

If you thought that every Dualtron scooter was bulky and heavy, then you are not correct. Dualtron Spider 1 was probably one of the lightest dual-drive electric scooters in the world. However, the Spider 2 has gained a little bit of weight.

When most Dualtron scooters weigh about 70-80 lbs, some even over 100 lbs, the Dualtron Spider 2 is just 57 pounds. (The original Spider was 44 pounds.)

It is lightweight enough to take it to the bus or train with you. The weight loss is mostly achieved thanks to the carbon handlebar and magnesium alloy motors.

First-Hand Ride Experience

Reddit user themyst_ shared a comprehensive yet concise review of the Dualtron Spider, balancing the positives and negatives of their experience.

They praised the scooter’s exceptional stability, noting the absence of stem wobble even at speeds over 30 MPH. The Spider’s lightweight design was a significant advantage, offering portability without sacrificing performance.

The user also appreciated the accurate battery readout on the EYE LCD, the efficient rubber suspension, and the satisfactory braking system, despite not being hydraulic.

However, themyst_ identified several drawbacks. The scooter’s top speed fell short of the advertised 40 MPH, with a more realistic maximum of around 35 MPH.

Range expectations were also not met, especially under higher performance settings. Lighting on the Spider was deemed inadequate, necessitating additional external lights. Design choices such as the lack of a stem lock and basic foam grips were also criticized.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 3,984W dual hub motor
  • Top speed: 37mph
  • Battery: 1,800Wh
  • Range: 60mi
  • Weight: 57 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 265 lbs

Check availability and latest price from:

Dualtron Mini

the smallest edition of Dualtron scooter - Dualtron Mini
Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $1,499

Dualtron Mini is the smallest in the range of Dualtron scooters.

Although the name is Mini, it still has great performance. It doesn’t have a dual motor, but 1,450 watts is quite good. It can give you a top speed of 32mph and a 1,050Wh battery gives the range of 34 miles.

Dualtron Mini is definitely a step up from Speedway Leger or Speedway Mini but still remains quite affordable.

First-Hand Ride Experience

Jim from Electron Surfer was immediately impressed by the scooter’s quality upon unboxing, noting its solid construction and the eye-catching LED lights that added to its cool factor.

He also liked the stability, even at higher speeds, which provided a secure and confident riding experience. The robust folding mechanism and the scooter’s overall design also received positive remarks for their convenience and effectiveness.

On the other hand, Jim pointed out that the narrow deck took some getting used to and might require frequent changes in foot positioning for comfort. He also mentioned that the high deck height made it challenging to kick-start effectively.

The scooter’s lighting was found to be inadequate for practical use, necessitating the purchase of additional external lights for better visibility.

Furthermore, Jim noted some minor quality control issues, like a slight wobble in the front initially and noise from the kickstand during rides, though these were largely addressable with minor adjustments.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 1,450W hub motor
  • Top speed: 32mph
  • Battery: 1,050Wh
  • Range: 34mi
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 220 lbs

Check availability and latest price from:

Other Dualtron Scooters

So far, we have already covered the most popular Dualtron models. However, there are actually several other models available, which are all very similar to the ones we have already introduced to you. Let’s name a few:

  • Dualtron Achilleus
  • Dualtron City
  • Dualtron Eagle Pro
  • Dualtron Popular


Speedway Scooters are specially manufactured to be lightweight, rugged, and easy to carry. These scooters are perfect for people who are looking for their first electric scooter.

However, these entry-level scooters still have a very good build quality and don’t let you down on performance. This makes Speedway scooters very popular by scooter-share companies across the USA.

If you need a comfortable commuter, the Speedway scooter might be your best option.

Speedway models are:

  • Speedway Leger
  • Speedway Leger Pro
  • Speedway Mini 4 Pro

Speedway Leger

Speedway Leger electric scooter
Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $1,290

A great entry-level electric scooter for those who are making the first steps in the e-scooter world.

Leger has a mileage of up to 34 miles and it takes just 6 hours to charge the battery. This scooter weighs just 45 lbs but the max load capacity is still 265 lbs like most of the scooters mentioned in this article.

Although it doesn’t have the best components, it is the perfect vehicle to get to work or school without breaking a sweat.

Check availability from MinimotorsUSA

Speedway Leger Pro

speedway leger pro
Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $1,490

As you can guess from the name, Leger Pro is an upgraded version of the aforementioned Leger.

Leger Pro upgrades over Leger:

  • More powerful motor (1,450W vs 1,360W)
  • Higher battery capacity (1,331Wh vs 748Wh)
  • Longer range (45mi vs 30mi)
  • Higher top speed (31mph vs 28mph)

So, if your budget allows you to spend an extra $200, Leger Pro gives you clearly better performance.

Check availability from MinimotorsUSA

Speedway Mini 4 Pro

speedway mini 4 pro
Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $1,150

As the name suggests, it is a small and lightweight scooter.

Mini 4 Pro weighs just 36 lbs, so it is suitable even for children. Even though this scooter is small, it has plenty of power to get a top speed of 28mph and get you as far as 30 miles.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 1,360W hub motor
  • Top speed: 28mph
  • Battery: 748Wh
  • Range: 30mi
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 265 lbs

Check availability from MinimotorsUSA


When Minimotors started to build Futetcher, the top priority was to pack remarkable performance and great mileage with the lowest price possible. Although the components used in this electric scooter are not as high-end as other Minimotors brands, you don’t have to worry about performance.

So far, Futetcher series has only one model, which I am going to introduce to you right away.

Futecher Gun Pro

Futecher Gun Pro - budget friendly electric scooter
Photo: MinimotorsUSA

MSRP $1,100

The Futecher Gun Pro is the perfect scooter to get you from your dorm room to class. With a range of up to 45 miles, this scooter will take you almost anywhere around campus or the workplace. Plus, it’s very lightweight and easy to carry — it only weighs 46 pounds in total.

This model also has an LED dashboard screen that shows the distance traveled and battery life left before needing another charge!

Plus, with its low price tag (considering how much mileage it gives), this Electric Scooter is definitely worth checking out.

Quick Specs
  • Motor: 1,760W hub motor
  • Top speed: 31mph
  • Battery: 1,080Wh
  • Range: 45mi
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 265 lbs

Check availability from MinimotorsUSA


As you just saw from the article, Minimotors has an electric scooter for everyone. No matter your needs, how tall or heavy you are, you definitely find a model from the Minimotors range that suits you.

Moreover, Minimotors’ first priority is still to produce high-end scooters with specs that no other company makes. Dualtron Scooters have a legendary spot in the evolution of electric scooters.

On the other hand, Speedway and Futetcher scooters provide great quality and performance with a little bit more affordable prices.

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