Varla Falcon Review: Beautiful Commuter Scooter

blue and red varla falcon electric scooters

Varla Falcon electric scooter is one of the two entry-level e-scooter models, that Varla launched in the spring of 2023. For its price, it has quite good features, including a long-range battery, powerful motor, and dual suspension system.

As an avid rider and industry observer, I combine my firsthand experience with insights from Easyheimer, a real Varla Falcon owner. This collaborative approach ensures you receive a well-rounded, unbiased perspective on the scooter’s performance, features, and real-world usability.

Let’s dive into what makes the Varla Falcon a noteworthy choice for urban commuters.

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Varla Falcon Review

Motor: 500W |Top Speed: 22 mph |Battery: 10.4 Ah (360 Wh) |Max Range: 25 miles


  • Strong build quality
  • Great ride comfort
  • Trusted brand
  • Internally routed cables


  • Only one disc brake

Varla Falcon Performance

Motor and Speed

The Falcon has a 500W motor with a 700W peak power output. It is powered by a 25A speed controller that always maintains optimal performance.

the front hub motor of varla falcon
The motor of the scooter is located in the front hub.

The motor provides 28Nm of torque and a 22mph top speed. This speed is perfectly legal in most US states. To speed up the scooter, there is a simple thumb throttle. It is much more intuitive than index-finger throttles.

Additionally, the scooter can handle a 19% maximum slope, showing its motor’s capability. However, riders should expect lower top speed when climbing such inclines since most scooters work best on flat terrain.

Easyheimer’s experience with the Varla Falcon’s speed and acceleration paints a vivid picture of its capabilities. He highlights the scooter’s responsive nature, noting how it swiftly reaches its top speed of 22 mph.

This velocity, while not the highest in the scooter market, is perfectly suited for urban commuting, providing a balance of speed and safety.

The acceleration is particularly impressive for a scooter of this size and price range. It is smooth yet potent. Easyheimer emphasizes the Falcon’s ability to quickly gain momentum, making it ideal for navigating city streets and occasional inclines.

His real-world observations underscore the scooter’s practicality for everyday riders seeking a reliable and efficient mode of urban transportation.

Battery and Range

The Falcon has a 48V 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery with short-circuit, low-voltage, and overcharge protection. The battery also has work temperature protection, power equalization output, and current output protection. 

Additionally, an intelligent battery management system indicates the battery’s health and protects it. These features help protect the battery, making it durable and safe for long-term use.

varla falcon battery
Photo: Varla

The scooter’s battery takes four hours to charge and provides a 25-mile range per single charge, which is sufficient for most daily urban users. Well, this was the measure found on the spec sheet. It’s time to ask the real owner of the scooter, what’s the real range of it.

Easyheimer confirms the manufacturer’s claim that the scooter will ride for up to 25 miles on a single charge. This range proves sufficient for daily commutes and short urban trips. He appreciates the reliability of the battery, noting minimal degradation in performance over repeated use.

Crucially, Easyheimer points out the convenience of the Falcon’s charging process, mentioning the practicality of its battery life for routine use. His experience suggests that the battery sustains its capacity well, even under varied urban riding conditions.


Brakes are an essential feature in a scooter, and the Falcon has a good set of brakes riders can rely on. The scooter has a combination of electronic and disc brakes providing sufficient stopping power.

disc brake of varla electric scooter
The mechanical disc brake is only on the rear wheel.

Only one disc brake would have been too weak. Also, an electronic brake alone wouldn’t provide enough safety.

However, combined braking involving electronic and disc brakes provides sufficient stopping power, perfect for most situations.

To be honest, I’d like to see the scooter with two disc brakes for more efficient stopping. But the reality is that cheaper scooters often come with a similar setup as the Falcon.

Varla Falcon Features

Deck and Frame

Varla’s Falcon has a 7.1” expansive deck with enough room for riders to place their feet side by side. Although it is not recommended to keep your feet like this, many people still like it. And with Falcon, it’s possible.

The scooter’s deck and frame are made from durable materials and can support a maximum load of 265 pounds.

spacious varla falcon deck

The scooter has an IP54 waterproof rating. This means the scooter is safe from occasional water splashes but you should avoid riding with it in the rain. Additionally, it would help if you dried the scooter immediately after getting wet.

The scooter’s handlebar has a digital LED screen that indicates its performance and working status. The screen shows vital information like the speed, remaining battery, riding mode, etc., to help you make informed decisions during the ride.

Dual Suspensions

spring suspension of Varla Falcon

Varla Falcon electric scooter has front and rear suspensions that absorb any shock experienced when riding on rough terrain. The shocks help provide a safer and more comfortable riding experience, making it easy for various buyers to enjoy a stress-free experience.

Combined with its 9” tires, the scooter’s capacity for shock absorption significantly increases its performance.

Easyheimer’s feedback on the Varla Falcon’s suspension system provided valuable insight as well. He expresses satisfaction with the dual shock absorption and independent suspension, noting their effectiveness in smoothing out urban terrains.

Portability and Folding Mechanism

varla falcon folding mechanism
To fold the scooter, you just have to pull this lever on the stem.

The scooter has a simple folding mechanism. The stem folds down and can be attached to the deck. Therefore, it is convenient to carry and store in buses, trains, or your car when traveling.

Easyheimer’s experience with the scooter’s portability is notably positive. He emphasizes its practicality, highlighting the scooter’s lightweight design at just 50 lbs. This feature significantly eases the process of transporting the scooter in a car or truck, enhancing its convenience for daily use.

Particularly beneficial for those living with limited storage space, the Falcon’s compactness is a major advantage. He mentions the simplicity of folding the scooter, making it manageable to carry upstairs or store in tight spaces.

Wheels and Tires

The Falcon has 9” tubeless tires, providing sufficient shock absorption and a comfortable riding experience when using your scooter on various terrains.

Regardless, I don’t recommend using the scooter on uneven, off-road terrain since the tires aren’t designed for such surfaces and could provide a bad riding experience.


The Falcon has dual LED lights (a headlight and taillight) that help illuminate your way in the dark, make you more visible, and remind other road users of your presence.

The headlights light the road in front to help you see the road more clearly and avoid obstacles. The taillights are activated by pulling the brake and lighting up to remind other road users of your position.

Varla Falcon Review Conclusions

The Varla Falcon has all the necessary features to be your efficient helper in last-mile transport. It has enough power and reasonable mileage. This makes the scooter a good option for urban commuters or people who just want to discover the neighborhood.

The Falcon is not as powerful as another Varla’s dual-motor scooter Varla Eagle One. But nevertheless, it fits perfectly into the Varla model range and will surely find many fans.

Varla Falcon Specs

Motor500W Front Hub Motor
Top Speed22 mph
Battery48V 10.4Ah (500 Wh)
Max Range25 miles
Recharge Time4 Hours
BrakesMechanical Disc + Electronic
SuspensionDual Suspensions
Weight50 lbs (23 kg)
Weight Capacity265 lbs
Tires9″ Tubeless Pneumatic
LightsFront and Rear LED
Hill Grade19%
Dimensions45.7″ x 24.8″ x 49.8″
Folded Dimensions45.7″ x 24.8″ x 20.1″
IP RatingIP54

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