Minimotors Dualtron Mini Review – Compact Commuter Scooter

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Minimotors is famous for its dual-motor electric scooters. However, Dualtron Mini is their first electric scooter with a single motor. You can consider it as their entry-level scooter.

In this Dualtron Mini review, we are taking a closer look at this compact e-scooter. Is it really as “mini” and compact as the name suggest? Does it have enough range for convenient commuting? Let’s find out!

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Dualtron Mini Overview

The photo collage of Dualtron Mini

MSRP: $1,499 Voro Motors

To Whom?

The Dualtron Mini is a commuter scooter. It can fit a wide variety of riders.

Although it’s an entry-level scooter in Dualtron’s line-up, it’s not some cheap Chinese product. It has quality components that will last.

If you are looking for a premium scooter for your urban commutes, Dualtron Mini is a quite reasonable option.

Dualtron Mini Specs

Motor1,450W rear hub motor
Max Speed32 mph
Battery52V 17.5Ah (910 Wh)
Max Range34 miles
Recharge Time10 hours
BrakesRear drum brake + ABS
SuspensionDual springs in front and rear
Weight48 lbs
Weight Capacity220 lbs
Tires9″ x 2″ pneumatic tires
LightsDouble headlights, brake light, deck and stem lighting
Hill Grade20 degrees
Dimensions48″ x 24″ x 43″
Folded Dimension48″ x 24″ x 15″
IP Rating


  • Efficient battery + long range
  • Dual suspensions
  • Good stopping power
  • Good value for money


  • No IP rating
  • Noisy kickstand when riding
  • Heavier than expected
  • Long charging time

Dualtron Mini Performance

Dualtron Mini scooter
Photo Credit: @eroueparis Instagram

Speed and Acceleration

Dualtron Mini is powered by a rear hub motor, which has 1,450 watts in it. The maximum speed is about 30 mph.

There are 3 different speed modes:

  • Level 1 – Speed is limited to about 10 mph.
  • Level 2 – Speed is limited to about 20 mph.
  • Level 3 – Maximum speed mode (32 mph).

Acceleration is rather good. It’s not ultra sharp but nice and smooth. By the way, you can change the initial take-off speed from the display.

Also, you can choose between kick start or zero start mode.

The hub motor of Dualtron Mini.
The hub motor of Dualtron Mini.

In the acceleration test with a 175 lb rider, it took 6.14 seconds to cross 100 feet distance. It is slightly better than similar single-motor scooters like Emove Cruiser or Zero X9.

Does Dualtron Mini have cruise control?

Yes, Dualtron Mini has cruise control. Just keep the constant speed for a while to engage the cruise control. There is a small indicating light on top of the speed.

Hill Climbing

woman with pink clothes with a dualtron mini electric scooter
Photo Credit: @voromotors Instagram

Since the overall performance has been above average, I thought Dualtron Mini can easily climb some steep hills too. Actually, it can but the result was a little bit worse than expected.

On a slope of about 12 degrees, the motor starts groaning. On speed mode 3, the speed dropped to as low as 12 mph on a 12-degree hill. Normally, the top speed in level 3 is about 30 mph.

So, Dualtron Mini can climb quite steep hills but it just takes some time.

Battery and Range

The battery is located inside the deck. Compared to other “entry-level” scooters, the battery is relatively large.

The 52V 17.5Ah LG battery contains 910 Wh of energy capacity. It’s enough to provide a maximum range of 34 miles (54.7 km).

Those range numbers are usually a bit off because it depends a lot on the terrain and the weight of the rider. However, when riding in speed mode 2, it’s quite realistic to ride about 30 miles.

In a range test with 175 lbs rider, where the scooter was only in speed mode 3, Dualtron Mini managed to cover about 25 miles. I think it’s nothing to complain about.

If the battery runs completely empty, it would take about 10 hours to recharge.


The brake lever of Dualtron Mini

Dualtron Mini comes with a simple yet reliable rear drum brake. You can easily adjust the braking force. Also, there is an anti-lock braking system (ABS) inside the brakes, which gives you extra safety.

Brakes are quite efficient. In addition to drum brakes, there is also e-braking. There is plenty of stopping power. Compared to other similar scooters, the Dualtron Mini has much better brakes.


There are dual spring shocks at the front and also at the rear. They are quite firm. Definitely not soft.

They provide enough absorption to handle some occasional bumps. Riding on grass is also doable.

However, it’s not an off-roading machine.

Dualtron Mini Design and Features

Dimensions of Dualtron Mini

Build Quality

The frame of Dualtron Mini is made from strong aviation-grade aluminum alloy. The shaft is made from steel and the covers are from plastic. Everything feels solid and sturdy.

The scooter is strong enough to support the rider of 220 pounds.

You may hear a jingling noise when riding. It’s most likely the lever on the folding mechanism. You can just tension the bolt on the side of it and it fixes the problem.

Also, the kickstand can make a similar noise when riding.

The handlebar height is 40″ from the deck and the position is fixed. You can’t make it shorter or longer.

The overall build quality seems very good.

Is Dualtron Mini Waterproof?

Dualtron Mini does not have any official water resistance. It probably won’t stop working after seeing a few drops of water but you should definitely not ride with it while raining.

The scooter has many components that don’t like water – the battery, controller, display.

The display can be extra sensitive to any moisture. Some even recommend always keeping a spare zip lock baggie to protect the EY3 display even from the lightest drizzle.


Although the scooter has “Mini” in its name, it is not very lightweight. It weighs almost 50 pounds. It’s mini only compared with other Dualtron scooters.

Since the deck of Dualtron Mini is short, it should fit in most of the trunks.

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism is very robust.

The folding of the scooter is fairly easy. You just have to release the pin and pull the lever. If you fold the scooter up you hear the click. So you don’t have to worry about something getting loose when carrying it.

Since the handlebars are not collapsible, you can’t reduce the width of the scooter.

Dualtron Mini dimensions:

  • Unfolded – 48″ x 24″ x 43″
  • Folded – 48″ x 24″ x 15″

To fold the scooter back up you have to pull the same lever. Again you hear the clicking sound when the scooter is completely unfolded.

Wheels and Tires

It has 9″ x 2″ pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires might get some occasional flats but combined with suspensions, they provide good ride quality.

There are separating rims, so it is quite easy to change tires in the case of flats. The same system applies to the rear wheel as well.


The deck of Dualtron Mini.
Photo Credit: @voromotors Instagram

The deck of Dualtron Mini is wide but short. The dimensions of the deck are 17 x 7 inches. Some say that the deck is too short but in my opinion, it is something you can get used to.

The surface of the deck has enough grip. Additionally, there is a nice footrest at the back, so it’s comfortable to balance yourself on the scooter.


The Minimotors EY3 display of Dualtron Mini

On the left side of the handlebar, you can find a 4-finger brake lever. It feels comfortable.

On the right side, there is an EYE display with an index finger throttle.

It’s a matter of personal preference but for me, it would be much more intuitive if the throttle is activated by a thumb. Some users have said that the reach of the throttle is quite far.

The display itself is excellent. You can read from it clearly no matter if it’s a day or night. You can check the speed, range, current riding mode, and battery percentage from the display.


Dualtron Mini in the dark
Photo Crerdit: @trottirider.83 Instagram

When you power on the scooter, lots of LED lights start to up the deck and stem, which makes Dualtron Mini very cool. You can change the lighting pattern of the stem and the deck to your own liking.

Besides looking cool, those lights keep you safe when riding in the dark.

The scooter also has a brake light feature. The brake light flashes even when other lights are turned off. Also, there are double front headlights.

Ride Quality

Riding with Dualtron Mini is enjoyable. It has a nice top speed. The acceleration curve is smooth. There’s nothing to complain about.

Although the scooter is meant to ride on a paved road, it is quite forgiving on some light trails as well.

Suspensions do their work quite well. You can easily ride with it on the grass or do some light off-roading.


Dualtron Mini vs Emove Cruiser

Dualtron Mini on the left and Emove Cruiser on the right

Those two scooters are in a very similar price range. However, they are quite different.

One of the biggest downsides of Dualtron Mini is that it has no IP rating. Emove Cruiser on the other hand has an IPX6 rating. The Cruiser is famous for its nearly waterproof design.

Also, Emove Cruiser has a bigger battery, which provides much more range. At the same time, Dualtron has a much more powerful motor, which should provide better acceleration and top speed.

Anyway, you shouldn’t go much wrong with either of them. See the discussion on Reddit.

Dualtron MiniEmove Cruiser
32 mphMax Speed30 mph
52V 17.5AhBattery52V 30Ah
34 milesMax Range62 miles
Rear drum brake + ABSBrakesXTECH Hybrid hydraulic
48 lbsWeight52 lbs
220 lbsWeight Capacity352 lbs
9″ pneumatic tiresTires10″ pneumatic tires
IP RatingIPX6

Dualtron Mini vs Apollo Ghost

Dualtron Mini on the left and Apollo Ghost on the right

The biggest difference here is that one is with a single motor, while the other has dual motors.

Although the total wattage is similar, scooters with dual motors tend to be with much sharper acceleration. Also, dual-motor scooters are much better at climbing hills.

The existence of the water-resistance rating is definitely an advantage of Apollo Ghost. Also, it has better mileage.

However, Dualtron Mini is known for its compact design and is much more lightweight.

Dualtron MiniApollo Ghost
1,450WMotor2 x 800W
32 mphMax Speed34 mph
52V 17.5AhBattery52V 18.2Ah
34 milesMax Range39 miles
Rear drum brake + ABSBrakesHydraulic/Mechanical Disc + Electric Brake
48 lbsWeight64 lbs
220 lbsWeight Capacity300 lbs
9″ pneumatic tiresTires10″ pneumatic
IP RatingIP54

Dualtron Mini Review Conclusions

Dualtron Mini is the first single-motor electric scooter in Dualtron’s range. That doesn’t mean it has low quality.

You can see it’s a quality product right after unboxing it. It has good build quality, durable components, and great performance.

Dualtron Mini is for people who want premium quality without breaking the bank. It’s something that makes your everyday commutes much more enjoyable.

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