Why are Electric Bikes So Expensive? Top 5 Reasons

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People often ask us why are electric bikes so expensive.

E-bikes are so expensive because of their features and benefits. The components or parts of e-bikes also come in grades. If you want an e-bike with high-quality components, that will work efficiently and also last for a long time, you will pay more.

In this article, we are taking a closer look at what components are making e-bikes so expensive.

Top 5 Reasons Why E-Bikes are So Expensive

1. The Cost of the Battery

Batteries are one of the most important parts of electric bikes. They give power to the motors so they can assist in pedaling and help the bikes work smoothly.

Electric bike batteries aren’t cheap. Depending on the type purchased, they could cost between $500 to over $1,000. This drives up the cost of electric bikes significantly. 

man inserts a battery into e-bike frame

Low-quality electric bikes will come with cheaper batteries which would make the bikes cheaper. But if you want a good electric bike that would serve you for a long time, be ready to spend more. Specially made and fitted batteries are even more expensive.

Most electric bikes are fitted with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are more efficient and last longer than other types. They are also lighter which reduces the weight of an electric bike and makes it easier to handle.

However, Lithium-ion batteries are quite expensive. This is another reason batteries make up a huge part of the cost of electric bikes.

2. The Cost of the Motor

Unlike traditional bikes that are powered by riders, electric bikes are powered by motors. The motors of electric bikes draw energy from batteries to assist in cycling.

These motors are of different types and capacities, which makes their prices vary. Next to the battery, the motor is the second most expensive component on e-bikes. This makes electric bikes more expensive than traditional bikes.

rear hub motor of engwe electric bike
Rear-hub motor of Engwe EP-2 Pro.

There are two types of motors for electric bikes which are mid-drive motors and hub motors. Mid-drive motors are more expensive than hub motors because of their more complicated construction.

Also, a mid-drive motor ensures smoother rides. So, an electric bike with a mid-drive motor will be more expensive.

Electric bike motors come in different capacities which also contribute to the high cost of e-bikes. They range from 250 watts to over 1,000 watts. The higher the capacity and power, the higher the price of the e-bike.

3. The Quality of Components

Apart from the cost of batteries and motors, electric bikes are expensive because of the quality of other components used in making them. The type of frame used, wheels, drivetrain, controller, throttle, etc. contributes to the high cost of an e-bike.

E-bikes for offroading tend to cost more than those for commuting because high-end components are used in making them. They need to ensure that these components will stand the test of time and work efficiently.

E-bikes are heavier than traditional bikes because of the addition of motors, batteries, and other components that make them electric. Because of this, a sturdier frame design is needed. This ensures you can sit on your bike comfortably without the risk of falling. This costs a lot which makes e-bikes so expensive.

4. The Cost of Research and Development

people are designing an electric bike on paper

Electric bikes are a new technology. Unlike traditional bikes, they have additional components like batteries, motors, controllers, etc. A lot of research has been done to develop them. Experts are employed to do this research and develop efficient e-bikes, which makes them more expensive.

Electric bike manufacturers research always to develop e-bikes that suit the various needs of their consumers. This research costs a lot of money and the expenses are transferred to the purchasers. And since it’s a new technology, research hasn’t stopped. 

For example, manufacturers are always doing constant research on electric batteries. They research how to develop advanced batteries that will last longer on a single charge, and are durable. 

The same goes for the other components of electric bikes. 

5. The Cost of Production

E-bikes have specialized components that are unique to them. As a result of this, their manufacturing process is more complex than traditional bikes. This is time-consuming and requires a level of expertise, which makes them more expensive.

E-bikes also have more components and parts than traditional bikes. Because of this, they require additional assembly.

After manufacturing the different components of an e-bike, it takes more time to assemble them than it takes when assembling a normal bike. This increases the cost of production and makes e-bikes more expensive.

In addition, because e-bikes are relatively new, they require more testing. The different unique components and the end product have to be tested several times. This is to ensure that they are safe and reliable. Also, it increases the time spent producing e-bikes, which drives up the costs.

Will E-Bike Prices Go Down in the Future?

Compared to a couple of years ago when e-bikes were still very new, their prices have gone down significantly. 

The technology of electric bikes is getting refined day by day. It has become simpler compared to when they just started. This contributes to the cheaper prices of e-bikes in the market.

We now have cheap electric bikes in the market that cost less than $1000.

However, with this recent inflation, the prices of e-bikes will not be going down in the future. The prices of the parts and components of e-bikes have increased which will inflate the prices of e-bikes.


E-bikes are so expensive because they have additional components that cost a lot. These components are what make e-bikes special.

However, there are affordable e-bike models in the market that you can choose from. They will still be more expensive than regular bikes but affordable among e-bikes.

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