Kaabo Electric Scooter Brand Overview

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With its incredible spectrum of best-in-class electric scooters, Kaabo electric scooter brand has burst into the industry and has managed to deliver hit after hit over the past few years.

The market leader has launched numerous electric vehicle wonders at affordable and reasonable prices. Each of them comes with its own set of advanced features and technologies that suit different riders and their specific requirements.

With the help of other electric scooter experts, let’s take a closer look at the brand and its models.

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Establishment of Kaabo Electric Scooters

The year 2013 marked the establishment of the Kaabo Electric Scooter in China. The fact that electric scooters came into existence in 2012 helped make Kaabo grow as the early leader in the field of off-road e-scooters as well as daily commute models.

Initially, when the Zhejiang Kaabo Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. was started, the brand mainly focused on crafting, manufacturing, and developing electric unicycles, electric scooters, and advanced electric balance bikes.

Since then, the brand has continued experimenting and innovating new technologies, while exporting to over 30 different countries around the United States, Africa, and Europe. The brand is now also known as “Qibu”, while the English name remains KAABO.

When it comes to smart and state-of-the-art transportation, Kaabo has introduced innovative products into the market with the help of some highly skilled developers from around the world.

The brand has patented innovations in more than 24 nations and has made a mark with its Mantis series.

Constantly striving to bring high-end scooter models to people, Kaabo leads the industry in the sphere of research and development. Today, the brand works in close coordination with numerous distribution partners and factory brands.

Different Kaabo Electric Scooter Models

Kaabo has 3 distinct series of electric scooters in its lineup: Mantis, Wolf, and Skywalker.

Each of these models is designed with specific target markets in mind, boasting unique features and highlights that cater to varying preferences and requirements.

In the following sections, I’ll delve into each of these models, exploring their distinct characteristics and what sets them apart in the world of electric scooters.


man with helmet riding kaabo mantis electric scooter
Photo: Fluid Freeride

Kaabo Mantis is extremely popular in North America as well as Europe. But as mentioned before, you must be really careful what you are actually buying because Mantis has so many versions.

Here are some of the models I managed to find:

Motor Power

One thing is certain – each Mantis version comes with dual hub motors. We have also included it in our list of best dual-motor electric scooters.

However, the power of these motors significantly varies. For example, V2 (fluid edition) and Pro SE have 2x1000W motors and King GT has even 2x1100W motors. On the other hand, Mantis 8 and Mantis 10 Lite have just 2x500W motors.

The different motor size is clearly reflected in the top speed. While the more powerful models reach speeds of 40 mph, the leaner versions offer a top speed of just 25-31 mph.

Battery Capacity

The same logic goes with the battery size. Mantis Pro SE, King GT, and V2 all come with a fairly big battery. Often you can choose between 1092 Wh or 1470 Wh batteries. The exact range heavily depends on conditions but in general, these batteries are pretty decent.

But on the other side, there are those leaner versions of Mantis available: Mantis 10 Lite and Mantis 8. These scooters come with a fairly small battery of just 624 Wh. With this kind of capacity, don’t expect to get a range of much more than 20 miles.

Other Details

Most of the versions of Kaabo Mantis come with 10″ wheels. The tires on it may be both: street or off-road. Often, you can choose which one you want. However, there are some Mantis versions with 8-inch wheels. The wheel size is often reflected in the name (Mantis 8, Mantis 10).

All versions of Mantis come with dual spring suspensions. It means they all have some kind of all-terrain capability no matter what tires they have.

Ride Experience of Mantis V2

Paul from Rider Guide offers a comprehensive review of the Kaabo Mantis V2 Fluid Edition, highlighting its impressive performance and improved features. The Mantis V2 Fluid Edition stands out for delivering pro-level performance at a base model price, with a top speed of 37.3 mph, surpassing the 2020 Mantis Pro.

kaabo mantis v2 in action
Photo: Screenshot YouTube

It boasts a range of 27.2 miles and exhibits exceptional acceleration, achieving smooth and controlled power delivery thanks to its sine wave motor controllers. This results in reduced wheel spin and enhanced launch speed, especially noticeable when accelerating out of corners.

The Mantis V2 also excels in braking, outperforming all previous Mantis models with its Zoom hydraulic brakes, stopping from 15 mph in just 9.7 feet. Its firm suspension and stable stem contribute to a balanced and nimble ride quality, making the scooter feel deceptively fast.

Despite these upgrades, the Mantis V2 still weighs 66.4 pounds, posing a challenge for portability. Its display could be brighter, and the ergonomics of the trigger throttle combined with Zoom brakes might require some getting used to.

Check the Price of Kaabo Mantis V2 from Fluid FreeRide

Ride Experience of Mantis 10 Lite

The review of the Kaabo Mantis 10 Lite by Scoota Gang offers an enthusiastic endorsement of the scooter. They note a top speed of around 34 mph, which is slightly lower than the V2 but still adequate for urban commuting. The power delivery is smooth, making it versatile for both sidewalks and streets.

kaabo mantis 10 lite
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

Scoota Gang also praises the ride quality, noting the comfort provided by the standard 10-inch tires and effective suspension system.

Although it has mechanical brakes, they were impressed with the braking efficiency and the strong electronic braking, ensuring safety during rides.

The Mantis 10 Lite, while slightly less powerful and lacking some of the advanced features of the V2, still delivers impressive performance and quality for its price, making it a great value option.

Our Take on Kaabo Mantis

The Kaabo Mantis series stands out as a commendable choice for those seeking a dual-motor electric scooter with robust build quality.

However, when considering a purchase, it’s advisable to opt for higher-end models within the Mantis range. These versions typically feature dual motors of at least 1000W, providing enhanced performance and power.

Additionally, a larger battery is crucial for dual-motor scooters to ensure a balance between power and range. The 600Wh battery found in lower-end “lite” models, might fall short in meeting the demands of dual motors, especially for longer rides or more intense usage.

Another significant upgrade in the higher-tier Mantis models is the inclusion of hydraulic brakes. These offer vastly superior braking performance and control compared to mechanical brakes, an essential factor for safety and handling, especially at higher speeds and in varied riding conditions.

Given that many retailers are selling Kaabo scooters, it’s crucial to buy from reputable shops that not only provide competitive pricing but also ensure adequate warranty and reliable after-sales service.

Where to Buy Kaabo Mantis?

Here are some reputable shops that provide reliable service:


Kaabo Wolf series models are divided into two subcategory models: Wolf Warrior and Wolf King. While both belong to the high-end category of electric scooters, the Wolf King is superior of the two.

Wolf Warrior

Wolf Warrior X
Photo: Fluid Freeride

All Wolf Warrior electric scooters come with powerful dual motors with each motor providing 1100-1200 Watts. The frame of the scooters is robust and they all have high-end hydraulic suspension in both front and rear.

However, each Wolf Warrior model might come in a different trim level. For example, I have come across:

And I am sure there are even more variations. And it’s really difficult the make the distinct difference. It’s like choosing a Samsung smartphone with so many letter and number combinations.

Anyway, when choosing a Wolf Warrior model, compare the specs and prices of different models and pick what’s right for you.

In short, the Wolf Warrior 11 comes with 11-inch tires, while the Wolf Warrior X has 10-inch tires. Overall, the Wolf Warrior X is a bit lighter and more compact.

And if the model name has some kind of suffix like Pro or GT, it has something extra: for example, a bigger battery, an upgraded controller, or a new display.

What is the difference between Wolf Warrior X GT and Wolf Warrior X Pro?

Both models are equipped with robust 1100W motors and share the same battery capacity of 60V 28Ah, ensuring a solid foundation of power and endurance. The braking systems are consistent across both models, with ZOOM hydraulic brakes and 140mm rotors ensuring reliable stopping power.

Both models boast 10 X 2.7″ tubed pneumatic tires, robust kickstands, and identical deck dimensions, maintaining stability and comfort.

However, the control systems diverge with the Pro version featuring 27A square wave controllers, while the GT opts for more refined 30A sine wave controllers, influencing the smoothness and character of acceleration.

Also, the X GT comes with an upgraded 4.2″ anti-glare TFT display and a thumb throttle.

Wolf King

kaabo wolf king gtr
Photo: @voromotors Instagram

In the realm of high-performance electric scooters, the Kaabo Wolf King series stands as the flagship range, showcasing the pinnacle of what Kaabo offers in terms of power and features.

These models represent the most premium and expensive offerings from Kaabo, designed for enthusiasts who demand the best in performance.

Within this series, two distinct trim levels emerge:

The biggest difference between Wolf King and Wolf Warrior is that the first one has much more powerful motors. While the Warrior models have dual 1100 or 1200W motors, then the King comes with dual 2000W motors. Bigger motors provide significantly higher top speed.

Additionally, the Wolf King has a bigger battery and therefore a longer range.

What is the difference between Wolf King GTR and Wolf King GT?

In the world of high-performance electric scooters, the Kaabo Wolf King GT and the Wolf King GTR stand out as two formidable models. Voro Motors has made a nice comparison between these models.

Both models share some impressive attributes, such as their ability to reach over 60 miles per hour and offer more than 50 miles of range. They are also rated IPX5 for water resistance, a feature not commonly found in most scooters, and boast a TFT display for clear, anti-glare visibility of essential scooter information.

The Wolf King GT positions itself as an everyday rider. It is versatile in its compatibility with various seats and PMT tires, perfect for those seeking performance on the street and in races. It features a thumb throttle and a separate button module for the TFT display, making it user-friendly and accessible.

In contrast, the Wolf King GTR elevates the riding experience to a level of luxury. It features dual adjustable hydraulic suspension and a new controller, making the ride exceptionally smooth.

Its deck offers over 10 inches of clearance, significantly higher than the King GT, enhancing its ability to tackle diverse terrains with ease.

A unique feature of the GTR is its removable battery, adding convenience to charging.

The cockpit of the GTR is designed with a trigger throttle, with TFT control buttons on the same side, a change that may appeal to different user preferences.

However, this model is heavier, weighing over 130 pounds, making it less portable than the King GT.

Ultimately, the Wolf King GT and GTR cater to different needs and preferences. The GT is ideal for those who seek a versatile, everyday ride with the option for comfort and performance enhancements. The GTR, on the other hand, is perfect for riders looking for the latest technology and a luxurious, smooth ride, even if it means handling a heavier scooter.

Where to Buy Kaabo Wolf?

Here are some reputable shops that provide reliable service:


Kaabo Skywalker
Photo: @skymotioncolombia Instagram

The Skywalker series is Kaabo’s lower-end line. Overall, they come in single-motor configurations (500W or 800W) and these models are much more portable than other Kaabo models. They have a telescoping foldable handlebar stem and weigh less than 55 pounds.

However, these models are much less popular than Kaabo Mantis or Kaabo Wolf scooters. It’s much harder to find a Skywalker model from popular scooter retailers.

After some deep digging, I managed to find such models from Kaabo.com:

  • Skywalker 8H
  • Skywalker 8S
  • Skywalker 10C
  • Skywalker 10H

And again, there are those numbers and letters after the model name. Well, the number is quite obvious. It refers to wheel size. Skywalker 8 has 8-inch wheels and Skywalker 10 has 10-inch wheels. But I didn’t find any clear difference between H, S, or C.

The Skywalker 8 comes with an odd tire combination. While there is an air tire in front, at the rear there is a solid tire. I personally don’t like electric scooters with solid tires because they are only suitable for extremely smooth terrain.

While all other Kaabo electric scooters have dual disc brakes (mostly hydraulic), the 8H has a single drum brake and the 8S has a single mechanical disc brake. Additionally, both have an electronic ABS.

The Skywalker 10 models come with single 800W motors and double mechanical disc brakes. They have slightly bigger batteries and more range but other than that not many improvements from Skywalker 8.


Kaabo Electric Scooters presents an impressive lineup with the Mantis, Wolf, and Skywalker models, each catering to distinct needs and preferences.

From the agility and performance-focused Mantis, the power-packed and robust Wolf series, to the versatile and accessible Skywalker, Kaabo offers a range of options for various riders.

With their emphasis on quality, performance, and rider experience, Kaabo Electric Scooters stand out as a strong choice in the ever-growing electric scooter market.

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