My In-Depth Experience with the Nanrobot D6+ and Its Impressive 2.0 Upgrade

james heath testing the nanrobot d6 electric scooter

Reflecting on my journey with the Nanrobot D6+, it’s been a remarkable few years since I first rode this dynamic scooter. Time has flown, and with it, Nanrobot has evolved, introducing the D6+ 2.0 version.

In this blog post, I’m excited to share my first-hand experiences with both the original and the updated models. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the differences and enhancements that distinguish the 2.0 from its predecessor.

Join me as we explore what sets these models apart and how they measure up in the ever-progressing world of electric scooters.

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Nanrobot D6+ Overview

Photo: Nanrobot
  • Top speed: 64 km/h / 40 mph  
  • Max range: 64 km / 40 miles
  • Recharge time: 8-12 hours
  • Weight: 35 kg / 77 lbs  
  • Max Load: 150 kg / 330 lbs
  • Motor: 2 x 1000W

The Nanrobot D6+ stands out as a robust and high-powered electric scooter, designed for those who seek both adventure and reliability.

It features a dual motor setup, each motor offering 1000W power for a combined might of 2000 watts. This power is complemented by off-road capabilities, including 10-inch pneumatic tires and front and rear hydraulic spring shock absorbers.

Its build is solid, with a weight capacity of 330 lbs and a wide deck for comfortable riding. While its heavy build might challenge portability, the D6+’s folding mechanism adds a layer of convenience.

The Original Version vs. the 2.0: What’s the Difference?

The Nanrobot D6+ 2.0 represents a thoughtful evolution of the original D6+, building on its solid foundation with several key improvements. Here are the primary differences:

  1. New Display: The 2.0 version boasts a larger, more centrally located display on the handlebars, enhancing readability and user interaction.
  2. Controller Upgrade: A significant change is the shift from two controllers to a single sine wave controller, promising more range with the same battery capacity.
  3. Improved Wiring and Accessibility: The 2.0 model features streamlined, plug-and-play wiring, making maintenance and repairs more straightforward.
  4. Enhanced Braking System: The 2.0 version introduces Nanrobot-branded brakes, known for their sharpness and reliability, similar in performance to nut brakes.
  5. Sturdier Kickstand: The new model includes a more robust kickstand, akin to the one found on the Nanrobot LS7+.
  6. Stronger Stem Structure: Addressing a previous concern, the stem on the 2.0 model is reinforced and thicker, enhancing durability and rider safety.
  7. Battery Options: In addition to the standard 52V battery, a 60V LG battery option is available, potentially increasing the max speed to 45 mph.
  8. Riding Modes: The Eco mode is absent in the 2.0 model, with the option to switch between dual and single motor modes.

Nanrobot D6+ Specs

Motor2 x 1000W Brushless Dual-Drive
Battery52V 26Ah (1352Wh) Lithium-Ion
Recharge Time8-12 hours (5-6 with 2 chargers)
Max Speed40 mph
Max Range45 miles
BrakesMechanical/Hydraulic Disc Brakes
SuspensionFront & Rear Hydraulic Spring Shock Absorbers
Weight77 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs
Tires10″ Off-Road Pneumatic (Air)
LightsLED Front, Rear, and Side
Folded Dimension52 x 11 x 21 inches
DisplayDigital LCD with USB Port
Charging Ports2

A Deep Dive Into Nanrobot D6+ Performance

Nanrobot D6+ standing on the pavement.
Photo: Electric Wheelers

Motor and Speed

The Nanrobot D6+ distinguishes itself with its dual motor setup, each delivering 1000 watts, for a combined power output of 2000 watts. This robust configuration enables it to surpass many high-end scooters.

On paper, the maximum speed of the scooter is 40 mph. The promised top speed and real top speed are not always the same.

In my own experience, I pushed the D6+ beyond its advertised top speed, reaching an exhilarating 41 mph.

While the overall stability of the scooter is commendable, I did notice a slight wobble at these higher speeds. This minor instability likely stems from the knobby tires, which are designed primarily for off-road use, rather than high-speed, smooth-surface riding.

While the original D6 had 4 different riding modes, the 2.0 comes only with two riding modes:

  • Single-Drive Mode: Perfect for relaxed city cruising, and conserving energy.
  • Dual-Drive Mode: Unleashes the full power of both motors.

The flexibility of these modes ensures that you can adapt the scooter’s performance to your current needs, whether it’s saving battery on a long journey or experiencing the full thrill of its dual-drive power.

Battery and Range

Nanrobot electric scooter standing on the road
Photo: Electric Wheelers

The Nanrobot D6+ is equipped with a robust battery system that plays a crucial role in its overall performance. Both the 52-volt and 60-volt models boast a substantial maximum range of 40 miles.

However, real-world conditions, including varied terrains, frequent stops, and varying speeds, typically yield a more practical range of 23 to 25 miles.

In my personal experience with the D6+, I found these figures to be quite accurate. During a day of mixed-use – encompassing high-speed stretches, casual cruising, and occasional stops – I managed to ride for about 25 miles mark.

What particularly impressed me was the battery’s resilience; even after extended use, there was no significant drop in performance or range.

This reliable range, coupled with the scooter’s power, makes the D6+ a versatile choice, adept at both urban commuting and adventurous off-road explorations.

The battery’s performance ensures that you can confidently plan longer rides without the worry of frequent recharges, making it an ideal companion for both daily commutes and weekend adventures.

Talking about the charging, it takes about 10-12 hours to fully charge. However, there are two charging ports and if you buy another charger, you can reduce the charging time to just 5-6 hours.


Nanrobot D6 brakes
Photo: Electric Wheelers

As stated earlier, the D6 has powerful motors, which means you will need good brakes to stop your vehicle whenever needed. Otherwise, the scooter is so potent that it can throw you off. Thankfully, you will not experience such problems.

The Nanrobot D6+ offers a choice between hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes, allowing riders to select based on their preference and riding style.

The 2.0 version introduces Nanrobot-branded brakes, a shift from the NUTT brakes found in the original model. Despite the branding change, the quality and effectiveness of the brakes remain consistent, ensuring reliable stopping power.

In addition to disc brakes, it features electronic braking too.

For me, standard mechanical disc brakes have plenty of stopping capability. But I have also tried the model with hydraulic brakes and I must say the stopping with these is just so much smoother.

Nanrobot D6+ Design and Features

Frame and Cockpit

The cockpit of Nanrobot D6+ electric scooter
The handlebar of the original D6+. Photo: Electric Wheelers

Nanrobot D6+ features an aluminum alloy body. It weighs 77 pounds, which makes it a quite heavy scooter. However, it is foldable, and that ensures easier storage.

The folding mechanism is worth mentioning. It comes with two-stage locking. That means the scooter will not collapse when one lock fails.

Apart from that, it has a 9 inches wide deck. That means you will have sufficient space to keep your feet while tackling rough terrains.

The wide deck will also ensure that you have a correct posture while controlling your scooter. It can enable you to navigate bumpy roads and take longer rides effortlessly.

Also, the deck has rubbery material padding to offer increased traction. The scooter can support up to 330 pounds.

Is Nanrobot D6+ Waterproof?

Nanrobot D6+ is not waterproof. It has an IP54 water-resistant rating, which means it can withstand some splashes and maybe some very light rain. If possible don’t use it when it’s raining.

Make sure the charging ports at the bottom of the deck are covered. If not, every little puddle can be dangerous to your electrified friend.


the display of d6 vs d6 2.0
The old vs new display. Photo: Electric Wheelers

One of the most notable upgrades in the Nanrobot D6+ 2.0 is its display.

The new model features a larger, more centrally located display on the handlebars, offering enhanced readability and easier interaction. This improvement is not just about size; the placement and clarity of the display make it more user-friendly, especially when monitoring speed, battery level, and riding mode.

The display’s upgrade significantly enhances the rider’s experience, providing essential information at a glance without distracting from the ride.

This change marks a substantial step forward in the scooter’s design, aligning it with the needs of modern riders who value both functionality and aesthetics in their scooters.


The front light of Nanrobot D6 electric scooter
Photo: Electric Wheelers

The scooter is equipped with a comprehensive lighting system designed for safety and visibility. This includes a bright, low-mounted headlight that effectively illuminates the path ahead.

Additionally, the scooter features integrated LEDs on the front and rear, enhancing visibility for both the rider and others on the road. The rear LEDs also function as brake lights and turn signals, adding an extra layer of safety for urban riding.

These lights collectively ensure that the scooter is well-equipped for night riding, providing ample illumination for a safe and enjoyable experience after dark.

Tires and Suspensions

Front off road tire and front spring suspension of Nanrobot D6+
Photo: Electric Wheelers

The Nanrobot D6+ stands out with its exceptional tires and suspension system, crucial for both comfort and performance.

The scooter features 10-inch pneumatic off-road tires, providing excellent grip and stability across various terrains. These tires are adept at absorbing road imperfections, contributing to a smoother ride.

Nanrobot D6+ adjustable rear suspension
Rear suspension of Nanrobot D6+. Photo: Electric Wheelers

Complementing the tires, the D6+ is equipped with a robust suspension system. It includes hydraulic spring shock absorbers at both the front and rear, adeptly handling bumps and providing a level of ride comfort that is rare in scooters.

This combination of high-quality tires and effective suspension not only enhances the riding experience but also significantly improves the scooter’s off-road capabilities, making it a versatile choice for different riding conditions.

How do you adjust the suspension on a Nanrobot D6+?

Suspensions are easily adjustable. You can set the softness to your personal preference.

To do that, you need a 55-62mm spanner wrench. Just rotate the adjustment ring, which is on top of the suspension spring. To make the suspension stiffer, rotate the ring clockwise. If you rotate the adjustment ring contra-clockwise, you can make the suspension softer.

Usually heavier riders like it when the suspension is stiffer and lighter riders like it to be soft. But there is no right or wrong. Test it out and adjust it to your own preference.


Nanrobot D6 doesn't quite fit into the trunk of regular-sized car.
I had to pull down the back seat to completely fit Nanrobot D6. Photo: Electric Wheelers

While the Nanrobot D6+ offers the convenience of a folding stem to reduce its size, its portability presents certain challenges.

The absence of a stem latch to lock the stem to the frame means you cannot easily carry the scooter by holding the folded stem. This design oversight affects the ease of transport, especially given the scooter’s substantial size and weight.

Moreover, the scooter’s dimensions necessitate considerable trunk space.

In my experience with an average-sized sedan, accommodating the D6+ required folding down all the back seats. This aspect is crucial to consider for those who plan to transport the scooter in a vehicle regularly.

The D6+’s portability may be a significant consideration, particularly for users without access to larger vehicles.

Ride Quality

riding with nanrobot electric scooter
Photo: Electric Wheelers

The Nanrobot D6+ offers an impressive ride quality that strikes a fine balance between comfort and thrill.

Its robust suspension system and off-road tires collectively ensure a smooth ride across varied terrains. During my rides, the scooter handled city streets and rougher paths with equal aplomb, providing a stable and comfortable experience.

The scooter’s weight and size contribute positively to its stability, especially at higher speeds. Riding the D6+ feels secure and controlled, a testament to its well-engineered design.

I can confidently say that the D6+ delivers a ride quality that is both enjoyable and reliable.

Accessories and Spare Parts

There are lots of accessories and spare parts available for Nanrobot scooters. You can have an extra charger, spare tires, new fenders, etc.

Probably the most interesting accessory is a seat for Nanrobot D6+. The seat itself has 2 springs under it plus the seat post has a little suspension. For $200 you can make your rides much more comfortable.

Nanrobot D6 seat
The Nanrobot seat gives you extra comfort. Photo: Nanrobot

D6 vs D5 vs D4

You might have come across these Nanrobot models and wondered what are the differences. Basically, all these three are really similar and each version got some minor upgrades. Overall the Nanrobot D6+ is the advanced version of D4 and D5.

All three have dual motors with a total power of 2,000 watts and the charging time has remained the same – about 10 hours.

The latest model has a slightly better top speed than its predecessors. The advanced technologies will minimize the braking distance of D6 and ensure safer riding.

Nanrobot vs Other Companies

Let’s make a fair comparison among the leading names including D6, Dualtron Thunder, and Kaabo Mantis.

As you can see from the table below, 10 hours of charging is not that bad. Considering that it takes even more time to recharge Kaabo Mantis PRO and Dualtron Thunder, we can not complain much about D6+.

Also, Nanrobot D6 is quite affordable when compared with others. Yes, Dualtron Thunder tops in almost every category but you also have to pay the double.

You can see the rest of the comparison below.

Nanrobot D6+Kaabo Mantis PRODualtron Thunder
Motor2 x 1,000W2 x 1,000W2×1,200W
Top Speed40mph40mph50mph
Max Range45 miles45 miles75 miles
Recharge time10-12 hours13-16 hours20 hours
Weight77 lbs65 lbs95 lbs
Max Payload330 lbs265 lbs265 lbs

What Other Customers Are Saying?

I have told you a lot of good things about this scooter but let’s take a look at what others say. It seems I am not a minor here.

At Nanrobot shop, there are over 240 reviews of the model D6 and the average rating is 5 stars. Here are some examples of what customers have to say:

reviews about Nanrobot d6+
Photo: Screenshot from Nanrobot

Final Verdict

Nanrobot electric scooter in the middle of fallen leaves.
Photo: Electric Wheelers

Nanrobot D6+ electric scooter combines power, comfort, speed, safety, and affordability to become the first choice for off-road riding.

The foldable design will ensure easier storage but transportation remains still quite difficult. Also, it is packed with many advanced features to improve ride quality.

This electric scooter works well for just casual commutes and also for off-roading. If you like speed and ride occasionally on rough terrain, you can definitely consider Nanrobot D6+.

2 thoughts on “My In-Depth Experience with the Nanrobot D6+ and Its Impressive 2.0 Upgrade”

  1. I have one, I just had a steering damper, because stability wasn’t at 100% and i fell when I let go off a hand and accelerate at the same time…
    I have now more than 3000 km, I changed one rolling in rear wheel and tyres that was worn.
    The big negative point of this machine is the inner tuber. They have a manufacturing problem, they split themselve, no nails or pieces of glass.
    When i changed the cross tyres for road tyres, it changes the ride very soft, as well you are on a cloud !

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