Nanrobot LS7+ Electric Scooter Review

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Nanrobot LS7+ is the flagship model and the newest release of its manufacturer. In this Nanrobot LS7+ review, we take a closer look at this electric scooter and will figure out if this scooter is worth the money they are asking for.

If you already have Nanrobot LS7+, leave us a comment down below about what you like and dislike about this electric scooter.


To Whom?

tall guy riding with nanrobot ls7+
Photo credit: @roadrunnerscooters Instagram

Nanrobot LS7 Plus definitely belongs to the premium category of the electric scooter market. So, this scooter might not be the best choice for beginners as their first e-scooter.

Nanrobot LS7+ is built for experienced riders, who seek crazy performance, superb comfort, and all high-end features. So if you are a big guy and like to ride on off-road tracks, LS7+ might be the one.

Also, thanks to the high handlebar, LS7+ is suitable for tall riders.

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Nanrobot LS7+ Specs

Motor2 x 2,400W Dual Motors (4,800W total)
Battery60V 40Ah (2,400Wh)
Recharge Time10 hours with 2 chargers (18 hours with 1 charger)
Max Speed55 mph
Max Range45 miles
BrakesNUTT Hydraulic Disc brakes
SuspensionC-Type suspensions with front & rear hydraulic shock absorbers
Weight88 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs
Tires11″ off-road pneumatic tires
LightsFront & rear LED lights + stem & deck lighting
Dimensions55″ x 53″ x 22″
Folded Dimension58″ x 13″ x 22″
DisplayDigital LCD color display with USB port
IP RatingIP53

Nanrobot LS7+ Pros and Cons


  • Superb stopping power
  • Great suspensions
  • Fast and sharp acceleration
  • Solid range


  • Handlebar grips come off really easily
  • The fenders are too short. When riding on a dirty surface, suspension and deck gets dirty
  • No locking mechanism for the handlebar when folded down
  • The display is hard to read in bright conditions
  • Heavy. Not portable
  • Quite expensive

Where to Buy Nanrobot Scooters?

The most convenient place to buy Nanrobot scooters is their official website.

Nanrobot can ship scooters worldwide thanks to their local warehouses in the USA, Europe, and China.

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Nanrobot LS7+ Performance

2 nanrobot scooter in front of the store
Photo credit: @xtremescooterspr Instagram

Speed and Acceleration

Nanrobot LS7+ is one of the most powerful electric scooters you can find on the market. It’s a dual-motor electric scooter that has a total power of 4,800W. So each wheel has a 2,400-watt motor inside of it.

Those powerful motors make the scooter scary fast. It can reach a top speed of 58 mph. There are not many scooters with a better top speed (only some Rion, Dualtron, and Kaabo scooters).

Acceleration is also amazingly sharp. It takes just 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0-30 mph. It is not super torquey but more controlled.

To reach its top speed, it takes a little bit over 11 seconds. So not bad at all.

Powerful dual motors combined with amazing torque make the LS7 scooter an excellent hill climber.

It’s hard to find a hill that this Nanrobot scooter can not climb.

Battery and Range

big guy with nanrobot ls7+
Photo credit: @roadrunnerscooters Instagram

Nanrobot LS7+ comes with a high-quality battery that has an energy capacity of 2,400Wh.

When using dual-motor and eco-mode settings, we managed to get 37 miles of range. It’s probably realistic to get over 50 miles if you use a single-motor setting with the lowest gear.

The scooter comes with one standard charger. It takes about 10 hours to get a full charge with it. However, LS7+ has 2 charging ports. So, if you have another charger you can get the scooter charged within 5 hours.


Brakes are definitely one of the highlights of this electric scooter.

Nanrobot LS7+ comes with Nutt hydraulic brakes, which are truly amazing. Nutt hydraulic brakes are one of the most reliable braking systems you can find on an electric scooter. We have never heard of anyone who has any complaints against brakes made by Nutt.

Hydraulic brakes accompanied by 160mm discs are very smooth. It provides you the great stopping power and you can feel safe when riding really fast.


Suspensions are another strong part of this scooter.

It has hydraulic c-type suspensions similar to its smaller brother Nanrobot D6+.

These suspensions are perfect on rough terrain. Even on the roughest surface, the suspension system makes the ride very smooth. You will definitely enjoy the quality of this suspension system.

Steering Damper

front light and steering damper of nanrobot ls7+

Nanrobot LS7+ has a nice extra feature, which we have not seen before – a steering damper. I would say that this feature is a must-have on such off-road scooters.

It removes the wobbling when riding really fast. When I was riding with Nanrobot D6+, I remember a little wobbling on the steering wheel. It’s really great that Nanrobot has made this improvement for LS7+.

Thanks to the steering damper, you can even ride with one hand. Although I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Design and Features


We would rather not call this electric scooter very portable.

Nanrobot LS7+ is a huge scooter. It weighs 110 lbs (52 kg), which is very similar to Kaabo Wolf Warrior or Dualtron Thunder. So, this scooter is not very comfortable to carry around unless you are Hulk or something.

It doesn’t fit into the trunk of a regular sedan, so you need to pull down the back seat or have a bigger car.


color display of nanrobot ls7+

Nanrobot LS7+ features a new color display. It is much wider and bigger than the standard 2-inch screens you can see on most scooters.

All other components on the handlebar are also top-quality and well-positioned.

Wheels and Tires

nanrobot ls7+ electric scooter

This Nanrobot scooter comes with 11″ off-road tires. These tires are perfect when off-roading but when riding on smooth asphalt, they are very noisy.

If you are going to use LS7+ only on city streets, I would recommend changing to road tires. However, these 11-inch tires are surely more comfortable on rough terrain than 10-inch tires.


The riding experience goes to the next level with this deck. The deck of LS7+ is just huge. It is really wide and also the length is much bigger than most other scooters. Since the deck is so long, you don’t need to use the footrest most of the time.

For big guys, this massive deck is definitely a big advantage.


nanrobot ls7+ in the dark with lights on
Photo credit: @extremescooterspr Instagram

LS7+ scooter has outstanding lights. Front and tail LED lights are bright enough to safely ride in the night. Additionally, it features lighting on the stem and deck. You can switch between different colors and lighting modes. You will definitely be noticed.

Ride Quality

Nanrobot LS7+ is well-balanced and riding with it is very luxurious.

It has a sharp acceleration and excellent handling. You can get up basically every hill without losing much speed.

Big off-road tires accompanied by great suspensions provide you a smooth riding. On all kinds of terrains.


Nanrobot LS7+ vs D6+

nanrobot ls7+ on the left and nanrobot d6+ on the right

Both are powerful dual-motor electric scooters ideal for off-road riding. However, LS7+ is even more than 2 times more powerful. Also, LS7+ has a much bigger battery and a little bit bigger wheels.

Probably it won’t come as a surprise that LS7+ is also much more expensive.

See the main differences down below:

Nanrobot LS7+Nanrobot D6+
2 x 2,400WMotor2 x 1,000W
60V 40Ah (2,400Wh)Battery52V 26Ah (1,352Wh)
55 mphMax Speed40 mph
45 milesMax Range45 miles
NUTT Hydraulic Disc brakesBrakesHydraulic / Mechanical Disc
88 lbsWeight77 lbs
330 lbsWeight Capacity330 lbs
11″ off-road pneumatic tiresTires10″ off-road pneumatic tires
58″ x 13″ x 22″Folded Dimension52″ x 11″ x 21″
IP53IP RatingIP53

Nanrobot LS7+ vs Dualtron Thunder

nanrobot ls7+ on the left and dualtron thunder on the right

Both are extremely powerful dual-motor electric scooters.

When comparing the maximum range provided by manufacturers we see a huge difference in favor of Dualtron. I doubt that there is so much difference because both scooters have batteries with similar energy capacities and similar motor power.

We never know in what conditions they test the maximum range. The more realistic range of Dualtron Thunder is about 50 miles. So these two are very similar in this category too.

Nanrobot is a little bit lighter but at the same time, it withstands more payload.

Overall these two are quite equal. It is more of a personal preference when deciding which one to choose.

Nanrobot LS7+Dualtron Thunder
2 x 2,400WMotor2 x 2,700W
60V 40Ah (2,400Wh)Battery60V 35Ah (2,100Wh)
10 hours (5 hours with 2 chargers)Recharge Time20 hours (10 hours with 2 chargers, 5 hours with fast charger)
55 mphMax Speed50 mph
45 milesMax Range75 miles
3.8 secondsAcceleration 0-30mph4.5 seconds
88 lbsWeight95 lbs
330 lbsWeight Capacity265 lbs
11″ off-road pneumatic tiresTires11″ x 4″ pneumatic tires
58″ x 13″ x 22″Folded Dimension49″ x 12.5″ x 21″
IP53IP Rating

Nanrobot LS7+ Review Conclusions

This new scooter from Nanrobot is a beast. It has great speed, amazing acceleration, and solid mileage. Great speed is thanks to powerful dual motors and a huge 60V 40Ah battery that delivers an extensive range.

Also, it’s great to see that this scooter has many improvements like the steering damper.

If you are a tall and heavy guy, Nanrobot LS7+ might be one of the best choices for you.

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