Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard – Which One to Get?

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Would you rather have an electric scooter or an electric skateboard?

If you’re here because you can’t decide, you’re not alone. Motorized scooters and boards have a lot in common, so it’s not the easiest of choices to make.

Both can be extremely fun to ride, and since they all run on electric motors, they are also eco-friendly.

Commonalities between an electric scooter and electric skateboard:

  • Fun to ride with
  • Eco-friendly
  • Practical commuter

If you look at them from the perspective of an urban commuter, both e-boards and e-scooters make excellent micro-mobility devices. Despite these similarities, there is a significant difference between electric scooters and boards.

This guide walks you through the obvious and not-so-obvious attributes of electric scooters and electric skateboards with the aim of helping you make an informed decision.

Table of Contents

Which is More Affordable?
Which is Faster?
Which Has Better Range?
Ride Comfort
Which is Easier to Ride With?
Rules and Regulations
Which is More Fun to Ride With?

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard – Which is More Affordable?

Which is more affordable - electric scooter or electric skateboard?

E-scooters and e-boards exist in different price tiers. The low-end models cost as little as $300 to $500, while expensive brands sell for $3,000 to $7,000.

Before going any further, it’s important to define your budget. You can get a decent motorized scooter or skateboard as long as you look in the right price tier.

Premium Comparison

Premium E-scooters vs. Premium E-boards

One of the most expensive e-scooters, the Dualtron X2 ($6,490), and one of the most expensive e-boards, the LaCroix Lonestar ($4,000), are frighteningly fast micro-mobility devices.

The Dualtron X2 has a top speed of 55+ MPH. Compared to the LaCroix Lonestar’s top speed of 39 MPH, it seems to be a much faster micro-mobility device. It should be noted that the Lonestar’s top speed is user-rated as the manufacturer has yet to establish its fastest speed.

Dualtron X2 on the left and Lacroix Nazare Lonestar on the right.
Dualtron X2 electric scooter and Lacroix Nazarre Lonestar electric skateboard.

If you spend a lot of money on either of them, you’re bound to end up with a beast of a ride. Although it doesn’t apply to everything, in the world of electric motors, more expensive is usually much better.

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Some other examples of premium electric scooters:

Some other examples of premium electric skateboards:

  • Lacroix Lonestar – $4,000
  • Evolve Hadean – $2,899
  • Bioboard Plutonium 2 – $3,400

Budget Comparison

Budget E-scooters vs. Budget E-boards

In a nutshell, the more expensive an electric scooter or skateboard is, the better the quality.

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However, your needs should always come first. You shouldn’t spend a lot on either of these electric vehicles if you don’t intend to commute regularly or compete professionally.

Some of the cheapest e-scooters have a reputation for great performance.

A good example is the Xiaomi Mi M365 budget scooter. It costs $450 and runs as fast as 15.5 MPH, but riders unanimously consider it the best of its kind.

Xiaomi Mi M365 electric scooter on the left and Hiboy S11 electric skateboard on the right.
Xiaomi Mi M365 and Hiboy S11.

You get the same type of value with a budget e-board like the Hiboy S11. This electric skateboard costs only $259 and can reach speeds of up to 12.4 MPH. Budget e-boarders find that it offers a nice balance of features at a good price.

Some other examples of budget electric scooters:

Some other examples of budget electric skateboards:

  • Meepo V4 – $449
  • Ownboard W1S – $419
  • Hiboy S11 – $260


Electric scooters are generally much safer than electric skateboards.

It’s pretty straightforward. They have wheels that perform better at speed, better brakes, and offer much more stability because they have handlebars.

Wider tires offer a better grip on the road, especially when you’re moving fast. Scooter riders also benefit greatly from the stability gained from holding on to a sturdy stem and handlebars.

But what really sets apart the safety standards of these two micro-mobility devices is the braking systems they deploy.

rear tire and brake system of an electric scooter
Electric scooters have bigger tires and a much stronger brake system than electric skateboards.

Electric scooters usually have lever-activated brakes. E-board brakes, on the other hand, are controlled by handheld remotes. Pushing the control wheel backward is usually the way to apply the brakes on an electric longboard.

What’s more, e-boards usually rely on regenerative motor brakes alone, whereas e-scooters tend to feature mechanical brakes as well. Having more than one braking system on board is an excellent safety measure by most riders’ standards.

If you’re looking for a safer ride, then an electric scooter is the better choice.

Which is Faster – Electric Skateboard or Electric Scooter?

Speed limit sign 40.

One of the fastest commuter scooters (Dualtron X2) can reach speeds of over 55 MPH. In comparison, LaCroix’s Lonestar is known to exceed speeds of 39 MPH on its fastest runs.

Clearly, e-scooters are much faster than e-boards, and there’s a good reason why: they’re safer at high speeds.

39 MPH is astonishingly fast on a longboard, electric or otherwise. Most premium e-boards barely clock over 22 MPH, so the Lonestar is nearly twice as fast as some of the cheaper models.

2 skateboarders

Going that fast on any vehicle can be dangerous, but it’s a little riskier when you’re also trying to balance your weight on a long piece of board with no form of protection (save for a helmet) to stop you from taking a nasty tumble.

Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter – Which Has Better Range?

The Evolve Carbon GTR is the electric longboard with the longest range, a position it shares with its sibling, the Evolve Bamboo GTR. Both e-boards have a maximum range of 31 miles.

In comparison, the e-scooter with the longest range is the Dualtron X2, which can manage an astounding 93 miles on a single charge.

Electric scooters will always have a better range than electric skateboards. They have more room to store high-capacity batteries, so they’ll always outrun e-boards, which have much less room to sacrifice for bigger batteries.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard – Weight

Which one weighs more – an electric skateboard or a scooter?

There’s no doubt that electric scooters are heavier than electric skateboards. They’re larger and have weightier components, so they’re expected to weigh more.

Here’s an example. The Dualtron X2 weighs a sweat-inducing 145 pounds! In comparison, the LaCroix Lonestar weighs 49 pounds, less than half the weight of the e-scooter.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard – Portability

Electric longboards are more portable than electric scooters. This is especially true as you climb up the price tiers since the more expensive models tend to weigh more.

Generally, e-boards are much smaller than e-scooters. You can take the biggest electric longboard and it still fits into the trunk of the car. We can’t say the same about big electric scooters.

If the battery gets empty, you can still kick your way around on a dead e-board.

Sure, you can do the same with electric scooters but with bigger models, they are almost unmanageable with a dead battery.

If you need to carry your electrified friend, there’s no doubt it’s easier with an electric skateboard.

It helps that most e-scooters are foldable, a feature that allows them to fit in buses, trains, office cubicles. Crucially, it allows riders to ship them up flights of stairs too, although a little hoisting is necessary.

Women carrying folded electric scooters

To the credit of e-boards, they almost always have a slim profile that makes them easy to store. A longboard will always be more discreet than a scooter.

To sum up this portability debate, always check the weight of the e-scooter or e-board you decide to buy. You never know when you’ll need to carry it up several flights of stairs.

Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter – Ride Comfort

Let’s be real, no one rides a longboard because they want to explore bumpy terrain. E-boards are made for carving and rolling down slopes. Despite that, they can be pretty comfortable to ride.

guy rides with electric skateboard and holds another skateboard under his arm

Most electric skateboards have gyroscopes to regulate the deck’s positioning, which grants riders added stability. Therefore, once you’re used to it, riding an e-board feels comfortable.

However, you can’t really compare it to the e-scooters ride quality. Cushier suspension systems and big pneumatic tires make electric scooters far more comfortable, especially on uneven terrain.

They’re more adept at riding over cracks and potholes and generally handle high speeds better.

guy riding an electric scooter really fast

On an electric scooter, you also have a handlebar to hold on to. This significantly cuts down fatigue and improves stability.

E-scooters even come with seats these days. There’s no doubt that they’re superior when it comes to riding comfort.

Which is Easier to Ride With – Electric Scooter or Electric Skateboard?

Riding a scooter is vastly different from riding a longboard.

It is notably easier to learn how to balance on a bike than it is on a skateboard.

Therefore, whether it is motorized or not, a skateboard will always be much harder to ride if you’re new to it.

man with white sneakers on an Evolve skateboard

Aside from learning how to balance, you also must know how to shift your weight to turn (accelerating and braking on an electric skateboard is usually facilitated by the handheld remote).

In stark contrast, controlling an e-scooter is as easy as turning the handlebars in the direction you want to go to. The brakes and throttle are conveniently placed within reach, and with time, you can manage the controls almost subconsciously.

man with safety gear on doing tricks with an electric scooter
Generally, an electric scooter is easier to ride with unless you are doing these kinds of tricks.

Most importantly, e-scooters have a much gentler learning curve compared to e-boards. They’re easier to balance on, thanks to the handlebars, and tend to have more familiar controls (levers and throttles for braking and acceleration).

It takes a while to get used to riding a skateboard, let alone control a motorized one using a handheld remote. If you’ve never ridden a skateboard before, an e-scooter will be much easier to ride.

Rules and Regulations

A policeman giving thumbs to a boy with electric scooter and a helmet.

The rules and regulations governing electric micro-mobility devices are unclear, especially in the United States where laws are mostly state-specific.

What’s certain is that electric skateboards and electric scooters are more or less considered the same by lawmakers.

Currently, there is some confusion regarding e-scooters and e-boards.

On the road, these riders are grouped together with cyclists and other non-vehicle road users, even though these motorized devices are typically much faster than human-powered longboards and scooters. They’re closer to vehicles than bikes, truth be told.

man is riding with an electric skateboard.

The laws are pretty clear about skateboards: they’re not allowed on roads. You can ride them on sidewalks, bike paths, or on private property, but not on any public roads.

Since most rules and regulations vary by state, there are arbitrary guidelines that every scooter and e-board rider must follow to avoid trouble with the law:

  • Stick to the assigned lane. In most states, that’s the bike lane or sidewalk.
  • Don’t exceed the specified speed limit. Check  whether non-vehicle road users are allowed to go as fast as motor vehicles.
  • Always wear protective gear when riding.
  • Observe road signs as keenly as every other motorist.


repair sign on the wall

E-boards and e-scooters have pretty much similar components. Replacing or repairing them should cost about the same whether it’s an e-board or a scooter.

Both these devices are relatively modern, so finding replacement parts may sometimes be a challenge.

Some e-boards have removable batteries, a nice feature that allows you to reduce the board’s weight for better performance.

E-scooters have a lot of moving parts too, but they’re usually of good quality. The tires and brakes wear out the quickest as they’re involved in most of the action.

To sum it up, electric scooters and electric skateboards are reasonably easy to maintain, provided you have access to replacement parts.

Which is More Fun to Ride With?

E-scooters are very fun to ride, but nothing compares to the thrill of zipping down a hill or carving along a stretch of road on a skateboard.

Riding on a skateboard is admittedly harder, but once you get into a groove, it’s incomparably fun. It’s almost artistic how you shift your weight to turn, and the looming threat of losing your balance makes even the mildest turn feel exhilarating.

Regardless of what you choose, you’re bound to have fun. Motorized scooters and longboards are usually nimble, and therefore very maneuverable. It’s never a dull ride on either of them.


E-scooters are more practical commuters, especially over longer distances. They have bigger batteries and more comfortable builds, not to mention foldable frames that make them public transit-friendly.

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E-boards are capable commuters that can achieve more than 20 miles of range per charge. They charge much faster and are excellent for speeding to location B in a pinch. Portable, speedy, and very fun to ride. There’s reason to believe that they’ll be around for a long time.

Whatever you choose, it should suit your environment.

If you’re mostly riding around campus grounds or private roads, an e-skateboard is the obvious (and coolest) choice.

If you regularly commute along public roads with motorists, however, then a scooter is safer, faster, and can travel longer distances.

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