NIU KQi2 Pro Unboxing – How to Get Started?

Niu KQi2 Pro package

I bought myself the latest electric scooter model from NIU Technology. This model is called KQi2 Pro.

It’s the city commuter electric scooter that can easily compete with big names like Xiaomi and Ninebot.

In this article, I will guide you through all the assembling and other first steps you need to do before the first ride.

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NIU KQi2 Unboxing Video

What’s Included in the Box?

the inside of Niu kqi2 box
  • Extra grip tape for the deck
  • Manual
  • Extension nozzle for easier air filling
  • Wrench
  • 8 screws
  • Charger
  • And Niu KQi2 electric scooter of course

The scooter already has an excellent grip tape on the deck. An extra one is a good addition if the first one gets worn out or if you want to change the design.

The manual is comprehensive. There is a guide for easy assembling, riding instructions, and some safety warnings. You should definitely take a look at it.

How to Assemble the NIU Electric Scooter?

Unassembled electric scooter

The scooter comes almost fully assembled. Basically, you just need to install the handlebar.

The handlebar is loose and is connected only with a cable. So be careful not to damage the wiring.

Also, you can see two cables with loose ends. One comes from the display and the other comes from the handlebar post.

2 cables that need to be connected before you can assemble the handlebar of Niu KQi2

Before you can install the handlebar, connect those cables.

Then, push the cables inside of the handlebar post and attach the handlebar. Use the screws and a wrench to fix the handlebar in the correct position.

Now, the scooter is fully assembled. Connect the charger and check if the scooter turns on.

How to Install the Niu App?

scanning the QR code

The easiest way to download the app is using the QR code on the manual. Then follow the instructions in the app to make an account.

Basically, you just have to enter your e-mail, name, and password and that’s it. Nothing difficult.

How to Bind a Niu Kick Scooter with an App?

Although the app lets you choose the binding method, you can only use Bluetooth to bind the kick scooter. The other method works only for their seated electric scooters.

Also, you must turn on the scooter. Otherwise, the app and scooter won’t see each other.

Then follow the instructions in the app to complete the binding process.

  1. Short press the power button to confirm matching
  2. Give your scooter a name
  3. Follow the prompts on the app
    • Press brake lever
    • Press the accelerator
    • Watch the short animated riding tutorial

Congratulations! Now the scooter is paired with your smartphone

Now the scooter is ready for the first ride. However, you probably notice that the scooter runs really slow at first.

Don’t worry about that! You have to ride for about 200 meters then you can increase the speed limit from the app.

How to Remove the Speed Limiter of Niu KQi2 E-Scooter?

  1. Open the Niu app
  2. Click the three dots on the upper right corners
  3. Choose ‘Custom Mode’ from the menu
  4. Enable the custom mode from the upper right corner
  5. Slide the speed limiter to the preferred limit

Final Words

I hope this little getting-started guide helped you.

Overall, the scooter is well-packaged. All the crucial parts were well protected.

Also, assembling was relatively easy. The same goes for pairing the scooter with a smartphone.

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