Best Black Friday Electric Bike Deals 2023

best black friday deals by electric wheelers

Black Friday takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. This year, Thanksgiving is taking place on the 23rd of November. So it means Black Friday is on the 24th of November.

Since electric bikes are generally expensive gadgets, Black Friday provides great opportunities to get yourself a new e-bike much cheaper.

The research by Adobe reveals that the biggest discounts for electronics and sporting goods are in November.

In this article, we bring you the best Black Friday deals on e-bikes we managed to find.

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15 TOP E-Bike Black Friday Deals

Rad Power Bikes: Save Up to $1200

rad power bikes bf deals
Photo: Rad Power Bikes

This Black Friday, Rad Power Bikes is revolutionizing the e-bike shopping experience with deals that are too good to ignore!

Every bike in their impressive collection is now within easier reach, thanks to significant discounts.

Leading the charge is the iconic RadRover 6 Plus, now an incredible $700 off – a deal that makes adventure more affordable.

But that’s not all! For those looking for stability and comfort, the RadTrike stands out with a whopping $1200 off, redefining accessibility in e-biking.

And it doesn’t stop there; every other bike in Rad Power Bikes’ lineup has been marked down significantly. Hurry, as these offers are as fast-moving as their bikes!

Engwe E-Bikes: Up to $500 Deals

engwe black friday deals
Photo: Engwe

This Black Friday, Engwe is taking the e-bike world by storm with some of the year’s most anticipated deals!

The spotlight is on the trailblazing Engwe X-Series eBikes, boasting an unmissable $500 discount off their regular price. This deal isn’t just big; it’s a game-changer for e-bike enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance at an unbeatable value.

But the savings don’t end there. Engwe’s popular C20 model, renowned for its perfect blend of style and functionality, is now more accessible than ever with a $300 price cut.

And for the urban adventurers, the sleek M20 comes with a $200 discount, making city commutes more enjoyable and affordable.

Grab these deals while they last and ride into the holiday season with style and savings!

KBO Electric Bikes Up to $500 Off

kbo black friday banner
The banner says up to $1000 off, but it’s only for bundle sales. Photo: KBO

KBO Electric Bikes is making this Black Friday unforgettable with remarkable discounts across their entire range. Every model in KBO’s lineup is now more accessible, with savings ranging from $300 to $400.

But the real star of this sale is the KBO Tornado. Known for its sleek design and powerful performance, the Tornado is a crowd favorite, and now it’s available at an astonishing price of just $999. This is an irresistible deal for anyone looking to experience the thrill of a high-quality KBO electric bike.

The chance to ride away on a KBO bike at these prices won’t last long!

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Ride1UP: Up to $400 OFF

ride1up discounted price
Photo: Screenshot from

Ride1UP electric bikes have become a staple in the e-bike community, renowned for their perfect balance of quality and affordability.

Known for delivering exceptional value, these bikes have garnered a loyal following among both casual riders and e-bike enthusiasts alike.

While Ride1UP consistently offers competitive pricing, Black Friday brings an extra layer of excitement with significant discounts across their range.

  • Ride1UP 700 Series: $400 OFF
  • Ride1UP Prodigy: $400 OFF
  • Ride1UP Cafe Cruiser: $400 OFF
  • Ride1UP Turris: $300 OFF
  • Ride1UP Rift: $300 OFF

Senada E-Bikes: Save Up to $460

senada bike black friday offer

Senada, a relatively new yet rapidly emerging name in the e-bike market, has consistently set the bar high with its impressive 1000W e-bikes, known for both performance and affordability.

Despite being a newcomer, they’ve quickly earned a reputation for offering great value. This Black Friday, Senada is stepping up its game even further, offering substantial deals ranging from $400 to $500 off on their popular models.

These discounts make it an ideal time for e-bike enthusiasts to experience the power and quality of Senada’s lineup at even more appealing prices.

Aventon Discounts Up to $600

Photo: Aventon

Aventon, one of the USA’s most popular e-bike brands, is making a splash this Black Friday with irresistible deals. They’re offering massive discounts of up to $600, showcasing their commitment to making high-quality e-biking accessible to more people.

A closer look reveals that most of their e-bikes feature substantial savings in the range of $400-500. This Black Friday presents a golden opportunity for those who have long admired Aventon’s sleek designs and superior performance.

With these discounts, becoming an owner of an Aventon e-bike is more enticing than ever, making it the perfect time to join the ranks of satisfied Aventon riders across the country.

Vvolt EBikes: Discounts Up to $800

Vvolt is now offering savings of up to $800, making it a banner event for e-bike shoppers.

The standout deal in this spectacular sale is on the acclaimed Alpha series eBikes. Known for their sleek aesthetics and robust performance, the Alpha series has never been more accessible, now priced at an astonishing $799.

Act fast – deals like these on Vvolt bikes are rare and sure to move quickly!

Wing Bikes: Save Up to $700

wing bikes discounted price
Photo: Screenshot from

Wing Bikes steps into the Black Friday spotlight with some of the most jaw-dropping discounts in the e-bike market.

Leading their sensational offer lineup is the Freedom 2, now available at an extraordinary discount of more than 40% off, bringing its price below the $1000 mark.

This is a rare opportunity to experience the superior quality of Wing Bikes at a fraction of the usual cost. Alongside the Freedom 2, Wing Bikes’ other models are also enjoying similar steep discounts, making this the perfect time to invest in their unique e-bikes.

Magicycle Discounts Up to $700

magicycle black friday poster
Photo: Magicycle

Magicycle is making waves this Black Friday with some of the most attractive deals in the e-bike industry.

For those looking for a blend of style and performance, the Cruiser Pro is now available with a staggering $700 discount. This makes it an exceptional choice for riders seeking a high-quality, versatile e-bike experience.

Meanwhile, the practical and efficient Ocelot Pro is not far behind, with an impressive $600 off its regular price.

And for the off-road adventurers, the Magicycle Deer is the perfect pick, now more appealing than ever with a $400 discount.

These deals underscore Magicycle’s commitment to providing top-tier e-bikes at prices that cater to every rider’s needs and preferences. Their Black Friday offerings are sure to enhance your riding experience without stretching your budget.

Velowave Deals: Save Up to $650

velowave black friday poster

Velowave is reshaping the Black Friday landscape with sensational discounts on their most popular e-bikes.

The brand’s top-sellers, the robust Ranger and the sleek Prado are now available with an astounding $650 off, offering unmatched value for these highly coveted models.

However, the highlight of Velowave’s Black Friday bonanza is the Velowave Spirit. This lightweight urban e-bike, renowned for its elegant design and efficient performance, is now up for grabs at just $449.

This price point is so competitive that it challenges even the cost of many non-electric bikes, making the Spirit an irresistible choice for urban commuters and casual riders alike.

Velotric: Up to $600 Off Deals

velotric black friday poster

This Black Friday, Velotric is straight to the point with exceptional deals.

Their best-selling model, the Discover 1, known for its versatility and performance, is available with a substantial $600 discount.

Additionally, Velotric’s most affordable model, the T1, is now offered at an unbeatable price of just $999.

These straightforward yet significant discounts make it the perfect time to invest in Velotric’s reliable and stylish e-bikes.

Shengmilo Prices Discounted Up to $600

Shengmilo is celebrating Black Friday with attractive offers for both their European and American customers.

Across their range of e-bikes, Shengmilo is offering discounts of 200 to 300 EUR/USD, depending on your location. This global approach ensures that whether you’re riding through the streets of Europe or the trails of the USA, you can enjoy significant savings on a Shengmilo e-bike.

Heybike: Save $500

heybike black friday offer
Photo: Heybike

Heybike is rolling out some of the most impressive Black Friday deals this season.

Leading their incredible lineup is the Heybike Explore, now available with a massive $500 discount. This top-of-the-line model is known for its robust performance and versatility, making it a fantastic deal for avid e-bike riders.

Alongside the Explore, Heybike’s other models are also enjoying substantial savings, with most featuring around $300 off.

Himiway: Up to $450 OFF

himiway black friday offers
Photo: Screenshot from

Himiway steps up this Black Friday with a bold promise – the lowest prices of the year on their range of e-bikes.

Emphasizing their confidence in these deals, Himiway offers to refund the difference if prices drop lower later in the year.

Most of their e-bikes come with attractive discounts of $300-400, making it a great time to invest in their high-quality models.

The standout offer in my opinion is on the moped-style Escape Pro, which features an exceptional $450 off.

Himiway’s commitment to value and customer satisfaction shines through these Black Friday deals, making it a prime opportunity for e-bike enthusiasts.

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Evelo: Save Up to 35%

Evelo Bikes is redefining Black Friday with an entire month of extraordinary deals.

They are offering an impressive 35% off on the Evelo Omega, making it a standout choice for those seeking top-notch performance and style.

For those eyeing the sleek Galaxy SL, Evelo presents a generous 30% discount. And the savings don’t stop there – all other models in Evelo’s diverse lineup are available at 25% off.

When are Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023?

In 2023, Black Friday takes place on the 24th of November. Cyber Monday takes place on the following Monday, which is the 2tth of November.

Usually, these two dates mark the time when people start preparing for Christmas. A lot of Christmas presents are bought on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

When do Black Friday E-Bike Deals Begin?

Often companies offer special deals for a longer period than just this one Friday. Some shops start their sales at the beginning of November. Sometimes, it’s very common that Black Friday sales start with Thanksgiving.

It’s a big shopping holiday and businesses want to prolong it as much as possible.

Best of luck with finding the best deals on electric bikes!

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